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That awkward moment when you tell your mum you're getting lap banding!



Where to begin? This is my second blog for today and I promise I'm not obsessed and I did have human contact today so I shouldn't need to ramble as much as I did this morning BUT, I just wanted to write about my experience in telling my mum about the banding before I forget all the key details!

So, usually when I have something big to tell her I obsess over it for a while, we are close but thinking about what her reaction might be to this news was actually scaring me! So I went around there and it took me probably about an hour and a half to get it out! I had no idea what to say... Hey mum, I'm getting lap banding! (no beating around the bush) I'm going under the knife!! (too dramatic!) I made an appointment to see the doctor about lap banding? (too long!!) None of it sounded right, so I figured now or never when I realised time was running out before our house mate arrived home. So I said. Um... So I've been like researching.... and she's like oh yeah what? And I'm like ummmm lap banding? and she's like "oh" * insert projectile word vomit* " It won't work for you. You can't say no to food!" Just like that, BANG shot down in burning flames!!!!!!!

I was gutted. It was SO not the answer I was hoping for. I just could not believe that she wrote me off so quickly! Now my mum is the best mum in the world and don't get me wrong what she said was pretty brutal but I think it was just shock.

So I told her that I'd been on this website and that it's worked for these thousands of people and yes for some of them it hasn't worked but I'm determined to be one of the ones who it does work for.

So she's digesting this information as we speak, it was kind of awkward she went all quite and I was like SAY SOMETHING!! And she said she was processing and then we chatted about it some more and I really think she understands that this is all I have left, this is it. This lap banding is the one chance I have left to become who I have always wanted to be. A healthy, happy and skinny person. I deserve it, I'm sick of being " the fat one".

So, that's my story. I'm interested to see what tomorrow brings on the matter! I have sworn her to secrecy and we'll see if she can stand it. I'm sure it's eating away at her now as I type this!! She reckons she can keep a secret. Hmph. We'll soon see.

Thanks for listening Chums.

Ciao For Now!


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Sorry to hear it didn't go exactly how you want, but stick with it, she may suprise you :) But at least you have told her and now it won't be burning you up inside trying to get out!

Good luck!


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I know exactly how you feel. I got the "I would never resort to surgery to lose weight, all you need to do is cut down on what you put in your mouth" To say the least "I was gutted"


You know what I don't care what anyone says anymore as it is a last resort for me...I have no where else to go. This will work because I am meant to be thin. I know that as I've been there before..

All the very best on your journey..

Julie-anne :)

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I know where you are coming from. My mum was the same when I told her. She was like " Why can't you just stay on Optifast", "what about that Atkins Diet, that worked for you ". Sure Mum everything works for a while, but the point is I can't sustain those diets for long, I need help.

She eventually came around after I convinced her that the health risk of being obese far outweighed ( no pun intended) the risk of surgery.

She is now my biggest supporter, I am only one week post op. and mum rings everyday to check on me and to give her support.

I have already lost 10kg since commencing Optifast stage 3 weeks ago, only 20 more to go.

All the best


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Of course you will loose weight cub - OF- COURSE- YOU- WILL.

imo Mum's say this stuff because:

A. They are so familiar with their kids that they sometimes forget about courtesy

B. They don't want their babies to be at any sort of risk, they are used to you this weight, they love you - you are just fine.

C. They think they know but - they don't know anymore about Lap Banding than we did before we researched it.

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Thanks guys! She seems to be pretty okay with it now. I just keep rambling at her about all the good things it will do for me! I think she gets it. I think the thing she is scared of most is that it won't work for me, but I am determined! I'll show EVERYBODY! I'll lose it all, keep it off and be utterly fantastic! So there :P Doubters!

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