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Following on from my recent barium swallow demonstrating "mild to moderate dysmobility" in my oesophagus  along with "tertiary contractions"  (causing severe oesophageal spasm and hold up at the junction between the oesophagus and the stomach) I had a "gastroscopy"  this week.
Anyway, the results of the Gastroscopy (I had wondered why it was being done, considering I thought that we had a diagnosis via the barium swallow ) were - to me - a bit shocking.

The Gastroenterologist (Dr Peter Evans) came to see me before discharge and I think that he was even outstanded at the results, considering how non-complaining I am.
I saw the pics, which he was sending to Dr Stephen Watson - my original bariatric surgeon who referred me to him following the result of the barium swallow. And, being a non-Gastronterologist, they were ugly. Really ugly. 

 Anyhoo, results of  FYI:
"Findings Oesophagus: There were broad and thin linear reflux ulcers extending 8 cm above the OG junction. The remainder of the oesophageal mucosa appeared normal. The SC/OG junction was located at 35 cm, above a 3 cm hiatus hernia; there was no Barrett's change.
Stomach: The stomach was tubular consistent with sleeve gastrectomy. The fundus, body and antrum were otherwise normal. Duodenum: The cap and the loop were normal.                                 Conclusion: Severe ulcerative oesophagitis.

Coincidentally I had a double appt with my GP this am, and showed her the copy of the report.
She was somewhat gob-smacked as well!

She's commenced me on Pantaprazole 40 mg twice day for 2/51, then to drop back to one daily.

Weight yesterday fasting, naked 48.71 kg, BMI 20.6 (then I went to the loo twice after).
 At GP today fully dressed including shoes, 48.5 kg


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I had a blood test for Helicopylori bacter antibodies on the 20th December, and it's come back positive, so my GP has commenced me on the treatment.  I will need to do a breath test in about March to see if I am clear.

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My dad had it a few years ago quite severely and it took them a while to figure out what was wrong. The treatment was really effective though (his levels were exceptionally high) and he doesn't have issues now so fingers crossed 

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