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Double D's! Dealing & Disclosure!!

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Life is back to it's normal cruising along self, with everything bad happening in Australia (& the rest of the world) lately, I'd like to take the time to reflect and realise how much I am blessed with! I'm such a blessed person, I have everything I need and want and the worst that has ever happened to me hasn't been that bad, in the scheme of things. I appreciate my life, what I have and the people I have in my life.

Today has been a big day of disclosure for me, I told our housemate, my middle sister and one of my good friend about my decision to get lap banding. They were all very positive about it. I am so scared of telling my big sister as I really don't think she will understand but my mum says I might be pleasantly surprised. I'm not so sure. Should I wait and tell her in person or over the phone? Decisions, decisions!

She's very protective of me (I'm the baybeh!) but I also know she will want me to be happy and not live my life half heartedly. Maybe I'll tell her this week sometime!

I had an extremely late night last night, I was up looking for and testing music for a rest time CD I'm making for my little 2 year old cherubs to go to sleep to. I'm so proud of it! It's got the best mix of music, the girls I work with are going to LOVE it! Eeeeekkkk!! I love making people happy :D And on tuesday I'll be able to snuggle in and put the kids to sleep listening to it too. Love, love, love! Ahhh the simple things in life eh!

Today I went to Dome to have coffee and cake with my good friend B. She's so great! The poor girl had to listen to me gush all afternoon about a certain beautiful man! Poor girl, I kept saying to her, seriously if I'm getting to be too much, tell me!!! I feel like a bad friend and she said no no, keep going, this time is such a novelty and you should enjoy it so I'm not going to be bitchy and tell you to stop! Aww bless her lovely soul!! I ended up having the most MASSIVE piece of apple pie *froth* and it was literally to die for. Oh my goodness! The pastry! Kill me now! Haha It was sooooooo good. Ice cream and cream, doubly devilish I was today! Naughty naughty!! Today has been a day for just eating crap though, don't ya hate that! Socialising is sooo food involved! When I went to counselling the only helpful thing my lady said was that food is a drug like heroin, only it's everywhere and a fundamental thing to our survival so it's not something we can just live without. Huge battle!!

I've been obsessed with music for the last few days. I haven't listened to it properly in a while and it shows. I've been on my lap top for days with my earphones just nodding my head and getting my 'fix'. Yum. It's so good! I found new music that sounds like MGMT but a Kiwi band called The Naked And Famous. *froth* best songs! They are probably so old but I only just found them when I topped up my itunes. Me and music, yeah we're best mates that haven't seen each other for a while!

Anyways, currently my food weakness is two things. Nutella on white bread and frozen coke/raspberry fanta floats from Maccas. I don't eat much take away but my friend F does and he always swings by for a sesh on our front porch and brings my Meemah a latte and me a 'floke or flanta' as we call them hehehe muchness badness. I'm going to be so much bigger by the time I get my lap band, but I'm in such a free place it's so nice for once not to be worried about what's going in and I know that's bad but I just needed this time so much. It's so good to not be constantly obsessing over how much I weigh or how much weight I haven't lost even though I've been dieting like a demon!

So that's where I'm at. Content. We must always appreciate times like this for life can change in an instant. Today I am happy, tomorrow I could be devestated. We never know!

Anyways peeps,

Love, Peace & Apple Pies with Epic Yummyness and to die for qualities!

Cub :D

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