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Optifast and Cyclones

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I got evacuated from my house because of the Cyclone Yasi drama, and went off to friends' house with my 2 dogs, cat and 3 chooks - where we spent the next 2 nights, with their dog and 2 babies, all crammed inside. Fun!

In the absence of power and ice, Optifast became a new, evil, unpalatable cruelty! I retract my "ooh la la I love Optifast" rants and can now say it is entirely dependent on technology! Anyway, it was hardly a dreadful discomfort... We're all well and in great shape and grateful.

Hooray to Queenslanders for getting through it all with great sense and class. I've never lived amongst a population so well prepared and educated about weather issues. I'm really, really proud.

Only 2 days until I head to Melbourne, only 4 sleeps until surgery!


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Well done, yes i think Queenslanders are very brave and prepare well and my hats go off to you all. Best wishes for your op, you are travelling a long way hope it goes well for you.

cheers Deb

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