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Waiting waiting waiting....



Waiting waiting waiting... oh how I am getting over waiting. Even if I was making even a little progress forward I think I would feel better but currently all I feel like I am doing is gaining weight and it is so frustrating. It doesn't seem to matter what I do. This is especially highlighted by the change of season and the sudden need to pull out last year's winter wardrobe as everything is slightly tighter then last year and this in turn is making me self conscious.  Now I have made the decision to do it I just what to get it done, I'm so tired of waiting. 

The surgery is paid for and I'm so eager to be done. I wish I had got PHI earlier but I feel I would have still felt like this regardless of if I had done this earlier or not. 

So as it stands now I have 143 days to go!

That works out to be almost 5 months, I am trying to focus on things I can do to get ready for the operation but this far out there is not much to be done. 

I know this post is kind of negative but I want to compile a record of my feelings  (before and after, good and bad) and the process I go through so I have it to look back on. 


If you have made it this far THANK YOU, my whinge is over for now. 





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Big hug from the big fella. My op is in 3 weeks, 8 weeks after my consult and I've been anxious waiting that long. So can't imagine what your going through so whinge away champion. My sister on the other hand has just got PHI and has still got ten months to wait she certainly feels your pain. Xo

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I know how you feel,  I made the decision to go on this journey, and I have the money in the bank.  However I only just recently changed my HBF to cover the procedure, so I have to wait 12 months.  I have my initial appointment in Feb. Exciting, however feels so long away.  

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