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The final countdown

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So I've only got 6 more sleeps to go! It's finally single digits!! I've been shopping and bought a small suitcase on wheels, pjs, jumpers, knickers and last time I bought things like slippers. Next step is make soup. I've got a few things like Powerade zero and herbal teas but I will need soup. I'm so excited as well as scared. Anaesthesia always scares me. 

I couldn't be happier about my decision. I've run into some family drama regarding my decision and what will be my new way of eating. It's my life and if their world revolves around food then I just won't catch up with them. Typical Europeans where it's all about eating until you're stuffed. 

Im excited about the way my life and body is going to transform. I can get out of leggings and track pants back into jeans and fashionable clothes. Right now I'm confined to my bedroom while my husband helps our kids make something for Mother's Day. I'm really looking forward to seeing everything they are planning to surprise me with. Until Thursday I will continue counting down. 

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Wow how exciting for you.  Sounds like you are well organised.  How are are you expected to stay in hospital?

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Re the jumpers - have you got a poncho or a shawl you could take instead?  It's just that you'll have an IV in for hydration, and it is hard to thread the IV bag through narrow apertures like clothing sleeves.

You'll be out of bed during the day, and wearing day clothes separates are great e.g. trackie pants and t-shirts, only wearing pjs at night, so you'll only need one set of pjs. Comfy shoes e.g. thongs for walking around on.  

I took my favourite pillow to sleep on.  I hate big pillows, mine is very thin. Also I found wedging a small pillow under my abdomen was comforting. 

Not much longer now for you! 

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