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Less than two weeks to go (13 days in fact) I've lost 9kg on Optifast, which has been extraordinary! The last 3 days I've been flattened by an awful gastro I caught from my friends' kids. Haven't even been able to get shakes down, so have basically eaten an apple a day for the last few days (and let's just say the apple even provoked a few anxious moments). Strange!

Interestingly not even a gram lost during the gastro. Just goes to show..

I've had a few (previously really supportive) friends now start to express their doubts about me having the surgery. Largely a lot of their reasons are that they don't want me to change. ("What about your fabulous dinner parties??"), but I think also the significance of surgery, the possibilities of complications, are starting to worry them as I get closer to surgery.

They all say they like me exactly as I am, that I'm fun like this. And now I realise that I am really, really doing this thing for me, so that I can feel really well, move much more easily and be proud of myself for conquering something that I have repeatedly failed at since I was 11!

This website has been so incredibly informative. I've done so much reading. I really got benefit from watching Prof O'Brien's 8 rules video. I know I can do this. I know also, that it is really important that I do it right, or else there is no point at all, and possibly could be harmful.

But I love, love, love those dear doubters for loving me exactly as I am. How cool is that?

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Hi lolalu

You have hit the nail on the head - the only person you are doing this for is YOU. It is amazing how much better you feel when the KGs start to fall away. Less aches and pains, better exercise tolerance, improved self esteem, not to mention improvement in health in general. I am lucky that my friends have been nothing but supportive of my choice as they knew that it was necessary for me to maintain my health. True friends love you for who you are, regardless of all else. Good luck with your journey.


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and who says you wont still throw fabulous dinner parties!? I know for me, its all about the people and the atmosphere and I love cooking. Just means your plate wont be as full as it used to be!!! :P

Good luck girl!!!! :D

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