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    So my birthday goal was to be 90kgs or less. Today (my birthday) I'm 87.3kgs. I'm now in sizes 14 - 16 and can fit an XL at Ice Design one of my favourite shops.
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    So I'm getting in my 10000 steps but generally a lot more on work days. Yesterday we took the train to the city and I normally get really sore from all the walking but I didn't get any pain and I ended up doing over 12000 steps yesterday. I even ran while racing my daughter (will not do that without a sports bra!) Also I'm now in size 14s and it's actual work pants with a zip and hook not stretchy leggings. Feeling amazing and couldn't be happier.
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    I cracked the 30kg lost milestone yesterday. So happy.
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    I was sleeved 23 months ago (i.e. nearly two years ago). Admittedly, I was very sick last year with a gut infection (Campylobacter), and dropped down to a BMI of 18.5, and 18% body fat. O.K; so here I am going to be honest and accountable. Since that gut infection has been treated, my weight has gradually increased ... particularly in the last couple of months... Yes. Alcohol. Low-carb beer ... Gin and diet tonic (so helpful for getting me through doing housework!!). I, probably like most folk, have had some carb-binges over the last month. A couple of days of eating nothing but "Grainwave" chips ... And an outstanding 2.25 kg of (Chinese) dumplings in the last two days. I have had horrendous health/energy problems last year, and haven't been active (chronic ME/CFIDS + Fibromyalgia etc. and I had really deteriorated health-wise) But this last week there has been an improvement. Today I "sucked it up" and weighed myself (after going to the loo, on an empty stomach etc). I have managed (!) to put on 3.13 kg in less than four weeks. Body fat increase of 3.6% ... And I can feel it. My arms feel like sausages bursting out of their skins, and my thighs are rubbing. My boobs are bursting out of my bra. I have jumped up a couple of clothing sizes. I had got down to a size 4/6 (I am only 5" tall - about 153 cm), and am now busting out of size 8. So. This is it. I have started this new thread, called "Accountability". 1. I am going to be more diligent to weigh myself more frequently. 2. Bye-bye low carb beer. 3. Move more. 4. Update my details and progress.5. Get to see dentist to have sensitive teeth treated ... this has been preventing me from "20, 20, 20". Numerologically, for me this is a "power year". So it is up to me to make the most of it.
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    The sleeve is the first option. My surgeon says he has done a lot of successful band to sleeve conversions. In saying that, i have had my band since 2001 so until he removes i t he really wont know what the scarring is like. We may have to then discuss bypass surgery.
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    I just realised I'm 18.7kgs away from my pre pregnancy weight before my first child and before my weight problem started. It seems very surreal. One of the nurses at the doctors didn't recognise me. The doctor came in to see me and said he could see a huge difference.
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    Have been travelling really well. But is only because I have put in the effort. My current weight is 58.6. I really believe that no matter which wls you choose you have to be in the right headspace first for it to be a success. Not for a second did I sit and say "I've got the band now, I don't have to do anything and it's going to be easy". It has been easier with the band but I have worked hard towards my goal. Have a wedding next year and was able to go to the clearance rack pick a beautiful dress at a third of the price. Have had to throw out all of my shoes because my feet have shrunk. I did find my hair was thinning so after some research found that Nioxin System 4 (recommended by other banders) was the way to go. I must say after using it for 2 weeks I noticed a huge difference to my hair. It looks healthier and there is less breakage I look at my band as a good friend who reminds me when to stop eating. To all banders keep up the good work. And if you fall off the wagon (as I have done many times) we are human just dust yourself off and start where you left off. Don't give up.
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    Wishing you a very happy birthday @Boganlicious and congratulations on reaching and surpassing your goal!
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    I can't believe this time next week I will waiting at the hospital for my sleeve to get get done. Where has the time gone? Im super excited but nervous at the same time.
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    August 30th for me for lap band removal. Hopefully the sleeve will be done at the same time however nit too optimistic with 17 years of scarring.
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    87.9kgs for me and a loss of 30.2kgs.
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    I forgot to add- I went shopping for the first time since surgery, needed a pretty dress. City Chick- I’m not XL anymore, M and even S. You read that right, SMALL!! And I got a size 16 dress from Autograph, and tried and fit an 18 in Katie’s. Normal shops are almost within reach!!!
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    Weight this morning 50.48 kg *phew*, body fat % 26.4, hydration % 49.9 Down 770 gm in 11 days. BMI 21.4 So I've lost over 9% from my recent heaviest . Still hanging out for next mini-goal to get to 50 kg, then it will be a big push to get back down to 47 kg ... which will be a loss of 14.2% from my recent heaviest.
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    DOUBLE FIGURES!!!!! Those playing close attention may remember that I had a double digit goal by my birthday- I didn’t quite crack it yesterday with 100.1 I jumped on the scales this afternoon - 99.8 so exciting!!! My next next goal is to be 90 in 19 weeks by New Years... so 10kgs in 19 weeks, with major focus on regaining and building fitness and muscle. Bring it!
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    Hi @rumplebear Glad you’re feeling ok. Remember to take it easy even though you may feel like you can cope with light activity. I made the mistake of doing too much too early and ended up feeling quite ill. The flat feeling lasted about a week for me and my tummy at 2 weeks post-op still looks I went a round with Mike Tyson. It’s a rainbow of colours from yellow to purple to dark red. Looks way worse than it feels though. I get to eat mushy foods from tomorrow and can’t wait - so over liquids and shakes! Like you, I struggled to get in the required amount of liquid in the first week but now I’m managing 1.2l of water and then there’s soup, milk etc added to that so I’m probably getting enough. They load you up on fluids in the hospital though knowing that you’re going to struggle initially. Hang in there it’ll get better
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    Had my bypass on the 15th, no big dramas, had bad gas pain under my left shoulder blade so hit the pain relief pretty hard, but that's eased. Very swollen and I have some bad bruising, but couldn't fault the care I received and the follow up. I still feel flat and a bit listless, and am having trouble drinking enough fluids while on the liquid phase but I'll keep at it. No real pain, just a "grabbing" sort of discomfort occasionally and just some soreness. Looking forward to the mushy phase though, I must say!
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    What an outstanding achievement @LosingKAL!!! Well done . I’ve lost 6kgs since surgery but I expect that rate of loss will slow down now I’m eating a little more. So, funny story about the noisy tummy...I’ve been back at work this week and on Friday I had a 1.00 meeting with some clients (just after I’d eaten lunch) and my stomach gurgled like an old drain pipe for a solid 30 minutes. I knew they could hear it, and they knew I knew they could hear it, but none of us said anything about it. I was mortified! No eating before meetings in future!! You’re right though, it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to shed some weight.
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    Hi @EllaB I had my sleeve 21st May so I am 10 weeks post op this week and my tummy still makes some very loud noises when digesting food or water. Especially at night when it is quiet On the positive, I have lost just over 27kgs in the 10 weeks so I will take a noisy tummy any day!!! Hope all goes well for you.
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    Its awful isn't it, I'm having so many thoughts throughout the day, I'm all over the place. I think I'm going to need to keep myself extra busy leading up to it. Today I started to pack some of the clothes that don't fit well into a crate and reduce the size of my wardrobe in anticipation of the new me. When do you start Opti Kimmykay is it two weeks before your surgery day ?
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    So list of jobs so far, based on the excellent suggestions above: 1. Set up seperate forums for each procedure. 2. Update code of conduct to make clear the behaviour we expect on here and to return forum to a supportive, caring and welcoming environment. 3. Put out call for new moderators to support our existing team 4. Look into a way of setting up sub-groups or sub-forums for the monthly bandit groups 5. Look into seeing if you can hide or block people who you don't want to interact with I think from here on out I want this site to be procedure agnostic, not just for lap bands. So any "why did you get that, you should have had this" sort of comments will be something we want to say goodbye to. Any sort of bullying behaviour is going to be strictly controlled and I'll set up a warning system. Anyone using the new site will have to agree to the new terms and conditions. Finally, I want to invite people back, letting them know that the site is still here, and letting them know about the new changes, new rules etc. Any other ideas?
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    He did my band and I've had no issues at all, I found him to be very professional in manner, he doesn't beat around the bush, he tells it how is and personally I prefer a no nonsense approach, i didn't want a fluffy doctor, I want one who does a great job. His team are great and very caring.
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    He did my brothers sleeve last February and he has done amazingly. I was just recently referred to him for my own sleeve and to me he is quiet with a funny sense of humour that does put you right at ease. I haven’t had surgery with him yet but if he takes as good care of me as my brother I’ll be estatic.
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    Dr Dolan was my surgeon for the lap band which I had done on 8th November, he was quite informative about all options. He came across as quiet I guess that’s the word lol, but he ended up putting me at ease just before surgery. Hopefully that helps.
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    Terribly disappointing and demoralising, isn't it, to put weight back on. Not to mention incredibly depressing Good on you, too, @leya22, for being accountable and "sucking it up". I have another item to add to my list: 6. No more late evening nibbling on cheese. So many people had a crap year last year. The only thing that I can put it down to was numerologically it was a 9 year, which is a restless/unsettled year. I'm forming a new habit: 7. I am also starting the day with a protein shake + psyllium + flaxseed + "Vital Greens" (the last I find hideous, hence the taste is partly disguised by the protein powder), and then having my multi-vitamin - which I hadn't been taking. So, I am looking forward to a much improved year for me - and for everyone.