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6 months Bandiversary

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Was just playing with an app on my phone and realised that today is my 6 months bandiversary. Wow that went quick!!

So what have I achieved in 6 months??

  • I’ve lost 24kgs, dropped 2 knicker sizes.
  • I can now fit into heaps of clothes that didn’t use to fit me. I’ve had to stop wearing a couple of pairs of pants because they are too baggy, and after looking in the mirror at the end of the day, realised that some of my baggy tops also have to go now. I’m quite enjoying that they are feeling loose on, but they are actually too big and really look it.
  • Having to wear a belt cos my pants keep falling down.
  • I can now go up and down the 2 flights of stairs at work without losing my breathe.
  • My daughters think I look skinny, (all 125kgs of me!!).
  • I feel more energised basically because I’m not carrying around another 24kg and I'm sleeping better at night.
  • All the clothes that I have grown out of during the last decade are starting to fit again. Some are a tad out of style, but I currently have about 10 bras to wear instead of the old one or two, cos my boobies have shrunk! A good thing!
  • I feel happy most of the time opposed to hardly ever.
  • My new implanon isn’t working properly because4 I’ve lost too much weight!!!! I’ve had lots of spotting. I’ll give it another month and then go back to the pill.
  • I now experience food going off in my fridge. Prebanding, I would have eaten ALL the leftovers myself.
  • I’m more aware of what I put in my mouth. My food intake has dropped to ¼ of what I used to eat.
  • I can have food in the pantry and I actually forget it’s there because I’m not constantly looking for something to eat.
  • People say things like â€Are you shrinking?†or “Wow, you look really good!†I haven’t heard that in years.
  • I caught a plane last week and didn’t need a seat belt extender!!!! My next goal is to get the tray table the whole way down without it sitting on my belly.
  • My husband finally believes that I CAN loose weight, after watching me try every diet known to man over the past 18 years. And is very proud of me.
  • I’m more confident now and will do what I want, not what I imagine other people might think it is appropriate for a fat chick to do.
  • I walk faster, so my kids have to tell me to slow down.

So would I do it again?? In a heartbeat!! The journey hasn’t been as easy as I thought it might be. To quote another bandit. “Being overweight is hard and loosing weight is hard. Choose your hard.†I choose to loose weight.

Thanks for everyone’s support and for your words of wisdom.

I’m really looking forward to where I will be in another 6 months. 100kg here I come!

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