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Major wake up call

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I am very lucky and have not yet suffered from any weight related health problems. And with a BMI of 49, apart from being extremely unfit, I have been healthy but I know that soon the problems will start to kick in.

When my husband came home last night, he mentioned that an acquaintance of ours had been ill. This person is similar in size to me and often ill with weight related problems so this was no surprise. His "illness�?? 2 minor heart attacks!! Holy crap!! And he is a year YOUNGER that me!!!

After having a crappy evening with food, and feeling sorry for myself, this was just the news I needed to spur me on to stick with the pre op diet and ensure that I will never be in that situation. Ever.

I now have exactly 2 weeks until my op and I am nervous but also extremely excited for the new life it will give me. I know it will be hard work, but soooo worth it, when I can finally stop snoring, and run around with my children. I only have 14 days to go. I can do this and I must do this. It is not an option.

So here I go

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goodluck hun!!!!! just remember, you may have some food emotional issues but we all do...this forum will be supportive :) good luck!!!!!!!


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just remember, you may have some food emotional issues but we all do...:) good luck!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha. Of course I have food issues!!! Otherwise I wouldn't be the size I am. I am an emotional eater. When I have an emotion, I eat!! But am looking forward to not being able to binge like I currently can….

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