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nearly 3 weeks down....

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well...at the start of this journey the idea of a 4 week liquid diet felt like it would drag on forever and here I am about to head into my 4th week already!! All in all it has been easier than I thought, and I think that is purely because of my lack of hunger and general disinterst in food, perhaps in a weeks time when I know I can partake in some mashed vegies (never craved vegetables in my life but starting to salivate at the thought of them writing this :) ) it will all come back to me....

I have lost about 7.2 kgs so far, which sounds pretty good but I got a bit disheartened due to the fact that 6 of those kg's were lost in the first week.

I have been doing alot of thinking lately and I have created a plan of attack on how I want to live my banded life. My main objective, after hearing lots of stories on people who use the band in the wrong way, is to allow the band to help me change my thinking and my mindset towards food. Working towards changing the way I eat not just physically restricting the amount I eat.

That is my mission.....and I choose to accept it lol

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That's a great philosophy Courts! I got ravenously hungry in my 3rd week and am now on willpower so I can totally relate to changing the way we eat from a 'head' perspective and not just a physical one. Keep up the great work! X

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Hi Courts, I think a lot of the loss in the first week is water/bloating as you are not eating the carbs to hold the water molecules, then you switch into ketosis and start burning fat. So the 7.2kgs really is over the full three weeks and it is a great achievement and testament to you following the guidelines. Well done! J.

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