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What a daaayyy!!

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Well today was a big day for me! I moved out of my house sitting house and back home. I'm hoping to permanently move home as I'm not paying rent at the house sitting house but am still paying rent at home!! So I cleaned and got it ready for my friend to come home and then I went and wait for it.... Enrolled in Tafe :D weeeee!! I've only just decided to do the course I had been thinking of doing for the last 6 months and so I am a liiiittle bit excited about it! I hope I'm not too stupid for the course! I do have abit of a background in it and know a fair bit about it (well I think I do) I'll also have RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) so that will knock some units off. The course I'm doing is Certificate IV in Occupational Health & Safety! (I'm a rules kinda gal - hence wanting to be a cop etc). Everyone says this job will suit me. *excited squeal*

So as of now I'm thinking that maybe 2011 WILL be a good year for me, especially if I get to be banded and start losing weight! I couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited at the prospect of losing weight. It's absolutely ridiculous that I should be having sleepless nights when for one thing, I haven't even been to my GP about it!! What is wrong with me?!!! Haha!! I admit it, I am a weirdo.

Seriously, sitting here and trying to write this my eyelids feel like ACME anvilles!! It's ridiculous, I still have a meeting to go to tonight and everything!! UGH! Atleast I get free Hans out of it. YUM! Thai Green Chicken Curry. Nom, Nom, Nom!!

So my second exciting piece of news is that my old work is going to either a. give me my job back (it was left open a year for me as I was supposed to be in America for a year) or make me a "floater" hehe no dirty jokes please. A "floater" in Childcare staffing terms, is someone who is flexible and can go from room to room where needed. SO I will have guarenteed work and then bits and pieces here and there. So I won't be working full time but earning enough money to have abit to play around with all while not jeopardising my studies. PHEW!

Awesome day :D I am so easily pleased!

I'm off for a latte to keep my eye balls open.

Peace Out Peeps & As always, thanks for listening!


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Glad you had a great day and good on you for enroling in TAFE. I trained as a teacher when I was 33 and had 3 kids.

Most excellent news.


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