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Step One - the GP

There are a lot of things you hear about weight loss. Some good, some consider miracles and some that are just so bad you just want to ignore them. I think its just for the best to stay away from things with the word celebrity linked with them!

I was at home recently, off work with the flu and I said to myself that why not! Why not take this opportunity to ask my doctor about banding, I was already going for a medical certificate anyway, may as well make the most of it.

So off I went. While it wasn't one of the worst conversations I have ever had to have, it certainly wasn't easy. I'm not one that knows what a real therapy session is like, I normally can handle making sense of my life just fine on my own; but to actually say to someone else that you have a problem and you need help was the biggest thing I have ever done in my life.

This coming from someone that is use to having to deal with his own problems and having to open up and to share what I and I'm sure so many you on this journey would consider, their darkest hour. It is hard to admit what you really eat.

My GP is very understanding, very supportive of my goal. After the blood tests came back ok, just a slightly fatty liver and nothing else to worry about. We discussed other options and after laying out my life story he sent me away with that next nail blighting task, a referral to a specialist!

It sat on the kitchen table for a few weeks, often I would just stare at it, thinking can I do this? Should I do this? It didn't help that some liked the idea and some thought it was a very drastic thing to undergo. But ultimately it is only you that can decide what is right for you, only you know the pain and the suffering that has brought you to this life changing decision.

"Hello this is Sue." a soft but welcoming voice came over the phone. "Hi Sue, this is David. I have a referral and I would like to make an appointment." By this time again I was starting to think 'should I just hang up, no be strong, you have to do this'. "Ok great, the earliest appointment I have is in about a month and half, how about Wednesday lunchtime?"

I was hoping to get in sooner, stop all that thinking and just get on with the action, now theres just more time to sit and ponder. Do I have a choice? Not really, coming so close to Christmas I just have to take what's available. Damn you referral, you sat there mocking me, making me question but eventually helped me to build up courage. "Oh really, he's that booked out, ok thanks, yes that should be fine." "Ok great I have booked you in with the specialist and the dietitian afterwards. We also have a group information session next week if your interested just to find out more about the procedures, would you be interested?"

I needed to know more than what Wikipedia says and some of the horror stories I've Googled! "Yes that sounds interesting, please sign me up!" There it's done, you can relax and stop thinking about it."Ok thanks David, see you soon!"

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The wait will be worth it and you have taken the hardest step you should be proud of yourself best wishes for the most exciting tiem of your life, there will up and downs but always remember you can do it biggrin.gif

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