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    Complications are for other people, right? It won’t happen to me, right? Wrong. It happened. 13 months post bypass surgery. Everything had been perfect: I had achieved my weight loss goals. I felt great, healthy, active, happy. And then. I woke up in the wee hours in excruciating pain. My tummy was on fire, the pain radiating out and down my abdomen. Weirdly, my left shoulder felt like it had been broken. i tried to ride it out but ended up calling an ambulance. Fast forward 12 hours, after an X-ray, ultrasound and CT, I was being prepped for surgery. There were two options: 1. Twisted perforated bowel, they would have had to slice me all the way open to find the damaged section 2. Perforated ulcer, keyhole surgery luckily for me it was number 2. but how?! Why? I knew the risks of bypass surgery, but somehow, the bit about NEVER taking anti inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen, didn’t sink in. I had been taking anti-reflux meds, but my prescription ran out, and I knew that I had an appointment with my bypass surgeon in a couple of weeks- and we were going to wean me off them anyway, so not taking them didn’t worry me. Unfortunately I’d also taken a bunch of anti inflammatory drugs for a neck injury. And apparently I internalise my stress. Anyway, 3 weeks on, im fine. But it was scary- I put the people I love the most through a really terrifying ordeal for something that could have been prevented. So. The moral of the story, is if you have had WLS, you absolutely cannot take pain drugs other than paracetamol. (the only ‘silver lining’ is that I’ve just dropped another 7kgs. I didn’t really need to, but I’ll take it!)
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    I am also on the Merry Go Round! Was first banded 13 years ago. Lost about 30k and over the years put 20 back on and lost 10 again. Net loss 20kg. I never expected it to be so hard and thought that I would be strong enough to keep it off. I feel like I am constantly fighting my body. When I try to lose weight I don't. When I say to hell with it and don't care, I do lose weight. So frustrating and counter-intuitive. I am going back to the surgeon Wednesday next week to get the fluid increased and try to go back to an early stage of restricted eating. Inspired by Happyfrog. Well done you!
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    Hi There, i converted lap to sleeve in 2017 - I almost died from complications - it’s a long story and can be found if you search the site. typically revision surgery isn’t as successful as the body knows the drill - I went from 140kg to 75kg (with the band) and my revision weight being 112kg and I’m now 65kg (170cm tall) would I do it again knowing the shit storm that followed (probably yes) would I have been as successful if not for complications (8 months nil orally with a nasal gastric tube for feeding) highly likely not. in the end it comes down to you and your desire to achieve your goal. good luck x