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Money money money

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I was approved the other day! I just need to get my drivers license certified to post in with my letter of approval and withdrawal form. So how did all this happen? It started when I fell pregnant with my daughter and ballooned from 70kgs to triple digits. After she was born I dropped around 20kgs and then the weight started creeping on. The doctor wouldn't take me seriously (I've now got a really great gp) and it turns out I've got Hashimoto's Disease. 

I recently had a son and I'm ready to lose weight and gain my life back. I looked into the lapband as I had no private health insurance at the time and had enough in my super to cover the surgery but not sleeve (also sleeve was a newer operation back then). After a surgeon telling me 70% will require a reoperation within 5 years I was turned off. Frustrated I put everything on the back burner and was clucky. Sadly I suffered a missed miscarriage with my second pregnancy. I blamed my weight, the fact I coloured my regrowth and because I had hoped for a boy a horrible thought of what if my baby had been a girl and died all because of my selfish thoughts of hoping for a boy. 

In 2017 I unexpectedly fell pregnant. I was ecstatic! I gained little weight which is just as well as I was now the heaviest I had ever been. I had a gorgeous healthy boy in November. Now was the time to do something about losing the weight. I had my appointment in the public system where your choice is sleeve or lapband only to be told there's a 2 year weight. I've been waiting since 2013 to lose this weight! I spoke to hubby who was surprisingly on board with me accessing my super (any questions just pm me or start a thread). It started with finding a surgeon and one of the gps at the doctors surgery I go to recommended Dr Ravi Rao in Mount Lawley. I sat in his waiting room so nervous but he immediately put me at ease. He's a lovely man. A straight shooter but kind. 

The next step is to confirm my date when the money clears and see him again, complete my admission paperwork and see the dietician. I'll cut this short as I tend to talk a lot. As mentioned I will be having the SIPs bypass. I am nervous. I've had dreams of the surgery. Last night I dreamt I had had the surgery and could feel soreness in my dream. I was also sipping apple juice. Very random I know. I look forward to this journey. Optifast will be the next step and I feel it will be tough as I am hungry an awful lot. Until next time, thanks for reading. 

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