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Im so over this . I want it out!!!

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Well its the 4th night after my first fill and im still on alot of pain. Everything hurts. To drink water and take medication is a nightmare. Im so tired cause i have no energy. I didnt expect this. I didnt think havibg fills took u back further pain than the op. I feel like i have someone inside my chest pulling down my insides. Right now i just wish i could get this band out and feel normal again!!! Im so over it and dont think i can keep going through this every fill. I just want it out

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That sounds awful kelz. Have you rang your doctor as it shouldn't feel like that. You shouldn't have difficulty drinking water. Ring the surgeon as he may have to take some fluid out. I had to have 0.1mL taken out as it was too much. Don't give up yet. It is worth it in the long run even with a few hiccups along the road.

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i had my first fill whilst under as they had to reattach the port. they put 6ml in first time and i was like you. couldnt keep anything down. i didnt go back to dr to have some out and persevered and now can eat. but really i should have. go see your dr and have some taken out. it just may be too much fill for you at the moment.

dont give up. it will be worth it in the long term.


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Ooh sweatheart - its awful when things get to the point where it just feels too hard.

Get straight back to the surgeon - don't do the 'stupid Shelli' thing of toughing it out. Water should always be your friend - so I reckon there must be something not what it should be. From the comments of the experienced bandits on this site it sounds like you need some fill out or something to reduce the inflammation.

The surgeon and your team wants you to succeed so give them the chance to sort it out for you so it works.

Hang on in there!!!!

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I'm so bummed this has happened to you! It'll all be okay, it sounds like it's too tight. Once that gets fixed up you'll be fine. It must be so hard for you, I hope it gets resolved asap. Don't give up, this will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself!! xox

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Good luck with your doctor tomorrow, I'm sure it will be sorted out quickly.

Ask if they have an after hours service or a hospital in case of emergency, hopefully you'll never have another problem but would be handy to have just in case.

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