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Too tight or just right???

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I had another fill last Monday so am now at 10.25ml in my band. The previous 2 months I hadn't been able to get into get a fill and had stopped losing weight. Since my latest fill I am a lot more restricted in what I can eat. I PB’d after lunch for the first 4 days but I think I have adjusted now to how much I can eat.

I do get a bit of reflux at night though, but have found that if I don’t eat after dinner time, that I have almost none. I am losing lots of weight so will wait another week or so to see how it goes and if I need to get some fill taken out. It’s sort of annoying not being able to eat very much. Only about 2 tablespoons per meal but my weight is finally moving down so I am sort of tempted to put up with it for now. It’s nice to see the scales finally moving down again.

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What size is your band.. I have 10ml in a 14ml band andfeel i could have alittle more but worried it will push me over the edge..

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