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7 year update

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ladyfortythree AKA Julie


Its been a long time since I wrote here. 7 years ago on November 30th I had a lapband inserted. Today Im  reading through my old posts. I have been up and down on this journey. At one stage I regained  18 kilos but have since lost it all again, now sitting lighter than I was at the lightest I got to post surgery. still very slowly losing weight. Still a fatty though. I've had maybe 5 fills in total. I've had no issues with my band. I've seen one sister have her band removed, probably due to over filling, seen a sister have a sleeve, lose weight but have complications. she is now starting to regain. Weight loss is a hard journey for many of us it seems.  Im revisiting these forums to try and boost my weight loss again. I hope some familiar faces turn up



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