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    I have been struggling to find a good cheap plastic surgeon to have excess skin taken off. I have really bad bingo arms and also need a tummy tuck. I heard there was a great plastic surgeon who did tummy tuck in Rockhampton Qld. Does anyone know who this is please. Also I believe it is done under Medicare. Thanks in advance.
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    Had mine fitted in April or May of 2011 and have never had a problem, haven't seen the surgeon in years. My Band is stitched onto the side of the stomach and was told so theirs never any slippage or wear so I'll just wait and see. I'm a 57 year young Mountain Biking junkie and have had many a buster and the port has also held firm, mines sandwiched between surgical mesh to prevent the port from ever flipping. Was 180 at my worst and now down to around 90 to 95 which according to the Heart Foundation of Australia I'm still overweight so overweight is good enough for me. To lose another 10 kgs to put me in the healthy weight range I'd be skin and bone. See you on the mountain trails.
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    Lower BMI points that's interesting, back when the new rules came in about the cancellation of the Medicare number I went and spoke to Westfund and they never mentioned anything regarding a lower BMI, will have to go see them again, thanks for the info.
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    I missed Wednesday as the batteries on my scales are getting low so they don't always work. Need to find out what size they take. Anyway I weighed myself just then and am down to 56.5kgs with just 1.5kgs to go to goal weight. If I was to lose more than my goal I wouldn't be upset as my dietician told me some slight weight regain at the 12 and 24 months post op is quite normal. I plan on having a body scan done in a few weeks as at my last one I was 73kgs. I'd like to know how my body fat and muscle mass is looking. Loving all the positive changes not just appearance wise but being able to do fun stuff with hubby and the kids eg go to the zoo and not be in agony from walking. I've lost 61.6kgs which is an entire person which is just crazy to think about.
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    I read that not only if the skin is causing issues but if you have lost 5 or more bmi points that you are eligible for rebates.
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    Dr Nicole Andrews in Rockhampton does the weight loss surgery and now the tummy tucks, cheap and surgery aren't words that go together. No longer can the tummy tucks be claims using private health insurance and medicare. Should the lose skin be causing you health issues then yes you can use the private health insurance but only with the approval of the surgeon.. Nicole is a brilliant surgeon and fitted my band coming up 8 years ago and never ever have I had a problem, I'm a Mountain Biking junkie and even with the many busters I've had the band and the port has held fast. I plan to have Nicole do my tummy tuck and turkey neck tighten.
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    I had sips and last time my surgeon saw me I believe he said I had lost 94% of my excess weight. I see him again early May.
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    Hi everyone. So glad I found this forum whilst searching for everything and anything about the Gastric Sleeve procedure I am going to have on the 6th February. Looking forward to reading all the advice and tips everyone can give me as I start this journey, my LAST weightloss journey. I have tried just about everything else as I have been dieting since I was 18 years old and now am in my 50's. I am 5ft 8in, and weighed in at 122.8kg when I started the Optifast sachets last Tuesday. I plan to lose around 45 kilos and keep it off !! The 4 x Optifast Sachets and 2 cups of vegetables per day haven't been too difficult (of course there are times I would love a sandwich or two) but I think because it is only for two weeks and it will decrease the amount of fat in my liver prior to the surgery, I am committed to giving it my best. Would love to receive advice and tips from everyone as I go forth, and would also like to invite other people who might be just starting out as well to come on board this thread so we can motivate and help each other. Look forward to sharing my weightloss journey. Cheers...Margy
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    Can't remember when I checked in last but I'm sitting at 93 even today so averaging around a kilo a week. Bring on the 80s. I have a check up next month so fingers crossed my weight will start with an 8