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Well I'll Be!

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Today was a fantastic day! A little humid for my liking but sunny and lovely! Where I live there is the most beautiful ocean and foreshore with cafes, shopping, a water park and a broadwalk that even has exercise equipment here and there for that extra oomph work out! It's awesome!

So today I went with two of my very good friends to one of the local cafes, amazing place right on the beach. We had wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce, they had some bruschetta, then we pigged out on our lunch and THEN me and one of my friends had dessert and she even went as far as having an iced chocolate! So our "skinny" friend commented on how much we could eat and me and my other friend looked at each other, smiled and said we didn't get this way by eating like you!! It was funny because we certainly didn't eat the amount that I suppose would be considered normal.

At that point in time I realised how drasticly my life is going to change and I'm not scared, not one bit. I know there will be things I can't have anymore like hot chips or that in a social situation I might have a PB but I am so ready for this. So ready for the journey, so ready to leave my fat induced misery behind me!!

I didn't go ahead and tell both of my friends that I am getting lap banding, only the one who I knew would understand. She's known me for a long time and she knows what I've tried and she said to me, I feel like you've been on a diet the whole time I've known you. And so she expressed how great she thought it was and said she was behind me 100%! I was so thrilled that someone was cheering me on you know! It was nice to have such a supportive person saying these things to me. I didn't need to justify my reasons, she just said good on ya! And she even went as far as saying she knows it will work for me :D *excitement* I love her. Great mate!

So today was a great day and I am now even more excited than ever! Only 1 more day until I see my GP. I cannot wait to see that surgeon and get my date! I know I've said it soo many times but it doesn't get old to me! I can't wait to get my band!!


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