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  2. Froody

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Adelaide

    Hi, There is a great deal of misinformation about weight loss surgery in the general community. The consensus view is that weight loss is up to the individual and if it fails, well then it's because the individual didn't work hard enough, was greedy, was lazy, didn't want it badly enough .... all the moral judgements then apply. To be fat is to be judged. Then when you try to do something about it with surgery the judgement is even greater - just eat less, move more. Yeah great, thanks for that. Like that advice ever worked long term for anybody. The truth is, weight loss surgery in its various forms is the ONLY proven treatment we have so far - no combination of diet/exercise, drugs or psychological intervention have been shown in randomised controlled trials (the gold standard of any research undertaken) to be as effective for long term weight control. It is life saving, but because of the view that weight control is up to the individual and has little to do with environment, upbringing, social status, economic hardship or education and that we just need to try harder, eat less, move more, don't be so greedy, or lazy we'd be able to lose weight. Bollocks to that. I've lost more than 50kg three times in my lifetime (I'm 51), the "hard" way (your words). Believe me, losing and maintaining my weight after my sleeve surgery in 2015 was as hard, or harder than losing it "naturally". I've been able to lose weight AND KEEP IT OFF because of my sleeve and my own fucking hard work. Every day I exercise, watch what I eat and recommit to weight maintenance. No part of it is easy, ever. But it's worth it. Tell your friend to shut up, it's your body and your health. Tell them that 50-60% weight loss surgery patients maintain their losses for the rest of their lives, compared to those who lose weight "naturally", or the "hard" way - 98% regain the weight they've lost after two years. Let that sink in - almost 100% of people who lose weight by diet and exercise regain what they've lost soon after stopping whatever diet they were on. I'm living proof of that. Weight loss surgery is a blunt tool but it's one that works. Until there is a drug developed (unlikely) or widespread famine, we as a society will continue to get fatter. Our obesogenic environment will ensure that. Best of luck with your decision.
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  4. Atahir


    Hi Samantha. The difference is ESG is non surgical, nothing is removed from your body, it's done through the mouth. I'm now 53 days post op. At the beginning, It wasn't as easy to me as some people described it on YouTube videos. But now I'm doing much better, every day I feel better than the previous one. Please let me know if you need to know more about it. Alia.
  5. Samantha Winslet


    Can I ask, what's the difference between the ESG and regular sleeve surgery, and why did you decide to go with the ESG? How's it going?
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  7. Samantha Winslet

    June 2019 Sleevers

    Hello all, I'm booked in for the sleeve mid June (after six and a half years with the band, had it out in April). When I first joined on here there were groups created every month it seemed, for those having their surgery around the same time to keep in touch and for support, but the forum seems a lot quieter now. Is there already a group for people being sleeved in June 2019, or anyone else having their surgery around this time?
  8. Atahir


    Hello Carol! Thanks so much for replying. I gave up that someone would ever reply to my post. I'm really desperate to find groups or well trusted forum for ESG people. Yes PLEASE I do need to be a member the fb groups. If it's possible. Many thanks and please stay in touch. Alia.
  9. CarolC


    Hey Alia I had an ESG in October, going well now. This forum isn't very active for ESG...I am a member of three facebook groups, if you would would like links for them, let me know and I will message you them.
  10. Jewels

    Tummy Tucks now done by my Band surgeon

    I have been looking for reviews for Dr Andrews doing tummy tucks but can't find any?
  11. ReneeB

    Gastric sleeve and PCOS

    Hi there, My 18 year old daughter had a sleeve done in Jan 2018 ans she has PCOS too. We were also told the same and I think its true. (Her hair was soooo thick before due to the PCOS) and her periods have gone back to normal. They are the only physical signs but if we go by them, then yes, I think they were right
  12. ReneeB

    Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Adelaide

    Hi Murbz, I need to start off by stating that I didn't have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did about 18 months ago. and we are in Adelaide too It sounds like from your post you are a great candidate for the surgery as you know how to change habits that can lead to weight gain and consequently, undermine any weight loss surgery in the long run. I wonder what your friends said that has caused you to reconsider? Is it their own personal experiences? Or just an opinion? I feel really close to this topic because my daughter was so young when she had her op. So I was with her through all of the initial decisions, post op, op, pre- op and now- 18 months out. I hope one day she will contribute to this forum as it really helped us when we were a few months out from surgery and afterwards when everything was new and a little unfamiliar. But she is 19 now and much more interested in other things!! The first thing I want to say is my daughter says its the best decision she has ever made. No, she didn't say that post-op, but she did at about the 4 month mark when the outcome of the operation started opening doors for her in life that had never been opened to her before. She lost weight fast (about 30 kgs in 4 months) and her confidence and health improved as a result. We were all really scared before the op but it really was an amazing decision. The month post-op was difficult for her and she cried regularly because it hurt to eat, and the pains were sometimes scary and she would see a doctor to check if her new little tummy had popped- but it never did. We worked out the pains were due to just eating and even a small amount if food was too much in the first month or two. Once her tummy healed and settled, she stopped experiencing pain and as long as she does the right thing, (like not drinking and eating together, not eating too much), she is fine. She can now eat a small entree size meal and be fine. So dont worry about never being able to eat more than 2 mouthfuls again like some people might tell you- your tummy will stretch a little after the surgery to a size that is sustainable. We didnt go through Ashford, we went through Dr. Chaloob from Glenelg but another friend of ours did go through Ashford with Dr. Benjamin Teague and she said he was wonderful. I hope this helps Renee
  13. Hi there :). Wow 2 months to go. It must be both exciting and scary all at the same time! I didn’t have the surgery but my 18 year old daughter did 18 months ago so I can let you know what we all learned as a family. Particularly looking back. The shakes weren’t as bad as she thought. But what really helped was a website called “opticook” where a lovely woman has dedicated a website to yummy meals that are allowed on the pre-op diet. So she filled herself with meals cooked from her website and she lost 8 kg in 14 days. The other thing that I believe is really important looking back is trying to change old habits now rather than waiting for the surgery to do the work as it will in the long run, fail if new habits aren’t developed. So I would strongly suggest that you start walking now every day to prepare your self for this to become a new habit you bring with you post-op. It’s still something my daughter struggles with and has consequently, plateaued before reaching her goal weight. This will also help with loose skin but I think loose skin is unavoidable when you lose a large amount of weight in a short time period. Lots of people return after a few years to have their lose skin removed. But from our experience, that is something to consider once your confident about maintaining your desired weight and have developed good habits that will ensure you don’t have your skin removed only to gain weight again in the following year. I cant comment on surgeons. You just need to go with who is best for you once you’ve considered all the variables ( price, location, reputation) Best of luck! Renee
  14. Boganlicious

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    Hey Zaruse. I will be 12 months post op on the 17th. I've maintained my goal weight for a few months now although do fluctuate here and there. Atm I'm 53.7kgs which is under my goal of 55kgs, it really depends on the day. I would like to have another body scan done as I was 73kgs at the only scan I've ever had done. I'm very interested to know my body fat percentage as well as muscle mass. I'm still loving life and the positive changes. I am so much more confident in all aspects of my life. I never had a problem with chatting to others before such as shop assistants but now I feel more comfortable doing so like they want to talk back. If someone looks at me in public I no longer think omg they're judging how fat I am, why are they looking at me? Clothes shopping is amazing and I've dragged out my old skinny clothes I had stashed away. Funnily enough some of them fit perfectly whereas others are too big or don't fit properly in certain areas. I range from a size 8 (jeans and even jackets) to a 10 as sizing is funny and there is no standard. I'm not sure if I would need a 12 in certain clothes anymore as a 10 seems to be a perfect fit apart from the odd pair of jeans or jackets where an 8 fits just right. I need a new wardrobe as I've had to throw out so much even things I bought at 70kgs thinking my size wouldn't change much are swimming on me. What else? Blood results are all good and I see my surgeon soon for a follow up. I'm the person I want to be. I've changed my hair completely both colour and gone pretty short. I'm currently growing it back but will be around 6 months until it reaches bob length. I never would have chopped my hair off pre weight loss even though I really wanted that cut because I felt my face was too fat. Nothing else to report except I have no regrets. If I could have done this earlier I would have. When I did have my surgery almost a year ago the timing was right for me.
  15. Hi all Firstly I want to start off by saying I have been reading these forums for a short while now and the content has really been a great help, thank you to everyone who contributes and shares their experiences. Some background: I have lost 90kg the hard way (diet, exercise, heavy restriction, and hard work) about 5 years ago, but due to my current work I do not have the time or energy to do it all again. I am by no means looking at the gastric sleeve as the "silver bullet", but I am looking at it as a helping hand to get me on the right track. I've been talking about it a bit with some close friends and one is vigorously against it and it has put some second thoughts in my head this evening. At the moment I am going in on 1 July 2019 to have my gastric sleeve done through Dr Teague in Ashford Medical. I guess I am looking for some people's perspectives from their surgeries and their journeys. Any point of views are helpful and I would be appreciative to read through some of them. Thank you in advance.
  16. hey guy ime about 2 months out from sleeve surgery here in newcastle, i have chose my surgeon yet so open to suggestions, so ime doing homework as to what i should be doing knowing that it will be milkshake time soon enough. i have some concerns about the loose skin post op. ime expecting to lose a lot prob 40 kg or more. any advice appreciated, to any of the above . i noticed wright is getting a bit high in price but i can go to maitland cheaper , is this a good idea though ?
  17. zaruse

    May 2018 sleevers and bypassians

    12 months since surgery for me. start weight: 134.9 current weight: 80.2 total loss so far: 54.7 so I didn’t make ‘78 by April’ goal- I still haven’t been able to crack the 70s! But all good. I’m happy, comfortable and getting fitter. Surgery was a difficult decision, but I don’t regret it, not for a second. This is is going to sound dumb, but I swear people treat me differently now. I’m certainly no looker, but I’m sure people are nicer and more willing to help me with random stuff?! Maybe my demeanour has changed too. Anyhow, good luck to anyone who has read through all this and considering this drastic action. Do it. It is so worth it.
  18. Shell64

    Alfred consultation

    Hi, i have been on there waiting list since Dec 2017. Just before Christmas I got a letter to fill in and posted it of. Then in February this year I had to go to a seminar we were given information and all there had to do a 8 week online course. I did mine in booklet for as we were going on holiday. So now I am waiting for a outpatient appointment. I emailed them to check if they received my booklet and they had and they mentioned it could be a slight wait for the appointment. At the seminar we were told it’s a 12 month wait from outpatient appointments.
  19. Bigm666

    Band to bypass

  20. Bigm666

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Hey there I'm still 5 months out from the 12 month cut off but I've decided and gone with ASHFORD here in Adelaide had my first consultation with the Dr discussed everything and agreed on the RNY bypass; I'll be seeing Surgeon for the first time in 2 months then Dietician before I start pre-op diet and finally have the operation end of September is the plan so long as all goes to plan Getting closer everyday very excited I've now joined bariatric pal website which has much more activity and been reading tons! I'm currently at 145kgs and my end goal I feel would be around 85kgs as I'm 184cm tall puts me right at the edge of healthy BMI but I'm not so worried about BMI scale it will all depend on how I look and feel towards the end of my journey Cheers. Mikey
  21. zaruse

    KEEN ON BYPASS need help

    Hi @Bigm666 how are you doing? Where are you at with your surgery journey?
  22. Atahir


    Hi. I'm one month post ESG. I had it in the UK. I would like to start sharing my experience here but I'm not sure if people on this forum are still participating, I see most of comments are from couple of years ago. Alia.
  23. Navya_Sharma

    Pregnancy with Band - New forum pls.

    thank you for making this forum. Here we will get all the information related to pregnancy in an easy way. visit, https://www.cordlifeindia.com/
  24. The mini bypass is a full bypass, but with just one anastamosis, instead of 2. Very happy with it.
  25. Jinie

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    5 yrs post sleeve. I dont remember the 1st yr, might have been 3 monthly after initial post op stuff. My surgeon does yearly, bloods & follow ups and at times, gastrophys to check everything is ok. They have a dietitian in the rooms too. I feel like I could phone for info or make an appt any time if I had concerns, and have when I needed advice on meds that may have had issues with the sleeve. No 'cutting loose"
  26. Jinie

    Any success Band to sleevers?

    hi, I converted about 5 ys ago, and now I am putting on weight. 12kg heavier than 2 yrs ago. i think alot of people struggle after the honeymoon period. But I dont know the actual stats. It is alot easier to eat though, the band was awful.
  27. Soozibloo

    Any success Band to sleevers?

    I had 2 lap bands and eventually a sleeve which did not work well. This was about 5 years ago. I. still have a total struggle losing weight, however little I eat, feel constantly hollow and emtpy, but when I eat immediately start sweating, need to lie down, feel sleepy, have palpitations and feel very unwell and uncomfortable. These are all the classic dumping syndrome symptoms which I was led to believes does not occur with the sleeve. I don’t know where to go from here. Socialising is a nightmare and I feel so sad that all this is irreparable.
  28. Happyfrog

    Getting back on track

    Yes I know the eating to much too, when I turned to alcohol I started snacking. Depression hit me hard. Then the guilt from eating turned to more eating. It’s a vicious circle. ‘Got my results. I don’t have pancreatitis or a slipped band. All my organs are healthy. They think it’s a stomach ulcer from stress. So I’ll see my surgeon on Monday and see what he thinks. And go from there. I’m now on nexium. I’ll see over the weekend if it helps, I hope so. I hate feeling so rotten after eating or drinking.
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