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    I think you are crazy to consider a sleeve over a lap band. They are removing your stomach? What happens in the future if they say find a tumour in your stomach or a spot of cancer and that too needs to be removed? They can't give you a new one you know. I can't believe that Dr pushed it so hard knowing that it's permanent and that it isn't a last resort for you. I live a fair way from my nearest city also but I am travelling to get a lap band done and to go to all my appointments. I don't know you but I am really worried for you and I'm serious about that. I actually read this post yesterday and have still been thinking about it. I was talking to a friend over the weekend who was banded by Dr Watson in Perth and she was saying that she went to an information session of his and he was telling everyone how serious having a sleeve is, that they are taking 2/3rds of your stomach, that it's not reversible and to try everything possible before going down that road. He also mentioned that because the procedure is relatively new, they are not sure what the long term ill effects are. I just can't believe that the doctor is for one thing going to do the procedure on you even though it sounds like you don't have a whole lot of weight to lose and by that I mean you said he wouldn't normally do it on someone as small as you, and that he allowed you to even think it was a possibility because of travel concerns?? You got to the initial appointment didn't you?!! I'm sorry but I think that doctor needs to be slapped in the face!! This procedure is permanent. Permanent. Permanent. Permanent........ Permanent. If something happens, they can't give you a new one, they can't give you a little bit more back. It's just gone.