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    WOW you go girl, So prepared! Ill get things over the next 4 weeks! Was looking at new PJ'S but then thought i didnt really want to spend $20 on new ones that wont fit for long!!! I'll Prob just wear a tank top and pants to bed! Ive seen alot of peopl say crop tops as you cant wear a bra afterwoods but havnt come across one that would fit me! I have one thats a size 20 but doesnt really support much so i think ill just not wear one and quickly get to the car people people see LOL I got a letter today saying i have a app next week with the hospitals dietician, nurse and anaesthist
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    Hi Suzie77 - Just wanted to put my experience on here from the point of view of someone who is not entirely happy with their band. Yes I have lost 16 Kilos since being banded which occurred in the first six months - but have found in the last 18 months have not lost any weight. This is due to not having the band tight enough as when I have it tight enough to have restriction - it always tightens (due to stress, pms and just because it wants too) and will not loosen without an unfill - which then leaves the band too loose. I dont seem to be able to get it tight enough and am feeling pretty low about it all at the moment. I have been struggling with it for 18 months, and wish I had had the sleeve surgery that so many band patients are now turning to - unfortunatly I cant afford more surgery.