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food tracking



Over the last few days I have kept a food and exercise record on the my fitness pal app. For my weight and age I'm allowed 1700 calories a day, which is about right as i'm still breast feeding and thats an additional 500 calories a day, so if I stick to 1700 I should be losing weight. BUT, I have been gaining and losing the same 600 grams for the last 2 weeks.

I'm shocked at how many calories im drinking each day without realising it! I drink tea and cordial, and i'm drinking over 400 cals in tea a day!! (white, 2 suger) The cordial is only 80 cals a day, I can live with that as I cant live with plain water :)

I also have 1 - 2 shakes a day. They are a shake powder, with banana, berries, rolled oats and soy milk. I have been having this for about 4 months, the last few months of my pregnancy I couldnt keep much down so this was how I got my nutrition for the day. I never botherd to see how many calories they are, its healthy after all, but over 500 calories per shake!

So, if I have 2 shakes and my tea each day, I have already blown through 1400 calories!!

So now I am limiting my self to 2 cups of tea a day (sadly I have already reached my quota and its only 9am!) Not sure what I will do for the shakes, I have soup wich is 190 cals so I will have that at lunch, but breakfast is a harder one as I am not a toast/cereal person. Maybe if I use water instead of milk, and less oats/fruit, I can still have my very yummy shake for breakfast but save some calories.

Hopefully on Sunday the scales will show some downward movement :)


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Instead of sugar, try natvia - from Woolies, its a natural sugar substitute that doesn't taste of chemicals. Then you can have more tea.

But ditch the shakes - they dont fill you up and they're effectively empty calories.

Soup is fine but try a salad with it.

For breakfast, try oats with skim milk or a fruit smoothie made with a banana or a half a cup of berries, blended with 1/4 cup plain or low fat yoghurt,some ice cubes, and a raw egg for the protein ( its nicer than you think and you cant taste the egg)

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For breakfast I have Raisin Toast with Jam (about 270 cals) but it's low GI and keeps me going for a while. I'm not a natvia fan, I don't actually find it sweet at all and end up putting in tablespoon after tablespoon but I really like Equal tablets. Try find a solid breakfast if its eggs or whatever. Your better off getting your calories from actual food that will keep you fuller for longer (and generally less calories). How about fruit salad?

Instead of cordial have you tried fruit pieces in your water? I put a slice of cucumber, orange and lime in my water and keep refilling and at the end of the day I eat the pieces of fruit. Most fruits are good.

Are you drinking Skim milk with your tea? Hope any of that helps. As long as your not putting weight steadily on, you should be able to turn things around.

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