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Spanner in the works.



:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

Just found out I miss the income cut off for the free band i am booked to get. Now i will need to look at accessing super and i dont have the first clue where to start, i dont even know where my super is!!

I guess first i have to find where my super is, then how much i have and if they will release it, then get all the letters etc. The only plus i see is i might get my surgery earlier than expected. This is a problem i was not expecting, im a bit panicked


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I think it is findmysuper.com.au

I am taking out a personal loan to pay for my band, but the good thing is I only have to wait 4 weeks. Very happy about that.

I really feel for you demmilanni, and hope you are able to come up with a solution.

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The last company i worked for went bankrupt and they did some dodgy stuff with our super. The last known fund said they rolled it out to somewhere else but that fund has no record of it. sigh. i will be back on the phone tomorrow. its never easy is it :)

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I funded my lap band with my super, and it was dead easy :) You just need to find where your super is (google find my super) then apply to the dept human services early release of superannuation You will need a very specifically worded letter form your specialist and your GP, saying that its a life threatening condition and not readily available in the public hospital system. They then approve and you send your approval letter to your super fund who send you a cheque! I found it really easy to do and the process took about 4 weeks :) Good luck!!!!

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