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Information is key...

“Take a seat, shouldn’t be too much longer.†I sat down in the clinic, waiting for the start of the free information session. Yes I was a little nervous as I would be finding out a lot about what I am about to go through, but also I will be sharing something that has been a very private subject with all the other people in the room.

Others stared to arrive and I began to question if I should even be here. It just seemed that everyone else was bigger than I, so I began to think is this something I should be doing because I don’t seem to fit that profile?

The surgeon was running late, caught in theatre so the dietician started the session in hope that the surgeon would make it later on. She explained the basics of the procedure and what to expect. Explained about how this procedure will change our lives and some of the bad things you can do.

It ended up being a really good session; people were sharing what they knew or heard, asking questions and clarifying wives tales. It was very refreshing to be amongst a group of people that were looking to start on the same journey as yourself.

The surgeon had just arrived at the end of the session and gave a brief presentation on the risks and expectations of what we might be in for if we chose to continue. Again everyone was engaged and the information from our questions was valuable indeed. I would highly recommend attending these kind of free information sessions as there are a lot of questions you can get answers to before you even fork out the initial consultation fee.

Walking out of the session I was even more confident that this was the right thing for me, now just to convince the surgeon…

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