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Back on the treadmill - Day 1

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I just posted that I am back after being away for a long time. I left because I thought I didn't need the support anymore that all was going swell and then when I pretty much regained it all I felt like a failure.

So now am just over it. Over feeling sorry for myself and over always repeating the same mistakes. On the negative I beat myself up because the amount of times I have actually lost weight I would have literally disintegrated into nothing but on the flip side if I didn't reign myself in, I wouldn't fit into my house!

So I think I need to change my mindset and slowly get back on track and set goals that ups the ante and keeps me motivated. I just need a supportive community that will keep me accountable. Or in the least putting it down in writing  here hopefully will keep me on track to meeting goals that aren't just numbers / scale based.

So I am going to start by setting weekly and daily goals.

Week One:


  • Log my food every day 
  • Pay attention to portion size
  • Pay attention to hunger vs emotions
  • 5 small meals per day (i.e. B, L & D and 2 snacks).
  • Pay attention and be determined at dinner time. Be conscious to reduce portions as this is where I blow it and have salad/veg with dinner and avoid / minimise carbs.


5 days 3 - 4 days resistance/ weights  + cardio:2 x week Boot Camp (paid for, this wk 3 x as didn't use last week) and 2 days Walk Dog (add in jogging) for 45 mins 2 x week.

The Plan: Tues BC, Weds WD, Thurs BC, Fri WD, Sat BC, Sun WD. 10K Steps.

Todays Food Log (thus far):

B: Cada Mix (made in TMX i.e. apple, dates, dess. coconut, almonds, pepitas) + strawberries, blueberries, and coconut chobani yoghurt. Love this - this is my new go to brekkie fave. At least I start the day well! ate at 8am.

S: Skim Cap @ 10am 

L: Small bread roll with ricotta and prosciutto @1pm

S: Go Natural Nut Delight Muesli Bar. Start feeling hungry just after 4 which is when I ate this.

D: Baked Salmon and Salad @6.15pm. 

Went with kids and dog for walk after dinner and actually felt full. 

S: have 2 coconut bliss balls (home made set aside if feel like it).

Just under 10K steps - feel pretty good about day 1. :)

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