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  2. LucyOlive

    Surgery on Monday.... nervous!

    How did it go? I'm going in tomorrow (in NSW) but I'm also nervous!
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  4. HoneyBadger

    Band to Sleeve

    Hi Ninny, did you find another Doctor for your sleeve?
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  6. Mouse-mum


    Good luck to tomorrow KAZBAA. I hope everything goes well and you have a speedy recovery
  7. Mouse-mum

    october 2018

    Hi Fandangle, WOW! we are both having our surgeries on the same day! I’m having mine at Berwick- where are you having yours? I’m excited but a little anxious about starting the Opti next week. Please keep in touch and let me know how your doing
  8. Guess who is nervous for tomorrow's surgery. I have had other surgeries for various things but this is the first time I am having surgery for something that is not diseased or wrong...know what I mean? Packed, having my last drink of water and off to bed. Hope I get some good wishes.
  9. Was this at one of your PHI providers? Thats alot more than I was expecting!
  10. Boganlicious

    Your pre- WLS life - and am I worthy?

    Hey @Casey81 I'm in Perth and was out of pocket around $9140 for sips surgery.
  11. Hi sleaty im in Qld but know a tummy tuck will have to come, did you go through PHI ? Was this difficult?
  12. Casey81

    What exercises can I do?

    Hi Blissx, how have you found your skin after?
  13. Casey81

    Gastric Bypass day to day life

    Would be interested in this info as well!
  14. Hey sorry didn’t mean to repost! was wondering where your located and how much your gap was? My PHI waiting period isn’t up till end of Feb 2019 but I’d like to know what I’m up for in advance
  15. Casey81

    Counting down

    Gastric Bypass Brisbane hopeful I put on a lot of weight with both my pregnancies however have carried the bulk of my excess weight since 2009, currently im 163cm and 115kg whilst pregnant with my second daughter my lumbar spine ‘collapsed’ (easiest way to explain) as a result exercise and day to day functioning became hard/exhausting and my weight slowly crept up and up. Ive tried what feels like everything to lose and maintain weight loss but have struggled to get past 8kg then it all comes back again! As I’m approaching 40 I’d like to get it under control so it doesn’t cause me problems later in life. Im now have private health insurance and my 12 mth waiting period is up late February 2019 would love to chat to anyone who’s had the surgery or is waiting like me
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  17. Fandangle

    october 2018

    Hi everyone, I'm getting sleeved on 10/10/18, any other sleevers about to go under?? if so where are you hailing from, Im excited and nervous at the same time. putting on weight in the lead up as I keep thinking "OMG what if I can never have this nice food again, or the enjoyment that I get from eating it " I am not alone :-(
  18. rumplebear


    My advice would be go back on the optifast for a week or two, then re-set your portions back to half a cup, mainly concentrating on the protein. Eat healthy home made real food, and avoid anything processed if you can. Snack on tuna, hard boiled eggs, small pieces of roast chicken (chewed very well). Do you still keep in touch with your clinic, and is there a dietician there? Do you do much exercise?
  19. rumplebear

    August 2018 surgeries

    It was so nice to move onto the soft phase. I'm not a fan of puree!
  20. Anyone else having surgery in WA soon that would like to form a support group? Sleeve surgery booked with Dr Kevin Dolan on Monday 17/9/18.... safe to say a tad nervous!!!
  21. Fattilicious

    Sydney (Inner West) Surgeon recommendations?

    Hi there, Advance SurgiCare Kogarah. Hope this helps
  22. t_elle

    Dr Kathi's Diet BMI

    I see Dr Kathi but haven't followed her diet. It does work quite well though another friend followed it and did well.
  23. I switched and have had a great experience at BMI and never had to wait too long to see the Dr. Unfortunately my band has not behaved and is coming out next month.
  24. JojoLockie

    August 2018 surgeries

    Can't believe its 3 weeks tomorrow. I have move onto mushie stage and Im very happy. I have lost approx 20kgs now but I have started to loss muscle mass. Waiting for surgeon to give me the go ahead to up my exercises.
  25. denzel


    50 kg *Yippeee* as of last Wednesday! Finally! Onward and downward! 
  26. George65


    Hi, I'm 7 weeks post sleeve op and had a couple of bees on the weekend, took it slow and no real problems.
  27. denzel

    Weigh In Wednesday

    50 kg *Yippeee* as of last Wednesday! Finally! Onward and downward!
  28. colinmc400

    How long til the surgeons cut you loose?

    Ok slightly surprised, as Dr Dolan wants me to come back in another 6 months. He could not have been more happy (and those that know him, know he is not always a happy character). More than happy with my progress, blood work was very good (especially cholesterol and fasting insulin) and he even commented how i looked in good shape (well 300km a week on your bike will help with that). He thought i might loose another 3-4kgs, but said he would be happy where i am now. So just surprised he wanted me to go back. Spose it helps to keep me focused and on track, in case i were to slip back.
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