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Write. Delete. Write.

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My blog just won't stick! I've been trying to write for days now and I never post them because they are either going to upset someone or I just haven't worded what I'm feeling right. GAHHHH!! It's horrendous.

Huge storm yesterday, it was awesome, except for the power black out for 8 hours and having to go to work with no computers or air conditioning or lights. Meh. Pretty much one of the worst days of my life except for the fact that one of my dreams came true. (No power, freezer not working, ice creams melting = me getting to eat them and not pay for them and ahhhhh heaven!)

So anyway this will be short and sweet. I'm committed 100% to getting this lap band and making it work for me. After reading stories of people not succeeding, I am taking that away with me as more incentive. I will make this work, even if I have to fix my head as well. I'm not doing this and then not giving it 110%, if I don't ,the only person I'm hurting is myself and I'm sick of myself hurting. So 110% it is. No matter what I have to do! No matter what I have to give up! I will do this!!

Over & Out!


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*gasp* Dont say "over and OUT" .... just say "over". If you say "out" as well, it means youre not coming back!! And after just having read all your blogs, i couldnt bare it!! You have to come back and keep writing....you're hilarious!!!! I love reading your stuff. You should totally publish all your blurbs into like a diary thingy when youve finished this whole process. You could b a published author and totally loaded Cub biggrin.gifwink.gifrolleyes.giflaugh.gifohmy.gif


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