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    Hey Alia I had an ESG in October, going well now. This forum isn't very active for ESG...I am a member of three facebook groups, if you would would like links for them, let me know and I will message you them.
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    Hey Zaruse. I will be 12 months post op on the 17th. I've maintained my goal weight for a few months now although do fluctuate here and there. Atm I'm 53.7kgs which is under my goal of 55kgs, it really depends on the day. I would like to have another body scan done as I was 73kgs at the only scan I've ever had done. I'm very interested to know my body fat percentage as well as muscle mass. I'm still loving life and the positive changes. I am so much more confident in all aspects of my life. I never had a problem with chatting to others before such as shop assistants but now I feel more comfortable doing so like they want to talk back. If someone looks at me in public I no longer think omg they're judging how fat I am, why are they looking at me? Clothes shopping is amazing and I've dragged out my old skinny clothes I had stashed away. Funnily enough some of them fit perfectly whereas others are too big or don't fit properly in certain areas. I range from a size 8 (jeans and even jackets) to a 10 as sizing is funny and there is no standard. I'm not sure if I would need a 12 in certain clothes anymore as a 10 seems to be a perfect fit apart from the odd pair of jeans or jackets where an 8 fits just right. I need a new wardrobe as I've had to throw out so much even things I bought at 70kgs thinking my size wouldn't change much are swimming on me. What else? Blood results are all good and I see my surgeon soon for a follow up. I'm the person I want to be. I've changed my hair completely both colour and gone pretty short. I'm currently growing it back but will be around 6 months until it reaches bob length. I never would have chopped my hair off pre weight loss even though I really wanted that cut because I felt my face was too fat. Nothing else to report except I have no regrets. If I could have done this earlier I would have. When I did have my surgery almost a year ago the timing was right for me.
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    Hey there I'm still 5 months out from the 12 month cut off but I've decided and gone with ASHFORD here in Adelaide had my first consultation with the Dr discussed everything and agreed on the RNY bypass; I'll be seeing Surgeon for the first time in 2 months then Dietician before I start pre-op diet and finally have the operation end of September is the plan so long as all goes to plan Getting closer everyday very excited I've now joined bariatric pal website which has much more activity and been reading tons! I'm currently at 145kgs and my end goal I feel would be around 85kgs as I'm 184cm tall puts me right at the edge of healthy BMI but I'm not so worried about BMI scale it will all depend on how I look and feel towards the end of my journey Cheers. Mikey
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    I was banded November 2012, starting weight 141kg. everything went well. Got down to 95ish kg almost goal weight, only 4kg or 5kg off. So pretty happy. Then I was diagnosed with depression and found that I was eating things I shouldn’t be and my meal sizes increased. I gained little bit, I sat at around 102kg. After 9 months I was able to get off the depression meds and I was determined to get to goal weight. Short time after that hubby and I decided we were going to have another baby. Anyway long story short. I gained weight during pregnancy I got to 117kg, had my band refilled when Bub was 6 weeks old. And it all went down hill from there. My meals were fine, but I found myself snacking. Then post natal depression hit me. And I turned to alcohol. I wasn’t drunk or anything I was having 1 maybe 2 drinks almost every night and a lot more on Friday nights. This made my weight go up. I got to 126kg I was so angry at myself. I was treated for depression and got back mentally where I was, but I was still drinking to my alcohol. Bub is now almost 17months. So 6 weeks ago, I stopped drinking. I haven’t had a single drop. I have cut out all soft drink, I don’t drink tea or coffee. So I only have water. My meals are almost the size they should be. My snacking has stopped. Don’t get me wrong every now and then I have biscuit or something but not often. I started a new exercise routine called bodyboss 4 weeks ago. which I get done while Bub is having her morning sleep. I have lost just over 4kg which has averaged to 700gm a week. I have been documenting everything. Writing all my feelings good or bad down. I guess I’m writing this because this morning when Bub went down for her nap, I got a case of the ‘don’t wannas’ I really didn’t want to go and do my exercises I just wanted to sit. I’m not sure if because it was quite cool here this morning or The fact I’ve had a headache every morning for over a month. Or what. But I did get my butt up and went and did it. I feel better for it. I think by putting this on here and having other people who may have struggled like me, I feel more accountable and maybe I might stop dwelling. And maybe my headache will go away, well I can only hope. Anyway that’s me at the moment.