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It's like I said...

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well, today was, for lack of a better word just shit. UGH! Life's mood changes so quickly and easily and it's really driving me nuts! I made another blog somewhere else but I can't be bothered writing in that one, I don't remember my user name or password so this is it, this is my one and only blog. So it's not always going to be band related and you might end up knowing more about me than you perhaps wanted to but this is me and I'm here to stay because I find this, if nothing else very theraputic. I'm sure some of you can understand what I am saying.

Work was not good. We were told that the Child Care Licensing Unit was in town - no big deal, we're above board. I then realise one of my crucial documents is out of date. So I need to have my lunch break early and race around like a headless chook on fire to remedy the problem. I have 90 points of ID and my expired document as proof of who I am - no bending the rules. I need 100 points. I really wanted to serve a big cup of f*$k you to the lady serving me. All my ID has my real full name, had my drivers license, a learners permit, two bank cards, a medicare card AND the expired photo ID. If it wasn't me, how did I get one in the first place?? I'm in my work uniform, clearly I'm on my lunch break but no, would she budge for those mere 10 points. No way. *expletetive*

So off I race home, atleast I got to make a nutella sammich and that quelled my intense rage for oh I dunno, the 5 seconds it took me to shove it down my gullet. So then I get back to the blasted post office and she takes forever. So we have to take a photo. Any big person knows that taking a photo from above or no lower than straight on ensures that ones double chin is not going to ruin a photo, well a PYGMY took my photo, thus meaning that she was well and truly taking my photo from a upwards angle!! You should see my photo. Oh my god. Kill me now! It's f*$@ing disgusting. I'm not joking. I said to her, oh that's disgusting and she goes *get this* " it's okay, it does have to look like you after all" *devestation* what a BITCH! I am so pissed off at this point I want to go home and not go back to work. I tell my boss and she's like I don't care about your photo as long as you have it, fair enough I think BUT let's appreciate the fact that I look terrible and I want to smash something please. Anyway I look forward to them shelling out $50 when I no longer look like the fatso in the picture anymore. Suck on that!

Fast forward to 2pm, two of my noisey kids wake up and squeal and play and be loud and wake the other 13 kids up. Thank you to those two cherubs *said with clenched teeth* So I go to see my boss for something and see a bottle of wine sitting on the desk. Well if you know anything about childcare regulations you will know that alcohol is not allowed on the premises AT ALL! It wasn't brought there by anyone who works there, it was delivered with our office supplies, the company must give wine to good customers. Anyway I say to my boss " you better hide that seeing as licensing is in town, we'd get into a bit of trouble" and she says " Not as much trouble as we'd have been in with your expired document" *dumb founded* completely inappropriate thing to say infront of other staff member who pisses me off to no end, also she had said earlier it was as much their fault as mine as they hadn't rechecked my expiry dates because I had left and then come back. So I walk off utterly pissed off and hurt by what she had said. Then she comes in and says sorry and gives me a hug. It doesn't quite cut it. Damage is done.

So that upset me for the rest of the day. I'm still upset about it now. I know I should just get over it but it really annoyed me. I'm pretty much just in a foul mood and I looked at the date and figured out why. I'm due for aunty flo to visit in about a week and this is the time when I hate myself, feel completely miserable and want to slit my wrists. I never used to be this way when approaching my womanly time of month but I get like this every time now. I hope it goes away when I lose weight and my hormone levels are back to what one would call "normal". It's really awful to feel this way. I'm not myself and I hate it. Bubbly Cub is gone and hormonal awful Cub is here in her place. Beware!

Did anything good happen today? I'm still alive, healthy and have a roof over my head. It's not all bad I guess. Heres hoping that tomorrow is a better day! I already know it's going to be busy and stressful - I'm trying not think about that bit. So heres hoping despite being busy and stressful it's atleast pleasant!

Right, enough of my whinging, it's becoming abit of trend that I'm not liking! I hope all you peeps out there are doing well and are in a happier place!

Peace, Love & Banana Bread,

Cub :D

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I do hope you have a better day tomorrow..I just love your blogs..In fact when ever i log in i go straight to blogs to check out if u have posted a new one....I hope that makes your day.. :):):) and may you have the best day eva tomorrow

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