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Well, as of today the 25th of January could not come quicker!! I can't wait to see my doctor and get this ball rolling. I spoke to my friend who has had awesome success with her lap banding (Starting weight 150kgs, Current weight 94kgs!!) I think she got it done last year or late the year before. I wish I could remember but I had alot on my plate at the time.

Anyway she answered some of my questions and helped me alot. She really encouraged me. I have since told ONE person about my lap banding and that's a friend and fellow "big girl" that I work with. I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore, I don't know if I trust her 100% to not tell anyone but meh, if people want to judge let them, I'll be the one with the last laugh!

I am in this for the long haul, I have been inspired so much by people around me and people in the forums, I am going to do everything I can to lose this weight and be a healthy person. I love weight training but hate walking nowhere on treadmills, so I think once I'm "done" I'll join a gym for weight training to keep toned up. My arms are a problem though, I bulk up so easily! Last time I did weight training some guys even commented on my arms, so other than swimming and keeping them hopefully "bingo wing free" I'm not going to work on them as much in fear that I will get huge biceps and look like one of those man-ladies who do body building (eww).

I have been obsessing over lap banding and everything that goes with it, by obsessing I mean thinking about pretty constantly and I was thinking about clothes. I have clothes ranging from size 16-24 and I'm worried that I'll be needing to buy new clothes all the time, which I sooooo cannot afford! I suppose I could go to OP shops and the like. I gave away a heap of my clothes to my friend that I mentioned above when she had lost some weight, so maybe she'll return the favour hehe Oh and my sister steals all my clothes so now I will be able to steal hers! HAHA She said it's my turn to be the skinny one now that she is getting chunky! I will LOVE that more than she will ever know. She's always called me " fatty" to hurt me and it did always hurt me. I won't do the same but I will relish the fact that I will be skinnier than her!!

Anyhoooo been rambling abit today. I'm living alone at the moment and I'm a chatter box who doesn't like talking on the phone so this blog is copping the brunt of me not having anyone to talk to!!

I can't wait to lose my "back boobs" and my "verandah"

I'm telling my mum today!!!!

6 days until GP!!

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Cub - you are hilarious. I have loved reading your blog. Good luck with telling your mum. I am not telling ANYONE (except lovely partner who will be a great support, but, nothing like the support that this community provides. I was also ready for a battle with my GP and it really was a wasted effort. Got a referral with no problems (although I did say I wanted a referral to Stewart Skinner, an obesity specialist; I didn't mention lap band surgery!!!!!!!). Keep us informed of how you go.



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