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Sucks to be me!

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I'm pretty much having the shittiest two weeks ever!! Seriously! Oh I feel like such a goddamn whinger but seriously! I just want to scream and have a cry and get it out of my system!

Why is it that people are so selfish. I'm not one to usually 'toot my own horn' but when it comes to me, I'm an extremely LOYAL person. Like if you're my friend, I'll do anything for you. I'll walk over hot coals for you or broken glass or whatever. So the first job I ever had was when I was fresh out of Tafe with my Diploma of Children's Services. I was the first one to get a job in my class and I got the best job in my class. I got to work at an amazing centre where I developed strong relationships and an extreme sense of loyalty to my employers. I even gave them 8 months notice before I left them to go to America.

So recently as I would have blogged earlier, I went in there to get my job back as it was left open to me for 1 year. That one year mark will be mid April and when I spoke to my boss she offered me a different alternative of being a float around the centre helping and covering shifts for other qualifieds when they were away or having rostered days off. This suited me as I will be doing a hard core tafe course and working another job also. SO I was quite happy however, my boss was VERY hesitant to give me my job back and was very pushy over becoming the float. So anyway, I find out today that the girl who took my job over was called into my bosses office and she was told they wanted to keep her and don't want to lose her and would prefer her in the room and I was absolutely devestated. I am the kind of person who is "rule" orientated (hence interest in wanting to be a cop and do occ health and safety) I've always been this way, don't know where I come from haha but I do the right thing. I am SO good at being a child carer, but this girl who has no thought for rules, is extremely messy and rocks up to work late every day and alot of the time hung over has these people under her spell. I don't effing get it! She sits on the couch at work and sleeps? Umm... I have NEVER done that! EVER! UGHHH I want to scream! I want to shake my bosses and say what the hell happened to you guys? where did your standards go???

This is just a snippet of what happens to me, I'm one of those people who puts the effort in and gets nothing back, I'm the person who'd do anything for her friends but no one does anything for me. :( it sucks.

S-i-c-k of it!

Oh I also have serious road rage, like quite severe. I've followed someone home once to give them a piece of my mind hahaha (he was driving dangerously infront of me and actually spun out and hit a pole and uprooted it.) anyway needless to say, today was one of the WORST road rage days I've had in AGES! Firstly this guy is driving along and just stops infront of me no indication nothing. Just sits there, then I floor it and go passed him and starts moving again, I'm like DUDE! WHAT THE HELL!?? If that wasn't enough I was just about at work when this other idiot reverses out of a driveway on a corner and SITS in the MIDDLE of the road. For ages. I'm like UHHHHH HELLO!!!! So here I am already in a bad mood, I get to work and the other people have parked like shit and my car doesn't fit anywhere however theres a space that is only just too small for my car to fit in... WTF?!

THEN I'm driving home and a semi trailor goes to pull out in front of me. Yes, MR. Semi Trailor I felt like I might like to die in a car accident today, NOT! Watch what your doing, JERK! Hahaha far out?!

Today was not my day. I even had to deal with the embarrassment that my friend told my other friend that I'm interested in her brother in law. Oh god! My face and beetroots? Same colour! UGHHH!

On a brighter note, my friend went to the doctor today and he will give her a referal to get lap banding done if she passes some diabetic test. Love that this could happen for her and change her life. Bless her! I've got my fingers crossed :D

So it's not all bad news and whinging. I'm just going through a rough patch at the moment and wanted to vent.

May we all have a good day tomorrow!


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CUB....I think you should ask for your job back now. They have just become too comfortable with the other girl and have forgotten what you have had to offer them. If you have a right to it they can't stop you taking it back.

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Its good to vent Cub..I feel for you but like blackkitty25..I think you need to have a talk to your boss. Go to her prepared with positives on why you can do the job and forget the negatives about the other girl. Even ask her what she thinks may have let you down in getting the position...Sometimes even when you know you can see things more clearly than your boss you still have to make them think they are more intelligent than what you are :rolleyes: Keep positive as you seem to be a girl with a lot to offer the world.. :)

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