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1 month post op

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Well, I've made it to one month post op. The time has gone so fast and I can't believe that only a month ago I was in recovery, in pain, feeling hot and wanting to rip my clothes off in the post anaesthetic haze. Thankfully, the nurses wouldn’t let me!!!!

Now I’m feeling good. Had my 4 week appointment on Thursday and my surgeon was so impressed with my recovery that he gave me 5ml fill. I had been feeling a bit down because I wasn’t loosing any weight and was battling to not regain it. Dr Treacy was wonderful. He said that the stage I’m at is the most frustrating because I don’t have much restriction yet. And that it is normal to not be loosing weight at the moment. He said it normally takes between 7 and 9mls to hit the green zone and doesn’t like to muck around, so fills you up pretty quick so that you can keep loosing weight again. Yay!!! He totally understood where I was at.

Since the fill, I have felt more restriction and definitely need to chew chew chew everything otherwise it gets stuck. If it gets stuck, I can normally wash the stuck bit away, but in the meantime it really hurts. So as long as I chew properly I am ok.

I have focused today on eating really healthy and have done well except when I got home from work I had a handful of jelly snakes. The upside is that I have been thirsty since but as soon as I drink I am full again, so haven’t eaten any dinner. My plan for tomorrow is to eat healthy ALL day.

My two kids have noticed that I have lost weight and a few people I know who don’t know about the band have said that I’m looking really well at the moment. I haven’t told many people, unless I know they will be supportive.

So far, so good. Looking forward to the scales moving downwards again.

I have a wedding to go to in mid November and am really hoping that I can get to 125kg by then. I don’t know if it is achievable or not, so I’ll see how I go. As long as my weight has moved downwards I’ll be happy.

Thanks once again for everyone’s support on the forum. The forum really helps.

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Hi there, good to hear you are going well and seem in good spirits, I find right after a fill I have a surge of energy to do well again. I just had my 3rd fill a couple of weeks ago, and Im now up to 9ml, and wow. Before this fill I was like you, if something got stuck I would just wash it down with a drink to make that uncomfortable feeling go away, well that doesnt work anymore! Things will only come up and not down so I feel like I have got to the business end of my journey for sure!! Good luck for the rest of your journey! :)

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Thanks for posting that!! I was feeling really down in the dumps about not lOsing weight and I'm 2 weeks post op.

Frustrating when you feel ready to get on with it!!

Good luck with the new fill... Hope the new habits don't take too much of a struggle to learn!!


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