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They all have some common factors but slight differences. LCHF is what it says low carbs, moderate protein and high fat. Carbs are minimised but not necessarily to the extent to induce ketosis. Also high fat doesn't just mean the obvious like butter and cream but also coconut products, avocado, olive oil dressings etc. Ketosis means you are trying to to induce ketosis by keeping carbs as low as possible, usually under 20, but everyone burns keystones at different carb intakes. Paleo is a philosophy of eating to try to mimic that of a hunter gatherer diet. It is inherently lower carb than an average diet but not necessarily very low carb. For example they don't promote eating any wheat flour products or dairy. Because hunter gatherers weren't farming grains of cattle but they allow you to bake with almond flour and use almond milk, coconut milk, no white cane sugar but you can use honey/maple syrup/coconut sugar. No white potato's but you can eat sweet potato. As for Atkins I think it's a form of LCHF that is trademarked and comes with their own nutritional advisors and support group. With all of these diets though most people aren't purists and will make it to suit their own needs or blend them. For example when I was doing paleo I ate and drank dairy, but didn't use natural sweeteners like honey because I'm diabetic. When I was doing Atkins I didn't do their phases and ate products with nitrates like salami. So yeah it is confusing, I think it takes you trying them out to see what suits you best. 

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