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Day 2 log

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Alarm didn't go off and woke up at 6.11 instead of 5.40 so missed bootcamp.

Got up anyway and took dog to bay and jogged / walked for 40 mins. Achieved over 10K steps today yay!

Food log:

B: same as yest. 

S: S/Cap

L: 9 grains toast (2 slices) + ricotta and ham + carrots sticks

S: Chickpea snack

D: Pesto pasta + salad

S: Choc coconut bliss ball.

Achievements: still getting up ato exercise even though missed boot camp, saying no to work cake in the morning (birthday) and afternoon tea!!! Lots of saved calories

Hunger levels. Good. Started feeling hungry on drive home even though had afternoon snack. Didn't really feel hungry after dinner. But having the little healthy treat will hopefully be the thing that helps break the night craving.

What could have done better - perhaps a little less pasta (was probably more than cup in size) and less oil on salad. I think pretty Ok mix of carbs / protein / veg.

#repeat tomorrow! No temptations tomorrow like today. #oneday at a time! #honestyisthebestpolicy. #motivation level = 10.

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