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    The adipose fat around major organs are silent. Until it is too late..... The band enforces mindful eating. If it occupies an unreasonable amount of your headspace perhaps you need to unload more in a safe environment ( like here ). Lots of people have new hips/ knees/ pace makers to support their life. Some have poisons like chemo injected into their blood streams. Don't ever dismiss obesity as a life threatening disease that you are treating with the best medical research available at this time. Be proud. You are no more false than a desperate mother using IVF to achieve her goals. We are lucky to have these medical advances available to us. Rejoice. Follow the rules. Keep appointments. Ask questions. Trust in the process. All the best.
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    Today I measured my waist and its down to 100cm which is a 25cm loss. Yesterday I wore a size 16 top and pants that I got from the boutique across the road and this morning I had a try-on of a pair of size 14 pants that I bought without trying them on. They went on but were a bit too snug - but hey, I started out with all Size 24's in January so I am really happy.
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    I'm only half way to my goal weight and I am losing it very very very slowly. But that's cool. The best part of being banded (for me) is getting through occasions that always put weight on in the past with no weight gain. eg Christmas - put on 1 kg but lost it really quickly afterwards - most years I would have put on 5kg. Holidays - went on a 2 week holiday and actually came home 0.5kg lighter. In the past I have put on up to 6kg when on holidays. I can go weeks and weeks and lose no weight but my average since going on solid food post band is around 300g per week. I don't follow hard and fast rules, have a drink when I feel like it, exercise when I feel like it and try to live a normal "unobsessed" lifestyle. On a side note, a bloke in the office had just added a heart rate monitor app to his phone and we were all trying it out. Of the 6 or so peaople involved (some <30 and fit) I had the second lowest RHR of 57 BPM. It shocked most and I enjoyed it. It's things like that this that make this experience so awesome.
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    What can I say ...I totally agree with Everything that caught between said And all the best
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    I still want to lose another 6kgs so that I weigh less than the total amount of weight that I've lost, but I thought I may as well share my before and after pics after and very long process to lose 65kgs. 140kgs in November 2007 at my heaviest weight in a size 26 BMI 48.4 (morbidly obese). If I was only 5kgs heavier my BMI would have reached 50 pushing me into the super morbidly obese category. 123kgs in July 2010 feeling pretty good after losing 17kgs and in a size 22 BMI 42.6 (morbidly obese) 103kgs in February 2012 climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge after losing 36kgs and in a size 20 top, size 18 bottom BMI 35.6 (obese class 2) 92kgs in December 2013 in a club after losing 47kgs and in a plus size 18 top, plus size 16 bottom BMI 31.8 (obese class 1) 75kgs in April 2013 after losing 65kgs and in normal size 12 skirt and normal size 14 top (I'm 5'7 or 1.7m) My BMI 25.7 so still technically overweight but only just. Update: 23-May-13 I just hit the magical number of 72.2kgs this morning which means I am no longer technically overweight (BMI = 24.9 healthy weight range). Whoo hoo!!! Of course I immediately updated my profile to be in the 100% weight loss club. Update: 18-Aug-13 This morning I weighed in at 69.4kgs which means that I am now literally (less than) half the person I once was. For the past few months my weight has been relatively stable. A few weeks ago I started getting serious about losing as much weight before my body lift and breast lift surgery scheduled for 29-Oct-13. Update: 26-Oct-13 Photos pre-reconstructive plastic surgery. 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Update: 24-Nov-13 Photos 26 days after body lift and breast lift with implants. 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Size 10 bottom, Size 12 top (Bras 14DD) Surgery on 29th October 2013 by Assoc Prof Mark Gianoutsos in Sydney. I am extremely happy with my surgeon's results. He is amazing! Oh and this is me just after the shower with no makeup. The before and after body lift photos are frames from videos which is why I sometimes have a strange expression on my face as I may have been talking/moving at the time. Update: 04-Jan-14 Photos pre- and post arm lift (scar in posterior position) and inner thigh lift (groin incision only - no vertical scar). 68kg BMI 23.5 (170cm/5'7) Size 10 bottom, Size 12 top (Bras 14DD) Surgery on 10th December 2013 by Assoc Prof Mark Gianoutsos in Sydney. Refer to thread for my comments about the reconstructive plastic surgeries. Update: 15-May-14 Photo update approx 6 months post surgery for arm lift and body lift. 69kgs. Update: 1-June-15 Photo update approx 19 months post surgery for body lift. 75kgs. Plastic Surgery Details - Body Lift and Breast Lift with Implants Body Lift $14,100 (Medicare Item numbers: 30177 Lipectomy radical abdominoplasty (pitanguy type or similar), 30171 lipectomy wedge excision of skin and fat) Breast Reduction (aka lift) with Silicone Implants $8,750 (Medicare Item numbers: 45520 x 2 Reduction mammaplasty (unilateral) with surgical repositioning) (Implants 275cc silicone round moderate profile) Costs exclude compression garments ($350) and hospital costs. Additional cost of implants approx $2,300 paid by Private Health Insurance (I think they may have been paid by PHI as they are considered "surgically implanted prostheses" under the Federal Government's Prostheses Schedule) Medicare and PHI Rebates for combined surgery was $2,712 (note Medicare pays less when procedures are combined in one surgery) Note surgery costs are paid 2 weeks prior to the surgery date. Receipts are issued after the surgery date. Medicare pays on the final receipts so this is refunded after all costs were paid upfront. I have zero excess PHI so incurred no hospital charges. PHI should always cover hospital costs and Medicare will pay rebates if the surgery has a medicare item number. Plastic surgery following massive weight loss is reconstructive surgery and is not considered to be "cosmetic surgery" (which is excluded from all PHIs). Surgeon Associate Professor Mark Gianoutsos at Prince of Wales Private Hospital (Randwick / Sydney) Surgery Date: 29th October 2013 Plastic Surgery Details - Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) and Inner (Medial) Thigh Lift Brachioplasty and Inner Thigh Lift $11,400 (Medicare Item numbers: 30171 lipectomy wedge excision of skin and fat) Costs exclude compression garments ($178) and hospital costs. Note originally I was quoted $7,750 for the brachioplasty and a further $7,850 for the inner thigh lift but received an unexpected discount for my second surgery which combined the two procedures. Medicare and PHI Rebates for combined surgery was $1877 Surgeon Associate Professor Mark Gianoutsos at Prince of Wales Private Hospital (Randwick / Sydney) Surgery Date: 10th December 2013
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    Hey girls (guys too ), I previously posted this on the “Sleeve Central†but didn’t get a huge response so thought I’d stick it up here too. I would really love to hear from any "Sleevers" (or “Bandersâ€) out there who started their journey anywhere above 160kg.... I was terrified/shocked/appauled/sickend/outraged/perplexed and generally felt like WWWTTTTFFFF to find that after the Christmas holiday period I weighed in at a whopping 186kg!!! ( OMG right!?!?). I had avoided scales for about 18mths and last time I check I had weighed in around 148kg! Where the hell had the extra 38kg come from!!!! Must have been all those salads NOT!!! Anyhoo, I finally stopped resisting my GP's advice of the last 3 years, and made an appointment at the OClinic. When I got in on 2nd April, I discovered to my amazement that a few little changes I'd made had resulted in an almost 10kg loss..... YIPPEEE, but unfortunately as i was SOOO FAT you couldn't even tell Anyhoo, after my consult with the fabulous Dr Taylor, I'm now on my way.... Did the Pre-Op Optifast for 4wks (detoxed HARD, yuck! ) and had the Sleeve done at the Mater on 8th May2013. All went well with the surgery but had a bit of a post-op hiccup.... dislocated my knee day 2!! Just what I needed right!!! I was in my sexy ventilated hospital gown and was worried about putting my bare but on their fancy chairs and wiggled the wrong way whilst attempting to sit down.... POP went the knee, YEEEOOOOOWWW went me!!! They kept me in hospital a couple of extra days & set me up with a physio which was really great! Anyhoo, I have found these forums to be an excellent source of info and encouragement, and would really love to hear of any other "RBM's" experiences...... I would just like to touch base with others who have embarked upon this new life journey from such a daunting starting point! Looking forward to hearing from you and don't spare any gory details! Ricki
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    Hi to everyone its been a very interesting year i started out at 155.9 over 12 mths ago .. here is some of my journey the Cats ears are today at 105.0 kgs loving the world !!!
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    It's.surgery day. Part of me is,still scared and part of me is ready There is still that diet demon there telling me that I should stop being Stupid and try another diet. But deep down inside I know that I'm doing the right thing. Admission is at 9 . 9 lol not much time left to run away. A million things are running through my head. Seize the day is what they say . After so many years overweight I will be waving goodbye to the fat girl and hello to the healthy woman I know that I can become. Today I need to be my own cheerleader.
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    We all go through the 'foreign object' phase. Hell I freak out every time I go through one of those detectors at the airport... Have flown several times since banded and I still get the little knot of angst when I have to walk through them. Best was having to have an MRI and imagining the thing flying out due to the magnetic forces, luckily it is plastic (well so the technician that took the MRI told me) and wouldn't be affected. Still bloody scary lying on the bed while the machine starts up... It took every ounce of my resolve to lie there and wait and see... Definitely go for a bit of unfill, if it is to tight you have more chances of it slipping/eroding etc, so it is not a good state to be in. Hope it comes right soon.
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    I can't help with your way of thinking about the foreign object being in your body, but due to your other symptoms, I think you're too tight and should probably get a little taken out? Did you really need that .3 top up, hon? The pain in your chest, radiating to your back suggests that it's tight or something is stuck. And BTW, I had a slip and a pouch formation but I experienced no pain - just occasional reflux at night. Have it checked out and maybe see a psych for your thoughts? x o
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    I walked into nearly every shop in Cape Town on my recent trip and tried on (and bought) all manner of clothes. Enjoying shopping again is still something wonderful (but not for the wallet).
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    Yes. I went through a stage where I didn't want my husband to touch me because I was freaking out about the port and what might happen if things got too rumpy bumpy in the bedroom (sorry. tmi, i know..) I also went through the complete freak out about having a foreign object in my body for a while. I think it's normal. Nowadays I don't worry so much. Although I do miss being able to lay flat on my stomach on the ground. Can't do that anymore, my port hurts when I do. From my experience though, you have an overfill. I had the same experience the fill before last. Ended up going back and getting it taken down. Now I only have fills of 0.1ml at a time, which drives me bananas, but better safe than sorry!! I can't handle not being able to drink water before noon. I'm a crabby so and so without my litre of water and morning coffee!!
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    Totally! If I let myself actually think about the physical band I freak out! The thought of a foreign object in my body gives me the jeebees!!! I know exactly where ur coming from
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    Yep, too tight. I get anxious too, even seven and a half years out! This little bit of metal and silicon has made such an enormous difference to my life! Any twinge and i worry.
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    well i took my monthly photo today in the same outfit as my 'before' photo which was taken before i started optifast. i put them side by side and my mum went nuts lol. she was so happy for me and so proud of my progress. I keep my before photo somewhere easy for me to pull out so i can see what i have come from, so if i feel i am losing focus i can remind myself.
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    When I called my health insurance to discuss lap band surgery she asked me if it was a pre existing condition, I couldn't help myself I said "no, I just woke up this morning and was really fat!" The poor girl didn't know what to say Hahahaha. Sorry, that wasn't helpful at all I know lol
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    I have been toying with the idea of getting a little tattoo of an apple core. I am 'apple-shaped' according to the obesity comparisons, but by the time I am down to my goal weight I will look more like an apple core. It might be nice to see a little reminder each day that I will always be an 'apple' but can choose to be the core - me - without all the extra padding, if I stay focused on a healthy lifestyle. I used to look 8 months pregnant, all the way around. At the moment I look like someone has been nibbling at the apple, especially if I suck my gut in.
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    Hi Guys and welcome. I became a Bandit in June last year and it is the best thing I have done. Good luck on your journey.
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    I'm only half way there and already I wonder who the hell that fat woman was !My closest friend walked right past me at our regular coffee shop this morning - its moments like that, keep me plugging away at it.
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    Im 30kg down since November. One thing I am learning is dont be afraid to plateau. I used to panic and think i was doing something wrong, but sometimes the body just needs a little break. The weight will start to drop again eventually and whilst it can be hard to keep the faith during these times, try not to be discouraged! Keep eating well and exercising anyway. Switch from weighing to measuring inches/centimeters. You might find you are still losing inches and it will be enough to keep your head in the game.
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    I would have to say, and I am not at goal or finished my weightloss just yet, another 19 kilos to go. BUT Acountability for me was the key, not to anyone else but myself. And not restricting myself too much. I try to think that I am trying to start again, as in normal people have cake at a birthday or drinks from time to time, then so can I. Moderation for me has been key, allowing myself something then understanding when to stop and when I should and shouldnt eat something. Its hard, but being accountable for your food, and exercise is crucial...well for me it has been. And making it a life style change not just another "fad diet" its a new way to live now.
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    I'd count myself as sucessful, even though I still slip up, and am still working towards my ultimate goal. My tips.... 1. Love this wonderful, clever, expensive tool you have inside you, don't resent it or fight it! 2. Eat the protein part of your meal first, and eat more protein than carbs. Protein makes me feel fuller for longer. 3. Eat something that you know is going to make you feel full before going into the 'den of temptation' (a.k.a after work function, child's birthday party, grandma who likes to feed you 's house, kids choice takeaway restaurant). For me its a piece of bread. Also works when you are having a little meltdown binge on slider foods like chocolate and biscuits, eat some bread, or scrambled eggs, then I'm so full that chocolate has lost its evil grip on me. 4. Tell everyone about your weight loss tool. Most people want to be supportive (though I've come across some doubters). I find telling people I have a band helps in many ways. It makes me feel good to answer their questions, It stops people offering you food / makes it easier to say no to the things that are harder to resist, and it encourages other people to begin their own journeys. Good luck where ever you are on your weight loss journey!
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    I am not one damn bit ashamed-I scream it from the rooftops-for once in my life I am taking control of my weight issues and there is no negative nelly comment holding me back-if any of my friends have any negative commets they sure don;t share them with me and I think if they did I'd kick them to the curb-I don't need negative people in my new life-I find that the most people are just curious and very supportive No way am I hiding the new me and my friends are smiling and laughing with me and I am ashamed of nothing
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    Just thought i'd share something that I hadn't thought about for a while and this post reminded me. Sorry that it's off topic. Before I got my band I was on 225g Effexor for years (before that 200mg Zoloft) and today i'm on nothing. :-D I attribute that mostly to the weight i've lost and having more self confidence. WLS for me was a life saver!
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    8 weeks down and 16 kilos lost since operation day