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food addiction sucks

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I dont care for chips, or cake.

I don't get my nails done or colour my hair.

dont drink and I dont smoke.

But I eat chocolate.

I have been quite naughty and am now embarking on a detox.

I'm stuck on 90 and am eating like a horse.

I think it's time to go back for a shot for my band.

2 months and 16kgs, 3rd month and nothing.... well not nothing, a miild case of weight depression and chocolate eating.

I'm so over food, but I just want to eat all the time.

May be I'm just meant to be fat and enjoy chocolate! :)

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I am also in the 90 club. Can't seem to see that magic 8 whatever I do. I had some chocolate last night and I don't even like it that much !! Just needed to sweeten myself up a bit!

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Eating like a horse then thats good because they only eat roughage type foods.

Well done at getting to 90kgs and I look at banding like this, who in there right mind is going to spend

$20,000 and not want to succeed.

You can still have the chocolate and the cake but as long as you're willing to exercise that little harder.

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Everything in moderation. I feel your pain. Before banding - not a fan of chocolate. After banding - major addiction. I allow myself a little every second day or so because I know if I deny myself I am just going to have a pigout.

Good luck getting into the 80's. You can do it, just keep plugging away. :D

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