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  2. lillibelle

    baked beans

    Anyone eat baked beans. Im 8weeks out and craving baked beans
  3. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    I was banded November 2012, starting weight 141kg. everything went well. Got down to 95ish kg almost goal weight, only 4kg or 5kg off. So pretty happy. Then I was diagnosed with depression and found that I was eating things I shouldn’t be and my meal sizes increased. I gained little bit, I sat at around 102kg. After 9 months I was able to get off the depression meds and I was determined to get to goal weight. Short time after that hubby and I decided we were going to have another baby. Anyway long story short. I gained weight during pregnancy I got to 117kg, had my band refilled when Bub was 6 weeks old. And it all went down hill from there. My meals were fine, but I found myself snacking. Then post natal depression hit me. And I turned to alcohol. I wasn’t drunk or anything I was having 1 maybe 2 drinks almost every night and a lot more on Friday nights. This made my weight go up. I got to 126kg I was so angry at myself. I was treated for depression and got back mentally where I was, but I was still drinking to my alcohol. Bub is now almost 17months. So 6 weeks ago, I stopped drinking. I haven’t had a single drop. I have cut out all soft drink, I don’t drink tea or coffee. So I only have water. My meals are almost the size they should be. My snacking has stopped. Don’t get me wrong every now and then I have biscuit or something but not often. I started a new exercise routine called bodyboss 4 weeks ago. which I get done while Bub is having her morning sleep. I have lost just over 4kg which has averaged to 700gm a week. I have been documenting everything. Writing all my feelings good or bad down. I guess I’m writing this because this morning when Bub went down for her nap, I got a case of the ‘don’t wannas’ I really didn’t want to go and do my exercises I just wanted to sit. I’m not sure if because it was quite cool here this morning or The fact I’ve had a headache every morning for over a month. Or what. But I did get my butt up and went and did it. I feel better for it. I think by putting this on here and having other people who may have struggled like me, I feel more accountable and maybe I might stop dwelling. And maybe my headache will go away, well I can only hope. Anyway that’s me at the moment.
  4. Last week
  5. Hi All I’m 4 days post Sleeve. I’m feeling pretty good, apart from the random spasms in my tummy that can hurt a bit. I’m not using my pain meds trying to deal with out it which has been fine. Food wise I’m slowly getting more in which is good about 35ml per meal atm not sure if this is enough? I’d love to hear your experience so far and what I could expect, and if it will get easier as time goes on. I have a 5 month year old so am trying to be fit and healthy for him.
  6. Nessa1977

    Pre OP optifast soups!

    Soups are vile..............from what everyone has said, that's why I avoided them. You really don't need them. I just had shakes and bars and ate according to: https://nutritionforweightlosssurgery.com/product/your-complete-guide-to-nutrition-for-weight-loss-surgery/ Excellent for pre and post surgery.
  7. Nessa1977

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Just note that Nicole is not a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, she is a General Surgeon. And as stated above, cheap does not always mean better. Don't people watch Botched (even though is a US show)?
  8. Nessa1977

    Paying without insurance - Geelong

    claire.m So what is the outcome of your surgery?
  9. Jewels

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    So you have not had tt yet? I am booked in for one with Nicole in June....I cant find any reviews on her tummy tucks though.
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  11. Band2Sleeve2019

    Any success Band to sleevers?

    Hi, Most people are telling me that band to sleeve is not going to work?? There must be hope that there are people out there that are successful in this option, or why world the surgeon do the op if it has a low success rate? Would love to hear everyone’s opinions on why it didn’t work for them if you are in the group who find it not working or if it worked what your stats are. Many Thanks.
  12. kustomkulture62

    Longest time someone's had a band?

    Had mine fitted in April or May of 2011 and have never had a problem, haven't seen the surgeon in years. My Band is stitched onto the side of the stomach and was told so theirs never any slippage or wear so I'll just wait and see. I'm a 57 year young Mountain Biking junkie and have had many a buster and the port has also held firm, mines sandwiched between surgical mesh to prevent the port from ever flipping. Was 180 at my worst and now down to around 90 to 95 which according to the Heart Foundation of Australia I'm still overweight so overweight is good enough for me. To lose another 10 kgs to put me in the healthy weight range I'd be skin and bone. See you on the mountain trails.
  13. kustomkulture62

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Lower BMI points that's interesting, back when the new rules came in about the cancellation of the Medicare number I went and spoke to Westfund and they never mentioned anything regarding a lower BMI, will have to go see them again, thanks for the info.
  14. Anyone else hating the optifast soups like really dont like them and dont know how I can do them for 2 weeks? Can I replace with another shake? Or is there something else I should replace with!
  15. Boganlicious

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I missed Wednesday as the batteries on my scales are getting low so they don't always work. Need to find out what size they take. Anyway I weighed myself just then and am down to 56.5kgs with just 1.5kgs to go to goal weight. If I was to lose more than my goal I wouldn't be upset as my dietician told me some slight weight regain at the 12 and 24 months post op is quite normal. I plan on having a body scan done in a few weeks as at my last one I was 73kgs. I'd like to know how my body fat and muscle mass is looking. Loving all the positive changes not just appearance wise but being able to do fun stuff with hubby and the kids eg go to the zoo and not be in agony from walking. I've lost 61.6kgs which is an entire person which is just crazy to think about.
  16. Boganlicious

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    I read that not only if the skin is causing issues but if you have lost 5 or more bmi points that you are eligible for rebates.
  17. kustomkulture62

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Dr Nicole Andrews in Rockhampton does the weight loss surgery and now the tummy tucks, cheap and surgery aren't words that go together. No longer can the tummy tucks be claims using private health insurance and medicare. Should the lose skin be causing you health issues then yes you can use the private health insurance but only with the approval of the surgeon.. Nicole is a brilliant surgeon and fitted my band coming up 8 years ago and never ever have I had a problem, I'm a Mountain Biking junkie and even with the many busters I've had the band and the port has held fast. I plan to have Nicole do my tummy tuck and turkey neck tighten.
  18. CarolC

    Best tummy tuck and arm surgery prices

    Are you in Qld or elsewhere? A lady on a FB group I belong to that has posted details for a surgeon who does a lot of surgery for excess skin at what looks like reasonable prices, he is in NSW. If travelling, he does expect travellers to stay for a certain period of time so has his staff can attend to the dressings etc.
  19. I have been struggling to find a good cheap plastic surgeon to have excess skin taken off. I have really bad bingo arms and also need a tummy tuck. I heard there was a great plastic surgeon who did tummy tuck in Rockhampton Qld. Does anyone know who this is please. Also I believe it is done under Medicare. Thanks in advance.
  20. Boganlicious

    Checking in

    I had sips and last time my surgeon saw me I believe he said I had lost 94% of my excess weight. I see him again early May.
  21. Bigm666

    Checking in

    You got the proper DS or BPD Ds or SIPS How much with loss total in how many months :)
  22. Sarsar

    Band x2 to GB?

    Hi all, newbie here. I had a LB in 2007, had great success from 148kg down to 70kg, then redeveloped an eating disorder and got down to 56kg (at 5'11) absuing my band and then I had a slip, terrible hypokalemia and wound up extremely ill, 48kgs and with the band removed (2010). I had extensive scaring which was fixed up by my new amazing surgeon and went on about my life post band removal, fast forward 4 years and I had gained back 60kg, had a new band inserted but then fell pregnant. Ive not had as much weight loss with the 2nd band (I hover around 105-109kg) but had had a pouch, pretty terrible reflux and crippling osesphageal spasms which have left me with an empty band at present. I have discussed GS with my surgeon but shes reluctant, i have been trialing saxceda which has kept me from gaining weight with no restriction in my band but i am not losing any, still have reflux and the occasional spasm. I am looking at requesting GB but am really scared about more surgery and any potential damage to my stomach caused by previous surgeries/the band. I know band to GB is common but has anyone had 2 failed bands then gone to GB with much success? Ive got un diagnosed high blood pressure and I want to be around for my son, but am worried that a GB will be too risky, and or not deliver the weight loss i need to be in a reasonably healthy weight range. I would love to not have reflux and spasms too as a bonus!
  23. lillibelle

    Very low blood sugars

    Went to doctors yesterday and my blood sugar level was 2.9 much to low. Sleeved on 24/01. Anyone else had this problem
  24. zaruse

    Gastric Sleeve February 2019

    All the best Margy! How are you going with post op recovery?
  25. zaruse

    Long time update

    Well done!
  26. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Sure thing! Vitamins are: women once daily multi, a vit d, a vit b12, and I added a ‘hair skin nails’ in too- surgeon thinks it is probably a waste of money but it can’t do me harm so go for it. (I’ve lost a lot of hair volume- lucky I had oodles to begin with) 6.30am I start my day with a berocca mixed with benefibre, 300ml which I sip on my way to work. I’ll also have a few cashews or almonds as well, because I like to have something in my tum before I take my vitamins... which I have in the car as well! 8am i have an espresso coffe with a bit of milk 9am or so I have half a chobani yoghurt pot (lemon or passionfruit are my faves) 12ish I have lunch- which could be a small salad of baby spinach leaves with some protein- a bit of chicken, or halloumi etc. around 3pm I might have a piece of dark choc, or another coffee. 4.30-6pm i might munch on some popcorn on my drive home, to keep me going until dinner 7pm-8.30 dinner- which is a protein with a bit of free vege or salad i try to get my 10k steps a day. Weekends and some weekdays I’ll ride one or two horses (eg. Before dawn if I’m working from home). I really need to focus on strengthening and toning exercises, but I’m lazy and it has been so hot. Hope that helps!
  27. jachut

    Band to sleeve

    Sure. I have a coffee when I wake up and later on the way to work, I buy a skinny cappucino - usually a large one as I'm conditioned to run on a LOT of caffeine, lol, but its a good dose of calcium and protein the dairy. I hate breakfast - cant stand eggs, bacon or anything savoury in the morning and carby cereals make me hungrier. I usually make a decent sandwich - chicken and avo on wholegrain, something like that - to take to work. I have half at morning tea and half at lunch. I find the combo of bread and protein fillings does the best for me. I usually take a small container of something like strawberries or grapes to have in the afternoon. Throughout the day, I drink water and have a couple of cups of coffee. I always cook at night. Tonight we had steak with a really nice salad, which included avocado and pine-nuts. I had the tip of a piece of steak and about half a cup of the salad and I'm stuffed - in fact I think I might have overdone it a bit. Its Friday so I had a glass of wine but that's a once a week thing. To me, that seems like a lot of food for a bariatric patient but I always ate like that with my band too. I am really active in my every day job too so I guess that's a factor. I've lost weight so I'm not overly concerned, its more of an observation. I think that band sitting around the outside of the top of my stomach really did a lot to keep hunger away for me, and I expected that with the sleeve due to the supression of hunger hormones etc. I dont mind being hungry, it doesnt kill you but honeslty ALL this sleeve does for me is make me full after a small serving, whereas I feel that my band controlled hunger and cravings much much better. I have not eaten any junk at all since surgery - none of my usual vices - biscuits, muffins, chocolate. But that's down to the willpower you have with a new surgery NOT lack of hunger or no cravings. I know an obvious answer is breakfast, sometimes i have a yogurt, but its only adding more food that will slow weight loss even more! And I know people will suggest protein powder, but nobody will ever convince me its not complete rubbish food. So full of sh*t I dont want to eat. And I have yet to find a protein powder that does not give me violent gas and diarrhoea. Dont get me wrong, I'm honestly glad I did this and not complaining, but I did sort of expect that fast and dramatic weight loss at the start. I think its age, the fact that I've had a large weight loss before and I do seem to recall my surgeon making a throwaway comment about being conservative in sleeve size in case I got too skinny, being that I was really only *just* obese when I was operated on.
  28. jachut

    Band to Sleeve! What’s the process?

    I was 114 when I had my band surgery - which I think was a BMI of about 35 for me. I got down to 72 kg which was great at 5ft 10 . My surgeon was so pleased with this and I was asked to speak at a couple of lapband information nights. I never had any problems etc. Then I had a cancer diagnosis and through chemo and radiation and surgery, got down as low as 59kg which was scary skinny. My band was unfilled for a major surgery and it was never the same after that. But although my weight did start to go up as I could never get good restriction again I never got outside of a healthy weight range for many years. Even so, after that I only became *just* overweight, although to me, I was fat fat fat, lol. But my point of view is cosmetic AND health, my surgeon's is health only. So after all the sh*t hit the fan, and my band came out, I think he thought I would not have a big regain - afterall I'd done so well, and had not been overweight in 13 years! I thought so too. I was shocked by the fact that he didnt want to offer me a revision, as I'd been told all along that EVERYBODY that loses their band or removes their fill gains weight, by him and by every clinic doctor. But I didnt particularly want one, I thought I could do it alone. It took me a year but I went from about 78kg (I lost a bit with being so sick) to 97 and I felt like an overstuffed couch when I was finally sleeved in December. I am 85 now which is a BMI well under 30, but its way too fat for me - I still have cellulite on my calves, I'm a fairly skinny build and I get flabby with ANY extra weight. More muscular people can carry more weight. Like I said, nobody has even noticed 12kg gone and I still havent been able to get out my size 14's. It pisses me off, lol. I dont know where I hide all that weight, but I'm kind of glad because this time, I"ve told nobody I was sleeved. I want to keep it to myself this time around.
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