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    Optifast is the recommended one - as it is completely balanced in terms of nutrients. And as long as the box was sealed, I would trust eBay. I have sold things like that before. Personally, I found Chemist Warehouse only had the chocolate and vanilla shakes - I got mine online, so I'd have a bigger choice. I just used an online chemist. And the berry bars are definitely better than the chocolate ones, although both are edible. The coffee shake was the nicest for me.
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    Becky your honesty is your best tool. Get the head and heart right first. Then the body will follow. You are NOT your mum and shouldnt expect to be. Go for some counselling It sill make a huge difference Best of luck.
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    Hi Bec I'm like u have been overweight my whole life was banded in August I use my son as motivation to love really I lost both my mother and father when they were 56 years old and I don't want to leave my son that soon other than that I just want to feel better in me and be the best possible person I can. This is hard work my typical day is 1 egg scrambled for breakfast super quick and easy in the microwave lunch is generally 1 or 2 vita wheats or ryvitas biscuits with some light Philly cheese and a small tin of any flavoured tuna tea is usually chicken or fish with salad or veg NO snacking at all these 3 small meals fill me easily and they are quick easy meals as I work very long stressful hours I change up the tuna for tin chicken or some deli meat or even a slice of cheese and Vegemite occasionally for tea I change the salads to keep it interesting I think being organised is the key gastric bypass is a huge op which your mum had but if you have no luck the sleeve may be a better option for you speak to your surgeon visit a dietician to get help with a meal plan and best of all good luck Hun u can do it if you really want to google is also amazing for recipe idea and this site
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    What do you eat in a typical day? If you are having too many calories you won't lose weight.
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    Hi Everyone, So after numerous requests I have finally created a link so you can donate to BandingTogether. As I hope you all know, this site has never been about money for me, and since April 2009 I have paid for it out of my own pocket (apart from a few donations I was lucky enough to receive on the old version of the site a couple of years ago). I have resisted putting any advertising on here, and honestly felt bad about putting any sort of Donate button on here because I really didn't need the money, and I was happy to support the site However it's time to admit that I do need a bit of help. Next year I have been lucky enough to be accepted into the Honours Research program as part of my course, but unfortunately that means for next year I will not receive my generous Federal Government scholarship. And having closed my design business down to concentrate on my medical studies, next year is going to be pretty tight for me (the first time I have ever had to get Centrelink!). So if you want to donate a couple of dollars towards the hosting costs and forum licence fees for the site (we get over 200,000 hits a month so they are substantial), I would very much appreciate it. But please, do not in any way feel that you have to ... this site always has been and always will be completely free and you will never again see any ads on here (at one stage we had a few ads on here a couple of years ago and I removed them because it just made me feel dirty!) If you do want to donate, please use the Paypal button on our new About Us page (yep, it only took me 3 years to make one!): http://www.bandingtogether.com.au/community/page/index.html Thanks, Dave
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    ... to explain the freedom of wearing a bikini at the beach and really not giving a fudge I mean, I'm probably not quite there yet, but I just don't care! And I honestly don't think much more can be done about the loose skin unless I have a tuck, so I'm just going to have to deal Pictures like these keep me focussed on the miracle of the past two years, and help fight the bad thoughts that try to overwhelm me sometimes (damn fibro/drugs/drug withdrawal grrrrrrr)
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    My name is Fran, I live in Esperance Western Australia and i am 20 years old, I have been obese for a very long time, but my weight just keeps increasing, I am on the waiting list to get lap banded, I didn't want it to come down to surgery, but i feel like it will really help me, Though i am a little nervous about giving up alot of the things i enjoy - (fizzy drink) I like to have a coke zero every now and then but i realize i wont be able to when i have the banding done. I am getting married in March 2013, I know i will not have banding done by then though. BUT I have an ulterior motive for getting banded, My partner and i have been trying for a baby for 4 years, I have PCOS and he has Teratospermia. Therefore it is almost impossible for us to fall pregnant naturally, But i really want to give us a better chance, Lately my weight has become a huge issue, i never used to be too bothered, but now i am. I cant walk without getting rashes between my legs from friction, Sex is frustrating because my breasts practically choke me! i never feel sexy and so my libido has dropped dramatically. I cant buy clothes because nothing fits, i cant buy bra's without getting custom made. All these things have been adding up and i'm tired of it. I really want to give this a good try.... =) I am Currently 149kg, I would like to get to 60kg, I think my main goal is to feel physically well enough to have energy to play with my animals =)
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    I am sure we all feel like this at some stage or another. Is anything in particular bringing you down? Feel free to vent that is what we are here for.
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    my fluid in take is really bad i bearly drink anything thing and if i do it is diet lite cordial i mainly drink at night time so its not real use then but i am just not and never have really been a person who always has a bottle of water or something, i guess that need to change i have just had my first bottle of water in god knows how long, i just found out that we are getting our dog back off my mums soon to be ex husband so that will help and i miss her heaps so will start getting my but in to gear tomorrow! so the show beings tomorrow i am going back to my surgeon on the 17th of jan so will defiantly getting more fill time to start a fresh and as some one said in a comment it is my journey and it is about to being
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    Chemist warehouse were having a sale last week so I stocked up then. It was 2 boxes for $50 for optislim and I think $35/$40 for optifast. Optifast is recommended by most surgeons. I find optifast tastes slightly better than optislim.
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    Thanks for the great advice ladies. I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone and will give it another go.
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    Why not try an ap like my fitness pal. I find it really helpful to record what I eat each day and the calories so I don't have a blowout without realizing. You can also record exercise as well. An example of my daily menu is : Breakfast : Home made fresh juice with protein powder or an egg or 40 grams of digestive first cereal Lunch : dinner leftovers, ryvita with cream cheese and salad Dinner : protein with low carb veg or salad Snacks : celery with peanut butter or a mini protein bar - which also helps with chocolate cravings I do eat junk, I had pizza today, but it fis into my daily calorie allowance because I track it.
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    I took my son horseriding today. We had a great time. Can't wait to do more fun and adventurous stuff with my boy as I get thinner and healthier (and lighter for the horse!).
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    You look so much healthier and what a stunner I weighed in at 124kg yesterday when I got banded so I have a similar amount to lose - seeing your progress is inspirational! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks guys, well done to u as well Miss Serah, good luck with ur journey
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    My dr told me sleevers loose weight faster in the first 6 months after surgery than bandits but at the end of 2 years the weight loss is exactly the same. And as Leanne said the total amount you loose depends on lots of factors and is very individual
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    Leanne, I'm the opposite - the heat completely destroys my desire to eat. I just want to drink ice cold drinks (LIKE DIET COKE) and suck down iceypoles. I managed to dodge the Diet Coke again, my 4th day without it, but I did let myself have a sugar free slurpee from 7/11, delicious and refreshing!
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    You and your parents must be so proud you have done GREAT congratulations and I am sure your 2013 will be a fabulous year...WELL DONE.. Marion
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    Im under Julie Holland and another Julie Holland photography albany western australia, however I dont bring up weight loss surgery, most people Im friends with dont know
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    And I should add... Blocked them. They're now on a need-to-know basis. Very long story- short summary is they divulged very personal medical information to the entire extended family (most of whom I am yet to meet) in a Christmas email.
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    Just thought it was time to bump this for the New Year!
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    You are so beautiful Beth, in all your photos. Well done love.
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    Hi guys, Just to be clear, the site will always be free. I understand what you are saying about subscriptions etc but I simply could not charge someone for access to help and support ... All that means I am doing is turning all of you into a product I can sell (in my opinion). It's different for something like fishing or another hobby, to me this site is about helping people trying to make one of the hardest decisions of their life, so ethically and morally I could never live with myself if I charged for that. If people choose to donate, it is most welcome, but it should never be a condition of acceptance into this community Dave
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    Part 3 & 4 are below: http://www.youtube.c...feature=related http://www.youtube.c...feature=related