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Just a quickie! Tehehe



I just wanted to do a teeny tiny update - I realise I've already done one but I just had to say, I have the BEST mum! So today I made my consult appointment for Feb 17th and my mum is going to drive the 5 hours to the city with me so I can have my consult :D love my mum! It's made me so much more excited because I was abit worried :unsure: I guess I can say she's supporting me 100% :D

Happy, happy, happy :)

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Yayyyyyy I'm glad to hear that you have the support of your mum & you are making the drive to go to your first appointment. Sorry haven't been online for a bit been flat out applying for Uni and doing a Newsletter for GSP club (dogs).

Let me know how you go ... and thanks mum for the support :D :D

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