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E is for Electrocution!

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Last night, I got electrocuted! :o I know!

So we have a nice little porch with a nice little outdoor setting on it and it's where we entertain ourselves and our guests, it's nice to sit out there, watch the sunset and have a cuppa. So anyway, back before Christmas our next door neighbours wanted to brighten up our porch so while we were out they hung these pretty Christmas lights from the roof! *insert christmas carols*

Now lets fast forward to last night; we'd all had our cuppa and were about to head to bed and I went to open our front flyscreen door and I grabbed the handle and felt a funny sensation and let go. I jumped back a little bit because I thought it felt abit like something had fallen on me (severe arachnophobia - to the point of dry reaching, crazy spider dance, shudders etc) So I go to open the door again and realise the sensation is actually going through my arm upto my elbow and it's actually the door hitting one of the broken light bulbs onto exposed wires and I'm being mildly ELECTROCUTED!!!! Hahahaaha!! Not your ordinary cuppa on the porch!

Today I'm working at my old work (daycare centre) and I was thinking about how nice it will be when I've lost weight to run around with the kids and not get really puffed out or be uncomfortable with my jiggly wiggly fat wobbling around when I'm trying to run and jump with the kids!! Yes, a nice day that will be. Or to sit on the floor without my spare tyre encircling me!!

The more I think about this lap banding the more I am convinced that it is going to work for me. After trying every diet imaginable ( I always pair diet with exercise) I can't wait to see the fat melt off me because I know that results are going to encourage me and I will lose this weight. I don't for a second think that I won't have the dreaded head battle but I'm going to do my best not to eat bad things!! I'm going to come up with some strategies to beat it. I know I will eventually give in but hopefully I can be kind to myself and not allow guilt to consume me, after all if I am being good MOST of the time surely, I can be bad SOME of the time :)

So anyway, I'm just excited, 3 days until GP.

I can't wait to be a BANDIT!!


(I often just dribble but people keep commenting on my blogs so I'ma keep writing them ;) )

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Ouch! I must say that I did laugh when I imagined you jumping around thinking a spider was on you.

In terms of eating, I like the 80-20 principle. Be good 80% of the time and allow yourself 'not so wise choices' 20% of the time. Unfortunately for me, I have the percentages in reverse!! :angry:

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