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Getting Closer

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It is all starting to feel real now. 

I have just under 12 weeks to go now.....11 weeks and 5 days to be precise but whose counting? lol 

After all this waiting it finally starting to feel real and I'm getting rather excited. I'm excited that I will finally have the tools needed to lose weight, I'm excited that I will be healthy for me and my daughter and I'm excited that I will finally feel confident in my own skin again. BUT I'm also nervous and I don't think any amount of researching or preparing is going to help and believe me I tried. I have watched videos, read blogs, researched on the net, asked question, talk to people I know who have had it done, over and over and over again and yet I still feel nervous (I'm assuming this is normal). It isn't so much nerves about the procedure or about afterwards (although there is a little bit) it is mostly just about having a operation, I have never had to have one before and the idea of being put to sleep so someone can operate on me is scary but I know this is for the best and I am committed to it so I am just going to have to be a big girl about it and get over my fear. 

As far as progress goes...

I saw my dietitian the other week and she is lovely. She really knows her stuff and I felt comfort talking to her, I was worried she would be judgy like dietitians in the past but she was so warm and welcoming. 

She has said she wants me to start the optislim 2-3 weeks before the operation but I can do it for longer if I like but the last 2-3 weeks are the most important. I think personally for me I might start do it for 4 weeks so that first week can act like a bit of a trail week to see if I ran into any issues and how best to sort them out (ie- how do I go about making my shakes at work without a blender etc). So with that in mind I start my pre-op diet in just under 8 weeks so now I am waiting to hear from the anesthesiologist and the hospital but all that will happen closer to the operation in the meantime I am just focusing on gaining any more weight and continuing my research and preparation. 





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