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    Today I weighed in at 109.9kg. So that is 25kgs on the knocker, AND I’m in a new ‘10’! whoop!!!
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    I am about 171cm and my goal would be around the 75kg mark. My doctor said he would like me at around 80kgs but naturally I want to be lower. Currently sitting at 94.5kgs which is a 20kgs loss and have 19.5kgs to go so just slipped over the half way point! Very exciting! 5 weeks post op yesterday and did 10 days Opti. Skin is starting to sag so have just started at the gym to combat having my own personal wings
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    Interesting. I’m 175cms, so ideal would be 72 to 78 kgs. My goal was 80, I’d love to be less but honestly I’ll be thrilled just to be 80!
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    Guess who got under 100kgs today! 99.8kgs to be exact. I've never been so happy or confident even though I'm not near goal weight just yet.
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    99.6kgs. Total loss of 18.5kgs. Need to step it up now but I'm exhausted as I'm Iron deficient and the gp who does the iron infusions told me I didn't need it even though my iron is at an 8. He also tried to push a mirena onto me and when I said I would not have anything inserted he said I had staples in my stomach. Quick as a flash I told him that wasn't my vagina. I've asked the Receptionist to fax my results to my surgeon. I'm not particularly happy with the gp I saw.
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    My original goal set by Dr Dolan was "under 100 kgs", which would have left me with a BMI of 30.9 and still in the obese range. After my last visit in early March, he revised that to "you should be able to get to 90kgs", which would be a BMI of 27.8. I am currently at 93 kgs or BMI of 28.7 and feeling pretty good with it. The last few weeks have been rough and I even put a kg on, for the first time in 8 months. Some of the old grazing habits were starting to come back and if I am not spending my usual amount of time on my bicycle, things will go the wrong way. Decent last week on the bike and the extra is gone again and a bit, so now at the lowest since the WLS. I would need to loose another 12kgs to get to 24.9 and I am not sure that will happen.
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    I put glasses on layby last week which cost a small fortune so that can be my treat. My current glasses feel like they are too wide and the shape no longer suits. I'm excited to pick the new ones up when ready. I chose Michael Kor frames oops. It was the only pair I tried on the colour drew me to them so I tried them on and fell in love.
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    Hi everyone! update at the 7 week mark. Officially everything internal should be pretty much done healing, which means I can lift stuff and resume all activities as normal. Yay! Weight loss per week varies, but I’m still losing 1.3 or more kgs per week. Which is great! I’m on track to reach my first major goal by mid-Aug, so exciting! Surgery hasn’t solved all my problems- but it did save me the other day from ‘bored’ eating- I simply can’t binge anymore. I think it pretty much paid for itself just by rescuing me from myself in one day.
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    My weight this morning was 79.6. which is a gain of 700g over 2 weeks. Sorry for the lack of communication. It's the end of the financial year and I've been flat out at work. I've just booked to have 3 weeks in Germany, Austria and England later this year. I'll have to sit down and work out how much lighter I am than when I travelled last year. Denzel, it's great to read that you are still on track and maintaining your weight. My surgeon was talking to me about the lack of longitudinal data on sleeve and bypass patients and that there is a growing concern about the large number of people who are gaining big amounts of weight at the 2 - 3 year post surgery mark. All the more reason to remain vigilant! Well done Boganlicious. It is such a sense of achievement when you break through that 100kg barrier and you are so close you should be able to 'taste' it. Is it politically correct to use the expression 'taste it' with WLS patients? No offense meant!
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    100.7kgs today. 800 grams to finally get under 100kgs.
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    Get a dog and explore Perth and surrounds! Foster if you can't commit to adopting. Join a Volunteer group.
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    Hi guys Well, I'm 5 years banded and still love my band.... I'm currently off work recuperating from tummy tuck surgery and really feel I've reached an end point to my weightloss journey. However, I know much has changed over the last 5 years and tomorrow my husband starts his pre-op diet before having the gastric sleeve surgery in 2 weeks time, and I want to be as supportive as possible to help him reach his goal. His/our lifestyle involves meeting up with friends at pubs, restaurants, golf club, cafes etc infact if I'm totally honest everything we do involves alcohol and food.... so I would love some ideas and tips on what we can do, where we could go to fill our time during the weekends that is not centred around eating and drink or just walking along the beach. We live in Perth, WA Thanks all x
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    Hi @Tuesdaysprincess sorry to hear things have been getting ahead of you. One thing a mate said that really resonated with me: this surgery is more than just a weight loss tool. It’s about taking control over something that has likely been an issue for years. Don’t worry about the unsupportive work ‘friends’. They might be cranky you haven’t told them, but that is their issue, not yours. You’ve already made the decision, so the hardest part is done! Chin up. Only a couple of sleeps now, and you get to meet the new you!
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    That is awesome @LosingKAL! it is so exciting to see the amazing results from this procedure.
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    Oh wow! Congratulations! *happy dance*!
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    Awesome!!! Well done @Boganlicious I hope you celebrated in style? Did you gift yourself something special?! You deserve it! xoxo
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    Hi @denzel I'm 162cm tall so not very tall. Hopefully once I've lost weight wearing heels becomes more comfortable. Sometimes heels makes the outfit and it's nice to be that bit taller.
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    I THINK that I am about 51.75 kg, I had had quite a bit of coffee before I weighed myself! BMI = 21.9, so about the same as last week.
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    I'm a day early because today I am down exactly 17kgs! 101.1kgs this morning. I'm no longer morbidly obese and am in obese class 2 category. Bmi has come down heaps and I love this journey I'm on.
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    My computer wouldn't boot up last week, so it went off for repair. I got it back today - it turns out that the memory card in the slot was the problem, the computer was trying to boot up from there. Anyway, update time from last Thursday. Down 500 gm to 51.8 kg, BMI = 21.9 Gotta be happy with that!
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    Today's weight 102.2kgs. Double digits is getting so close!
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    Hi Girls! :) I remember you both as well! I also went back to my doctor with my tail between my legs and had some more fluid put in. I'm determined to keep seeing him regularly again for accountability and to use my band as a tool again to get where I want to be. I'd just about forgotten I even had a band! So having that little hand-brake back with some more fill will hopefulyl remind me to watch what im eating. Optfast is going well, the worst time for me is at night after the kids go to bed. Cravvviiings!
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    Hi, How are you? I'm a fultime carer for my beautiful husband and you know.......I'm very tired. I've gained about 5 kilos.......therefore I've only lost 20 kilos in 7 years since I've had the operation. I had the lap band operation over 7 years ago when my son recovered from cancer, I decided to get the lap band because I ate for years like I was numb and when he recovered I decided to take care of myself better. I Would like very much to lose 10 more kilos but I can get the fills done in the future. Kevin Dolan did my operation, I have never had a problem with my lap band. A: Does everyone need replacements of the lap band? IS it normal or whatever that you really should go every three months to have your lap band checked? Does the lapland still work 7 years later and I want to lose the last 10 kilos? Thank you so much
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    hi, how long was it from your referral to first appointment and then to the op itself? thanks