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Yeeehaaa Grandmaaaa!

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After a stinking hot day it's cooled off and raining. As Homer Simpson would say Praise Jebus!!!

Gosh, today was interesting. It started out pretty bad. Let's take a stroll down memory lane, shall we? The sun was shining the birds were singing and the heat was rising. 8am and 30 degrees. YUCK! First off the dog pulled my favourite outfit off the clothes line. I was a sweaty mess and I had to go out in it. Ew! So my first stop was Tafe. I had to pay some money off my fees and actually meet my lecturer. She seems very nice. Well, until she tells me that basicly I'm doing the course to 'better' my already existing industry experience. In reply to this, I said that the whole point of my studying something "different" was to do something "different' you know, change industries! So I've paid out money and now I'm seriously doubting whether this is really for me or not. I'm not quite sure what to do!! Anyhoo moving on to Woolworths. So here in my town we have quite a spread out shopping district and my family likes to shop at Woolies. Theres a free parking car park and then the dreaded paid parking. So each time I venture anywhere where parking is needed I say my little prayer (and it works like a charm) " Thank you Lord for the car park I am about to recieve". If I'm feeling particularly lucky, I will add in " near the door or with shade" haha the car park god normally gives me what I want because I am a curteous driver! Well I reckon it's good driver Karma anyway.

So I spy a park and go for it. It's nice and shady and not far from the door. Awesome. I creep in. No go, so I reverse and go again. I'm in and then realise the camper van parked next to me is over my white line. Nice! So I go in do my thang and while I'm walking around am having visions of smashing my mums car on the pacariously parked camper van or the large pole that stops the shopping trolleys from spilling out all over the place. Shit! So I come outside, get in, bust open my strawberry licorice, throw a piece in my mouth, savour the orgasmic flavour that I love so much and bung it into reverse and... I'm stuck. Haha freaking out, stuck. I scream a very loud F@*$!!!! and put the car in neutral and sit in the air con thinking of the best way to get out. Meanwhile I am also stewing on the fact that some STUPID PERSON left their car parked like that when it would have been so EASY to straighten up!

I can see in my mirror the pole and it's very far from the back of the car but I can't tell at the front. Normally, if it were my car I would have been happy to risk it but I wasn't, not in my mums, not after having just thought about smashing it while walking around the shop. So I turn the car off, ring my mum and shove more licorice into my gob. She gets my friend F to come and save me, or atleast guide me out (at this stage, severe embarrassment that I am 'stuck' and need help getting out!!) so asking a stranger was a no go zone. I wasn't even willing to ask the scary looking trolley boy who chose my possie to have his cigarette in. Ew. It was just all kinds of bad!

So what I should put in here at this stage and I'm pretty sure I've already covered this in a previous post but I get severe road rage and when someone does something stupid I will sometimes pull them up on it. So one time someone parked so close to my door that I couldn't even get in the drivers side, infact I couldn't walk between the two cars and because I am tall and my mum owns a Mazda 2 crawling through the car wasn't a pleasant idea. Thank goodness for friend F once again!! Anyway this one person got a lovely hand written note under their windscreen wiper. Signed with a very appropriate "Merry F@$king Christmas". So today I felt like I was doing the world a favour by leaving the camper van stupid head a nice little note too. So after a fabulous morning, a rescue and a frozen fanta float all was as right in the world as it was going to be.

Later in the day I played Donkey Kong Country on WII with F and we sucked BIG TIME at it haha we got to stage two before throwing in the towel and deciding to watch Super Nanny! Ha.

Today I also recieved a reminder SMS from my surgeons office. My appointment is next Thursday and my mum and I are spending a few nights in Perth for it with one of our great friends. Can't wait. She's a bandit so I'm looking forward to talking everything over with her!! Yay! Excited. I'll also get to go shopping. I might get something nice to wear to impress "love interest", J, even though for 3 days of his 7 home, I'll be away. BUMMER! Hopefully I'll actually get to see him properly this break! *fingers crossed for me guys*

Anyway, I'm feeling absolutely massive and am now back to my post america weight of HUGE, so I'm not sure what's going to be done about it. I'll have an 8 month or so wait for my band so what to do in the mean time? Diet and be crazy or let myself go and put on extra weight? I've decided I'm going to join a gym about 3 months before surgery, to try and minimise the "loose skin factor", but maybe I'll join sooner rather than later. I want to be trim, taught and terrific by the end of this!

So excitement is building that I will finally be on my way to skinny.

Finally. OH to be SKINNY! Sha la la la la!

Peace, Love & Strawberry Flavoured Licorice,


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