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    How great it would be if heaps of people came out of the woodwork, drove from across town, hopped on a plane and flew from interstate, or just put their hand up to join in and share with us this massive celebration! It's about reclaiming and celebrating life - Sara's, Kazbo's, Lisa's, Erin's, Sue's, Sally's, Nicki's, Dee's, Liz's, mine - and of course yours! The day can be whatever we want it to be and whenever and wherever we want it to be! Looking forward to hearing from and finally meeting some of the people who have supported one another so vigorously, so passionately and with such compassion during our time on this forum. Kate. P.S. I can accommodate any number of people on couches and chairs in my school. It's brand new and very flash. Not The Langham admittedly, but it's free!
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    Is there a clue in your comment "can't shove it in fast"???? I was concerned when I got banded that there was not enough "due dilligence" in that I was: a. mentally ready for the band. b. REALLY understood what I was getting in to and the lifestyle changes that would be required. I was lucky that all worked out well but I can see how people can get banded who really shouldn't be, or wouldn't be if the due dilligence was performed. It may be you want the benifits of the band (lost weight) but are not ready to make the sacrifices and lifestyle changes the band demands. If that's the way it is, that's cool. You just need to find a way that works for you or start to accept where you are in this.
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    I had a lengthy conversation with my 14 year daughter tonight. She is excited about my banding and I can sense her relief that I have taken such drastic steps to change my life for the better. We spoke of our whole extended family and the eating and cooking habits we were exposed to growing up. It was wonderful! My grandma and Mum and all my aunties - all such wonderful cooks and taught all of us girls to be the same. Always large servings and second helpings. Everything with white sauce and gravy and butter and sour cream. Happy family gathering together breaking bread, laughter and making an abundance of happy memories! We spoke of all of my cousins and sisters who have struggled with their weight throughout life. We spoke of passing habits down to our children. I told my daughter, we reap what we sow - the habits we inherit are more often than not passed on to our own children. Not to intentionally harm them or make their lives harder. But we must recognize the bad habits and break them. I hope that it is not too late for me to break the bad habits I see that I have already instilled in my children with their eating. I see my son going through the same struggles I went through at his age and I am so angry at myself for letting it go on this long. I am responsible for his weight problem. I have to be responsible for breaking the chain right now. Otherwise, When he is my age, he will be in the same boat that I am right now. I have to break this chain.
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    Hello All you Fabulous Peeps! I had my first fill this morning and am burping like a trooper! Had hiccups galore and am sipping veeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly on optifast! I am 3 weeks post opp and have had 4ml put in. What are everyone's experiences? I want the good, the bad and the ugly! What is weight loss like after a fill? is it quick? Slow? Does it depend?? I have gone up and down since surgery but I am told this is normal? Looking forward to hearing from all you Beautiful Bandits!!
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    I see enough fat people crying in the mirror when I shave in the morning......"I don't wanna go to work".....lol
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    There is always cake, choclate, fFrench cheese and champagne - but more importantly there's free accomodation for anyone who lives too far away to travel home that night or who doesn't want to pay for a hotel. K. P.S. I can also use my school buses (with a non drinking staff member asdesignated driver) to pick up and drop off.
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    Easy - no problems for me. Also goes great in so many salads. Really getting into the qunoia (???) too at the moment. Have been making quinoa salad - cook the quinoa in chicken stock, diced onion and whack of garlic, when that's cool add, baby spinach, chopped cucumber, lemon juice, sliced spring onions. coriander and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds! OMG it's so good. Could easily do the same thing with cous cous - would be a bit quicker then the quinoa
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    Hi Nessa64, I can relate to your story. I got so fed up with not being able to eat about a year after surgery that I got most of my fluid taken out of my band as I felt like the only thing I could eat was junk. Getting the fluid taken out allowed me to pretty much eat "normally" again, although it also allowed me weight to climb back up to my pre-surgery weight. There are no easy answers for managing depression. I've done medication for years which I don't think helped me at all and I had severe withdrawals when coming off. I did therapy for 3 years which did help me quite a bit. I do cardio almost every day as "my treatment" which has a better effect on me than anything else I've tried. Even if I'm crying in the car in the gym car park, I still force myself to go inside and do my cardio as I know this will help me more than anything else. I've recently started to cut out sugars and am slowly increasing my protein as I've been reading that this helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and improve your emotional well being. I also listen to hypnosis almost every night when going off to sleep. This was also something I didn't believe in, but if you want to get better than you have to give things ago as you have nothing to loose. I use hypnosis mp3s by Rick Collingwood from mindmotivations dot com which have subliminal messages in them (I have no financial interest). In the past 4 months I've had my band refilled a few times which has helped at reducing how much I can consume and my overall appetite. But it very hard to deal with life when you're in a major depression and now your only coping mechanism (food) is being taken away. It's also hard to make rational decisions when you're suffering for depression. I would recommend seeing a therapist. I was dead against this originally and I didn't believe in talk therapy, but I came around slowly and found it helpful in the long-run. At worst, it can't do any more harm than where you already are. I am a big believer in exercise and push myself to do cardio almost every day. I know if I stop working out that I can crash into a major depression within 4 to 6 weeks and this is not a risk that I'm willing to take. Perhaps it is not your time to loose weight if you have serious depression as it is extremely difficult to have to deal with both of these problems at the same time. Don't worry about what your lapband Dr says. If you want fill taken out of your band then go a get some taken out. I wish you the best.
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    During the year prior to getting my banding (banding in two weeks) I have considered to do type of documentry on this whole process from start to finish. So last week I went out and purchased an action camera (GoPro HD Hero 3) so I can do my documentary. Why a documentary? I don't know, I just have felt for a long time that there is a lot of unknown about this whole process. It won't be a documentary as such as a snapshot of me losing weight during this process. The emotions of it all and ecspecially for me the mental victories as I'll be doing a lot of gym work when I'm physically able to. What do you believe are the biggest moments pre-op and post-op that people should know more about? And in general what are the most important things people should see?
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    hi Evil Evie, We are having our Ops on the same day. I am very nervous also, its quite a big operation to go through, and the decision is a lifetime one. There is no going back afterwards. But its our lifestyle change and our happier and healthier future that we are doing it all for. Start thinking like a thin person, start thinking about all those fantastic new clothes you can get for summer. Start thinking about being able to walk around and do the things you have always wanted to do but couldnt because of your weight. We will live longer, eat better, feel better and look fabulous. Keep all the positives in mind at all times, keep reminding yourself of all the good you are doing yourself because of this. The negatives are only short term afterwards and then once the Op has heeled there will be no holding you back to the new you emerging! Please IM me anytime if you want to talk.
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    Hi Seth, Wow that makes me jump for joy, its going to be a painful few weeks after the Op I can imagine, but wow 10kgs in three weeks! Thats a whole dress size!
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    It's to shrink your liver so it's easier to mover when their doing the op. I have to do the optifast for 3 weeks and I'm 100kg so I don't necessarily think its for larger people I think it's the professors choice. 1 more week left for me !!! And the optifast does get easier as the days go by
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    I forgot to mention a fantastic moment I had today. I have a good friend at work who knows about my band but I've only known about 12 months. He has been very supportive along the way and has only seen the most recent changes. He told me that yesterday he was in a meeting in his office when I rang to speak to him. Once we had hung up, the other guy he was with made a comment about 'how thin is she looking' and while 'thin' is certainly stretching the truth, I love the sentiment! They had a very small conversation about how much I had changed since a couple of years ago and how well things were going.... how nice of him to tell me too!! He knew I'd get a kick out of it! Like ele13 I'm wearing skirts every day to work and have stacks of energy. Had a minor surgery and fit in the gown/bed/slippers etc. I now wear my size 16 skinny jeans on a regular basis (not larger sizes but very generous for a size 16!.. but shhh!) I'm swimming regularly and riding my bike. Loving life! Went out last week in my stilettos and jeans and felt a million bucks.. I also hit double digits in my weight for the first time since I was about 12.. that's only 28 years!!! Have I told you how much I luv my band?!😄😄
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    yeh my weight loss slow too but have foot injury so haven`t done any exercise which would help..still have a some naughty foods maybe thats why it`s slow..have to get stuck into being good and more exercise..
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    jess, Fill us in on some of the Islamic wedding stuff. I d like to learn more about the traditions
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    usually yes...check with your clinic next time you are there about what to do in an emergency
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    Hi all! I was banded yesterday at The Avenue by Peter Nottle. So far so good. No shoulder tip pain and little pain at all. Feels like more of a stitch under my rib cage from too much exercise lol. So more of an annoying sensation rather than pain. I loved The Avenue. The nurses were amazing, especially the super friendly Irish chick there. To be honest, I wish I were still in there! Not noisy at all very comfortable and nice and cool. I'm now dying in the heat at home with no air con..think it's going to be a 36 degree day in Melbourne today. Cheers Carla
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    Just thought i'd share something that I hadn't thought about for a while and this post reminded me. Sorry that it's off topic. Before I got my band I was on 225g Effexor for years (before that 200mg Zoloft) and today i'm on nothing. :-D I attribute that mostly to the weight i've lost and having more self confidence. WLS for me was a life saver!
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    dear me!! goodluck julesy with whatever you and the doctor decide!!
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    Hi Everyone, This is my first post on here. I have been a member for a while and had my Pre-Op appointment today with Dr Nicole Andrews from Rockhampton QLD. I am 41 years old and have been overweight my whole life. The lightest weight I have been as an adult was 93kg and at my heaviest (just after giving birth to my son) I weighed in at 143kg. I have been up and down like a yo-yo my entire life and have tried every diet known to man. I have been hovering between110 and 120kg for years. This year, I decided it was time to get serious. I needed way more help than any diet could ever give me. I am hoping to be booked into the second week of April. I find out tomorrow my op date so I will check in with you tomorrow night and let you know if I will be an April Bandit with you all. I can't wait! Thanks everyone for sharing. It really helps Roz
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    hi Hanabanana, I am having my Op on April 8, Im having the gastric sleeve done at Norwest Private in Sydney. I see my Dr again on March 25, then its nail biting time till April 8. I am as nervous as anything but I am trying to be a brave little vegemite and keep myself as occupied as I can and try not to think about it. Good luck with yours, let us know how you are getting on.
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    If I didn't have other bandits to talk to at the time I would have felt like a big fat failure. Are you able to chat to your dietician in the meantime to get some ideas? I know it's pretty obvious what we should and shouldn't eat, but meaybe they can offer specific post-op, pre-fill advice
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    lol...I love that fresh (crap) white bread...mmm delicious but so soft and doughy and tends to get stuck. So I too normally buy a good bread. I can pretty much eat anything I want. It all depends how tight your band is. I will have a slice of pizza and salad for dinner and I'm not hungry afterwards. Before the band I could have easily eaten an entire pizza myself and then had dessert. But if your original question is asking "will i feel full after eating 2 tim tams?" then I would say probably not. Chocolate, ice-cream, biscuits, cakes and most sweet junk food in general I find to be slidders and I can still eat large quantities with no problem. So for me, there can be no packet of chocolate biscuits in my house, because I'll devour the entire packet within 5 mins (if they ever made it from the car into the house in the first place).
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    For those wondering about PHI and if they are covered for further surgery Tummy Tuck Item#30177 (rebate approx $930) Bodylift Item#30168 (rebate approx $1145)