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Time to pull up my big girl pants...

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... and get over it. I'm feeling much better now! I gave myself a lecture for two reasons, one I don't know how much I can trust either of the girls. two I need the money so i wouldn't want to cut my nose off to spite my face SO. It's pulling up of big girl pants and getting on with the job!

So a couple of strange things have happened to me in the last couple of days! I had an allergic reaction yesterday, it was quite funny really. I came home for my lunch and it was left overs from the night before which was a pre-marinated steak (from the supermarket) and green beans and as I was driving back to work the little dent between my chin and my bottom lip felt funny, a little dry or itchy or something. Just irritated basicly. Then I got to work and my friend goes to me " what have you been sucking on???" and I cracked up and said probably not what you're thinking of! And she's like no, your lip is purple! So I had these weird coloured lips and so I went and asked my boss and she pointed out that my lip was also swollen! My first well, my second ever allergic reaction!! It's my first lip swollen-ness! Not sure what to think as I had the steak the night before and nothing came of it. So yeah, strange!

Also the other night my friend cheekily messaged me and told me her brother in law was coming over for dinner and I should pop round for a cuppa. So I did. Hahaha it wasn't ground breaking or anything, he's such a guy, he watched tv with his brother - very boring haha but ahhh I'd like to know what she has said if she's said anything as I can't imagine she'd be able to keep her mouth shut! I'm pretty sure she said something to one of my bosses as she asked me strange questions about him specificly yesterday so I was ready to kill her (my friend), lucky she had the day off. She won't be so lucky today, I can tell you!!! Haha again, me and beetroot, could be twins!

So I'm writing all this thinking, you are a freak, no one on here cares about this stuff and hello how dumb do I sound talking about this guy on here, I don't know why I'm doing it. I suppose it's just been so long since I liked someone really, so it's all abit different! Anyway I'm pretty sure he goes back out to the mines today, probably won't see him again for ages. Boo.

So I'm off to get ready for another busy day. 15 toddlers, toileting, fighting, playing, singing, crying... busy, busy, busy! I do love their cuddles though! So cute! I think life took me down this road to prepare me for having children, which I only just figured out! I didn't know I'd be so good at it! :)

Anyway, I'm really going this time! I'm going to eat white bread and nutella. *froth*

Peace, Love and Nutella,


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