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And so it begins

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Finally the waiting is basically over. 

Yes I still have 18 days to go before my surgery but I have started my pre-op phase so I finally feel like I am doing something. 

I have also paid the rest of my out of pocket expensive and it seems I over budgeted and I have a spare $500 so I am very happy about that. 

 As for my Optifast diet I am officially four days in and I finally feel like I am getting into a routine with it all. 

Breakfast- Shake

Lunch - Bar

Dinner- Chicken and vegetable stir-fry (type of thing) 

Snack- Shake 

It's been hard though, no matter how prepared I thought I was. I did not realised how many habits and patterns I had developed around food. Thankfully catching myself when I attempt to fall back on these habits is getting easier and it is interesting to assess the reasons or causes behind these habits. 

I have lost almost 3 kgs so far which I am very happy about but I am worried I am falling into a bit of an obsessive behavior in regards to weighing myself. Already I am weighing myself multiple times a day  and I can't help but wonder if I am like this before the op what will I be like afterwards. I guess that is something I will have to tackle as it comes along. 

Next step is the actual operation......so bring it on!!!!


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