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Pre op prepping

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I had my consult yesterday and was given the choice of the sleeve or SIPS. I am choosing SIPS. It's a sleeve however the intestines are also bypassed while preserving the plyrus. I've send my paperwork off to super to change to my married name. I'm just waiting on the quotes and completed paperwork from the surgeon before I see my gp for his paperwork.

Not much else to report except can I keep saying how excited I am? Ask me the week before op how I'm feeling though when I've given up coffee. Will keep everyone updated as I make the transition from boganlicious to glamorous. Not that there's anything wrong with being boganlicious but I'm sick to death of trackies and leggings since not much else fits. Also I'm in denial of my size I think. I can get away with 18 if stretchy but if I was to wear jeans, etc I'd say I'm bigger. That and I don't like much of what's on offer in my size. Can't wait to go from the plus size sections to shops such as ICE and Valley Girl, Dotti, Cotton On. 

2018 I'm going to be a successful transformation story. 

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