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    dude...drink more water...it takes a little while to get used to but it's so worth it. I never used to drink water, now I miss it if I don't get my 2+ litres a day...carry one around with you and sip, sip, sip
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    Optifast is the recommended one - as it is completely balanced in terms of nutrients. And as long as the box was sealed, I would trust eBay. I have sold things like that before. Personally, I found Chemist Warehouse only had the chocolate and vanilla shakes - I got mine online, so I'd have a bigger choice. I just used an online chemist. And the berry bars are definitely better than the chocolate ones, although both are edible. The coffee shake was the nicest for me.
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    Becky your honesty is your best tool. Get the head and heart right first. Then the body will follow. You are NOT your mum and shouldnt expect to be. Go for some counselling It sill make a huge difference Best of luck.
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    Hi Bec I'm like u have been overweight my whole life was banded in August I use my son as motivation to love really I lost both my mother and father when they were 56 years old and I don't want to leave my son that soon other than that I just want to feel better in me and be the best possible person I can. This is hard work my typical day is 1 egg scrambled for breakfast super quick and easy in the microwave lunch is generally 1 or 2 vita wheats or ryvitas biscuits with some light Philly cheese and a small tin of any flavoured tuna tea is usually chicken or fish with salad or veg NO snacking at all these 3 small meals fill me easily and they are quick easy meals as I work very long stressful hours I change up the tuna for tin chicken or some deli meat or even a slice of cheese and Vegemite occasionally for tea I change the salads to keep it interesting I think being organised is the key gastric bypass is a huge op which your mum had but if you have no luck the sleeve may be a better option for you speak to your surgeon visit a dietician to get help with a meal plan and best of all good luck Hun u can do it if you really want to google is also amazing for recipe idea and this site
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    What do you eat in a typical day? If you are having too many calories you won't lose weight.
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    Hi Everyone, So after numerous requests I have finally created a link so you can donate to BandingTogether. As I hope you all know, this site has never been about money for me, and since April 2009 I have paid for it out of my own pocket (apart from a few donations I was lucky enough to receive on the old version of the site a couple of years ago). I have resisted putting any advertising on here, and honestly felt bad about putting any sort of Donate button on here because I really didn't need the money, and I was happy to support the site However it's time to admit that I do need a bit of help. Next year I have been lucky enough to be accepted into the Honours Research program as part of my course, but unfortunately that means for next year I will not receive my generous Federal Government scholarship. And having closed my design business down to concentrate on my medical studies, next year is going to be pretty tight for me (the first time I have ever had to get Centrelink!). So if you want to donate a couple of dollars towards the hosting costs and forum licence fees for the site (we get over 200,000 hits a month so they are substantial), I would very much appreciate it. But please, do not in any way feel that you have to ... this site always has been and always will be completely free and you will never again see any ads on here (at one stage we had a few ads on here a couple of years ago and I removed them because it just made me feel dirty!) If you do want to donate, please use the Paypal button on our new About Us page (yep, it only took me 3 years to make one!): http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/page/index.html Thanks, Dave
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    Hello, I'm beginning to plan our wedding, so I thought it might be nice to have a little space here for fellow bandit brides (and grooms) to chat about their weddings, get ideas and give advice. The process is exciting but already a little scary from a financial aspect. The venue we LOVE look like it has a minimum spend of $10k at the time of year we want (feb) so i dont think that will be an option for us. We'll still go and get a tour and I might see if they will let us use a different (like CHEAPER) caterer instead of the one i got pricing from. I hope they do because the venue will make for some amazing photos. Nobody wants to give me $20k so i can have my dream wedding do they?
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    Hi, I'm Jacqui, 45 years old. Ive been banded seven years, I had my op at The Avenue in Melbourne, through the Centre for Batiatric Surgery. Best decision I ever made, I lost 45 kg over three years and am now 68kg at 5ft 10. I've maintained my weight for four years. Life's been rough in the past few years.i was diagnosed with rectal cancer on my 43rd birthday, have been though a whirlwind go radiation, surgeries and chemo, including spending 9 months with an ileostomy. I endured a brutal early menopause, loads of depression, several bouts of anemia and am left with a pretty dysfunctional bowel too, but at least I'm here to tell the tale! I had to unfill my band for all this, god I was so scared to do that. But my weight actually plummeted to 59 kg skeletal for me. But oh, how I loved it, I really verged on anorexia for a whil,e there, did everything I could to stay that thin, including running 8kms a day in the summer heat a mere three weeks after a huge surgery. My body has recovered and my weight come back to a healthy level. My band is filled again, but it's just not the same as it was, I have less restriction. I have some really complex feelings about having regained weight and have realized just what obesity does to your self Esteem (ironic because to most people, I am tall and thin) - like diabetes or epilepsy or whatever, I really believe obesity is not a disease you recover from, it is one that you manage and the band is a great tool for that. But as I struggle to move on with my life post cancer and bring my feelings about my weight back into balance, I'm feeling the need to connect with other bandsters again. So..... Hello!
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    Hi Ally! This time last year I was basically in your shoes (sleeved 2nd Feb). My experience has been good so far. I recovered well, took it easy with the transition stages of liquids to puree's to softs etc. Now everything is rather normal. I do have to think a little bit about my serves as sometimes I load up my plate with a bit more than I need (I think this is an bit of an old habit). Needless to say I end up with a lot left over. Using smaller plates is a really good thing here. I physically cannot eat the huge amounts I used to and nor do I desire to. Once I hit the full feeling that i it for me. I am full! I often find myself marvelling (to myself of course) at how others around me can eat so much food in one sitting. The main thing is to enjoy and savour each mouthful of food you eat. This slows you down and helps you to adjust to smaller portions a bit more easily. The portions last a bit longer too so you are not the first one finished at the table. I think I have found the satisfaction of finally having control of the monster that was my inability t control my eating. I do on the very, very odd occaision look at some meals and think "gee that was sooo good I wish I could have a little more". But then after a few minutes I do find that I don't really want to have anymore. There is always the opportunity for utilising a small portion of leftovers for a small meal later or the next day, so all is not lost for leftovers!. I find that I seem to have a preference for healthier foods rather than heavy fatty or greasy foods. Fatty and greasy foods tend to sit heavily and make me feel gross. Salads and lighter foods go down better. I still enjoy the old favourites such as chocolate, but I am pleased to say that a small amount is enough to satisfy me for quite a while! Take each step as it comes and don't be too hard on yourself. You will get good support here if you need feedback.
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    I am sure we all feel like this at some stage or another. Is anything in particular bringing you down? Feel free to vent that is what we are here for.
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    We just told our family and friends Christmas day that we eloped Everything is cheaper during the week. It's all about supply and demand so that's why weekend weddings are so much more expensive for everything.. As most want a weekend wedding Having eloped on a Thursday we saved $150 off Celebrant, as so many are not booked The only person i couldn't talk down was the photographer but he did actually offer his car to take us to all the locations for our photos everything from accommodation, venue, hair makeup I saved on. I also talked down the price of our rings. My dress cost $130 and everyone was super shocked it only cost that Even though it was just us NO one we knew there it was an AMAZING day and i love looking back at my photos a month on and smile as we pulled off the best kept secret. Anyways good luck, i honestly couldn't handle planning a wedding day and am amazed by anyone who can.
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    I am also afraid that I will fail with the band and that it won't work for me. I know I eat when I am not hungry and I know I eat junk food because I love chocolate. Snacking is a real killer to any weight loss - band or no band. I know, I am a snacker and hence have weight problems. When I heal from surgery, I am considering joining weight watchers because the weekly weigh ins and chat with someone might help me. I also have a personal trainer, so even when I had a long day at the work I need to go see her or I waste my money. Sometimes, I cancel bc I can't be bothered but then it's an extra session next week and I am not keen on that either. Think of the positives, you have not gained more than you have lost. Tips - Drink only water. No soft drinks (even the diet variety) - If you must drink tea or coffee, make it water based with a tad of milk. - Buy unsalted nuts. Peanuts are yum but Brazil nuts, walnuts and almonds are better for you nutritionally. only eat a small handful (5-6 small nuts) as nuts are high calorie food - Drink water based hot chocolate to ease the craving for sweet or chocolate.
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    Im on but have enough friends and their crap to wade through now
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    No probs were in the same state and I agree every cent is precous and i would gladly help out a felloow bandit...actually I get joy helping anyone I can xxxx please dont be shy closer if you would like me to we can do a trial and if you likey we can sort it all out xx
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    I totally agree we all have different metabolisms and lose at different rates never ever compare your loss to anyone else if you gain more knowledge and eat wiser the kilos will follow at your pace xx
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    Hi guys just giving you an update, got discharged at 8pm same day so I'm home now in bed so tired but keep waking every half an hour. Got taken into holding area around 10am and waiting half an hour before I was taken in! Woke up in recovery and it was like I was in a dream people talking to me and I was replying but couldn't hear what I was saying back , they were asking about my pain ect , it was all blurry and hard to keep my eyes open, this was prob the worst feeling for me cause u can feel things going on but can't control yourself. That wore off gradually had a pain score of 5/10 so they gave me some morphine and that didn't improve that much so they also gave me se tramadol, I was in recovery for a fair while , I didn't get back to the ward till around 1.30 - 2.30 ish then when I was back they gave me some IV hydration and IV paracetamol. Pain hasn't been to bad since just feels like pressure in my stomach and around my rib cage area, think its the port site that hurts the most. Felt dizzy and nauseous getting up and walking so had two Ondansetron wafers one when I went to toilet and one when I got home after car ride. Because I don't have private health they said I was fine to leave after 6 if I wasn't in to much pain or to nauseous to save myself some money, aneathatist suggest it and preferred to be home in my own bed. They bought me clear fluids and protein drink , jelly, broth, resource drink. Was only able to get the little recovery protein drink down (about 100ml) and four spoons of broth, started feeling nauseous after that. So I'm home now and keep waking up every 30 mins maybe causes I couldn't keep my eyes open all day and now I wanna sleep through I can't lol. They also gave me soluable panadol tablets to take home, pariet for reflux (7 days worth), endone (strong pain relief), stemitil and Ondansetron wafers for nausea. I would recommend getting liquid panadol cause having to drink more than half a cup of fizzy salty panadol at home was a struggle and hospital didn't have liquid to buy. Umm that's it for me, have left my compression stockings on for the night because I haven't walked all that much . Oh forgot they put an arterial line in while I was under to monitor my blood pressure which was a little high when I went in but only from nerves cause when I got out it was about 114/60 my BP has always been fine. Also they removed one stick from one of my wounds not sure why Dr wanted it there , so I only have one dressing on and the rest are covered by this clear glue stuff that eventually washes off . By the way I was banded by Dr Watson at Saint John of god Murdoch. Goodluck to all you guys and thanks for your comments of support :-)) i look forward to seeing how you all go and giving you updates on how things are after banding :-) Elise aka nurse cutie xx
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    I took my son horseriding today. We had a great time. Can't wait to do more fun and adventurous stuff with my boy as I get thinner and healthier (and lighter for the horse!).
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    My dr told me sleevers loose weight faster in the first 6 months after surgery than bandits but at the end of 2 years the weight loss is exactly the same. And as Leanne said the total amount you loose depends on lots of factors and is very individual
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    Thanks guys I think I am just really scared about my upcoming surgery and all the negatives seem to be in my mind. I hope that everything goes well and these feelings dissipate. Thanks for all the comments, it is actually helping me feel a lot better.
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    Im under Julie Holland and another Julie Holland photography albany western australia, however I dont bring up weight loss surgery, most people Im friends with dont know
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    Just thought it was time to bump this for the New Year!
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    Just thought I would do an update. Oh, I am back in the beautiful land down under, home, Australia... after 9 months of being away and all, it feels oh so good to be back. Apart from the joy of being back, I am under 70kg. I was 68kg but gained 1 kg in a week after the freedom and indulgence and lack of exercise. LOL That was expected, as I have been on a mountain for 7 months with barely any good food choices and depravation galore. Hey, but I gotta get back to working out as that has been the main thing keeping me on track. Other than that, I had an arm lift (brachioplasty) done in Turkey 4 weeks ago. I do want to do a post solely on this so I will not go into too much detail here, but seriously, after coming out of surgery I thought, 'No way am I getting anything else done, ever!'. However, now, I am like, 'well, maybe...' It just hurt so much... Anyhow, some photos from the weekend for some inspiration... I must also add, I am very happy with my current appearance, the weight I am at... I am now a size 8! I would never have known... Wishing every one of you who are still at the beginning or somewhere half way to their goal even better success than I have had, and I cannot stress this enough: You will go through blood, sweat, and tears. If you want sustainable weight, reach your goal, you really have no other way. The band will help you with this. The first heap of weight is usually pretty easy to get off without any extra work, but the last few... you are gonna have to get a few workouts in there and try to eat healthy. All the best to you all in the New Year. xoxo G. P.S. Adding some pre-op photos again for comparison...
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    You are so beautiful Beth, in all your photos. Well done love.
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    I've been a bridesmaid 4 times- all very different experiences... 1st wedding- (best friend) family of the bride paid for everything. However they chose everything- down to the ugly canary yellow dress and matching gloves. 2nd wedding- (sister) I paid for everything, had to go with the flow in relation to choice of dress - was given jewellery as a thank you gift. 3rd wedding - (friend) I paid for almost everything- but had a say in everything. Wore shoes I already had. The bride paid for hair & makeup on the day. Given jewellery as a thank you gift. 4th wedding - (Sister) Wore a dress I already owned (ball gown) & chose everything that went with it. Paid for my own hair & make up. No gift!! What I've learned... It's ok to say NO to being a bridesmaid. Brides are NUTS! You can get away with cheep dresses- no one really cares what the bridesmaids have on :-) When I got married I didn't have an official bridesmaid- asked my sister to sign the marriage certificate at the end.... It was easier!!! .
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    I was banded by Blair 18 moths ago. I was 175 kgs now 103.6 kgs. Excellent surgeon and an extremmley nice person Les from Hervey Bay