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    So I have updated my percentage of weight loss to 100%. Thanks to missy belle for giving me permission when I still have almost a kilo to go lol. I was banded in April 2012 weighing 107 kg and 167 cm tall. My surgeon considered me a 'lightweight' for banding, but eligible non the less. Whereas I felt fat, depressed, unfit and out of control of this one very important aspect of my life. It overshadowed everything. I told him I would be happy to get to 85 kg. The surgery went well and I lost the first 10 kg fairly quickly, then stalled. As I am in the country and need to travel four hours round trip for appointments we kept fills small and slow. Even though I agreed with this, I became disappointed with my slow rate of weight loss. Then the magic happens and you find yourself in the green zone! This for me meant I was able to eat most things in small amounts and was not hungry for a few hours. It resulted in weight loss averaging 2-2.5 kg a month. I am no different to others who battle head hunger though and to this day red wine and potato chips are my downfall. I reached 77.5-78 kg around October last year and have maintained that approximate weight ever since with fluctuations. I am calling it done. I surpassed my first goal and reached my second goal. I look normal and wear size 14 clothes. I am still in the overweight category according to my BMI, but I am happy here. So long story short, this is what it means to reach goal for me..... I like what I see in the mirror. I feel a joy in every day when I get up. I am excited about choosing my clothes for the day, or receiving a special invitation that requires dressing up. I look after my body with moisturising cream, treatments and make up. I can cross my legs, paint my toenails and do up shoes. I have an aura of confidence that matches my esteem instead of faking it. I am approaching 50 years of age and feel sexy. I have more stamina when dealing with work, five kids and a dairy farming husband. Can I say again that I feel joy? Such a big thing in life. So, my advice to others. Don't get hung up on numbers. It doesn't matter if it takes longer, this is for life. Never compare your results with others. When you are happy and healthy, you have made it regardless of the scale and BMI. If you truly trust your surgeon and his team, listen to them. As a nurse I had to let go of a lot of long held beliefs and weight loss dogma. All the best to you all, I wish you well.
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    On the 30th November i married the love of my life. While i was not at my goal, i felt beautiful and proud of me. Between both of us we have lost 70kg's!! Here are a few of my favourites x x
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    thank you everyone for your support over the last 2 years...I am proud at how far i have come and love the new life I now have. A proud gym junkie and food no longer rules even on the bad days..!
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    Op date 26/12/2012. SW 128kg. CW 74kg. GW 68kg. Clothed pics: Left - 2 weeks pre op. Right - last week.
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    Bumped into an ex last night who didn't like my curves when we were together. Decided he didn't want to pursue a relationship with me etc etc. I was looking pretty good last night black dress, red trench coat over the top heels and stockings... His chin hitting the floor as I walked past him was the highlight of my day
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    I struggle to feel a difference or even see one in photos and I have lots of trouble trusting the scale but I have to keep reminding myself that 1) no scale can be off by THAT much and 2) I will probably have to battle with my self image for a while, maybe even forever.
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    Older photo I know. This is from Bridge to Brisbane walk a year apart. Some More before and Afters ....
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    Sorry in advance for the TMI* I've been in compression gear for about 2 weeks now, and hubby and I were getting into bed (wink wink) and he finally saw me completely naked (post op....not ever). And the look he gave me, THAT was worth the blood, sweat, tears and tantrums. I've always wanted to feel sexy in the buff.
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    Hi All, Sorry for the downtime today, I have moved the site to a new, faster (although a bit more expensive) server which will hopefully help with making sure you all have fast access to the site. The new server also has better protection of your private information etc so we are less likely to get hacked. Also the new spam guard is working a treat. If you notice any new spam, please let us know (use the Report link) but it seems to have reduced it considerably, and blocked 81 spammers so far in less than 24 hours (woohoo!). Enjoy the new improved site Dave
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    I initially ran (cardio win?) from the idea of y'all seeing me but you're all so damn inspiring. And yes, I need new underwear. Shut up. Maybe this also will encourage some other male sleevers? No pressure. *stares unwaveringly* None at all. *unblinking* Started Opti 30.04.14 : 154kgs Finished Opti 14.05.14 : 139kgs Surgery Date 15.05.14 Today 28.06.14: 114kgs The best benefits have been being able to walk for more that ten minutes without very painful shin splints (disappeared completely) and having type 2 diabetes all but go into remission. For any other type 2s interested I was diagnosed in 2007 and put on insulin in 2009 - over the past two years I'd needed to increase dosage units until they had tripled from my original requirements. Pre-opti Diet: Basal dose was 70 units Lantus Meal doses were 30- 40 units. 2000mg of Metformin XR nightly My Hba1c was 9 in November 2013. Three days into Optifast we took me off fast acting insulin altogether and took Lantus dose down to 20 units. The day before surgery I was asked to stop insulin altogether. Post surgery they had to halve the Metformin dose. Close to six weeks after the op, I've not needed insulin and as of Wednesday they took me off Metformin altogether. My Hba1c as of 25.06.14 is 4.1
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    Hi all, just letting everyone know that Kazbo has come through her sleeve op all well and good, she'll post herself once she's home and able to get on the forum again
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    oohhh, I had 1 or 2 resto incidents like that, not fun
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    This morning I was trying to do the 'put both legs in one leg of your biggest trousers' moment. After nearly falling over, then unable to get out of them again, I've concluded I am not yet skinny enough for this (or I should have saved a pair of track pants which are stretchy instead of linen pants). So I'm sharing this funny moment with you all!
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    Last weekend a very good friend and I were discussing the fact it has been 2 years since my surgery, and while we were discussing the change in my appearance, they made a really interesting comment. 'I love seeing you like this... Just in the last few months, it's like you've taken down a wall... You are glowing.' It's true... But I'd not really stopped to think about it before. Even though I'd lost a lot of weight, it was only a couple of months ago that something within me fundamentally changed. I think most people when overweight construct a wall around themselves as a protective measure. Not letting people get close, struggling a bit to see why anyone would even want to get close. It lets us pretend that people are not looking at us, or at least try to ignore the hurt when they do. It protects us from seeing all those clothes stores in normal sizes, and flimsy chairs, and narrow walkways, the seat belts and airline/bus/train seats. The timing of this demolition work on my wall coincides with a new exercise regime. Since I started this I've kick started my weight loss again and am nearly to goal, but more importantly, am feeling super strong and fit. My waist has appeared, out of nowhere, and as I sit here in my size 14 jeans.. There's not a muffin top in sight. I have muscle definition in my legs, and the skin on my upper arms is not as flappy as it was... Basically, I feel fantastic, and I look at my body proud of what it is - even with its battle scars... I wish they were not there, but while they are, they are like badges of honour of my achievements, and remind me every day of the importance of that battle. For the first time in a long time I've been on a date... And the guy didn't take one look and run! Who'd have thought! We 're talking about date no 2, but even if not... He has made me look at myself (fully clothed!) and made me realise that while I'll never be a tiny girl, I'm doin ok.. I have curves, shapely legs and can't wipe the smile off my face... So here is to the demolition of my wall. May it never return. May those of you with your own wall one day experience this... I wish it with all my heart.
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    To celebrate becoming overweight yesterday (obese again today of course. I'll be bouncing around for a while before I become permanently "overweight".) I thought I'd write a new blog. I'll say it straight up for those with more sensitive sensibilities ... this will have a LOT of TMI. If that's not for you, just look at the pictures and move on. For those a little more robust, read on. So ... I knew when I began this adventure that I'd go through a lot of exciting changes. I knew I'd get fitter and stronger and healthier. I knew I'd become smaller and that my shape would change. I knew my skin would get saggy and I'd start to develop wrinkles. I knew people would treat me differently. I knew I'd be able to shop in the 'normal' stores for clothing. I knew I'd eventually only take up one seat on public transport. All these things I expected but there have been things happen to me that were totally unexpected. Some of them pleasant, like being able to cross my legs and paint my own toenails again. My feet shrunk enabling me to buy a wider variety of shoes. (Even so, I tend to wear only two pairs of shoes day in and day out.) Some things were just surprising. Like, I just stopped eating rice, pasta and potatoes and quit soft drink, AND, haven't missed them. I only eat bread when I'm out ... I don't buy it for home. (I buy mountain bread for wraps.) I've developed new food obsessions like dates, prunes, spinach, seafood and ricotta. Plain greek yogurt tastes like delicious sweet cream to me. I get cravings for hot chips. Some of the changes haven't been so welcome however. They range from mildly annoying, like friends avoiding me because they've become the fat friend and don't like it, and a bloke I'd been seeing for a while beginning to see me less and less the smaller I got. Clearly he was only into big girls. I'd expected my boobs to shrink and had been looking forward to being able to buy regular sized bras. No such luck. I went from a 24F to a 16I. It's so far been impossible to find a bra in that size so I'm making do with 16H's. I'd expected my back pain to decrease as I lost weight but no such luck there either. It's actually gotten worse. My theory is it's because my boobs haven't shrunk in proportion to the rest of my body so I'm now carrying around comparatively larger boobs on a smaller frame. Now ... here's a few very unpleasant things no one told me would happen when I lost a massive amount of weight: When I get in the bath now, whilst it's awfully lovely that my hips don't touch the sides, and it's somewhat amusing poking at my floating saggy skin, it's absolutely NOT pleasant that I don't have enough padding on my butt anymore so to sit up in the bath, rather than lay down, is really quite painful on my tailbone. I sleep in just undies as I find any other clothing too restrictive. Now, because my boobs are so unbelievably saggy, when I roll over I have to physically pick up my boobs and pull them out from under my body. If I keep losing weight I'm sure I'll be able to actually wrap my boobs around my body like a belt. Also, before losing weight, when I put on a bra it was a simple matter of just lifting each boob into place. Now I have to lift each boob into the bra, pull in my side boobs and then FOLD my boobs out from the centre. Ridiculous ! (But at least now I have separation between my boobs instead of that bloody awful squished together cleavage which was really just one more place to accumulate sweat.) Oh, speaking of separation ... no one told me I'd have to wear 3 bras to the gym. One regular underwire bra, then a pancake sports bra, then a crop top. I do this because if I don't separate these babies (with the underwire) and then squish them (with the pancake sports bra) when I do any kind of cardio my boobs slap together. LOUDLY. It's terribly embarrassing trying to pretend I can't hear that loud slapping noise and pretending to myself that no one else can hear it either ... from 4 suburbs away. Even so, I still get a bit of a swing and bounce going on. At least it's all visual now with no accompanying sound track. Another saggy skin issue ... I've had to modify my moves in the bedroom to avoid the distracting slapping of my belly against my thighs/the blokes belly and my arms flapping against my sides. I have a thigh gap. Yay huh ? Well, yes and no. Sure there's a gap at the top of my thighs and it's seriously fantastic that my thighs, for the first time in my life, don't rub together BUT, cause I've lost so much weight the skin on my thighs has drooped. So now instead of my thighs rubbing together, the insides of my knees bump together because that's where the skin has fallen to. Slowly slowly as I lost more and more weight, my map of Tassie began to reappear. That was nice. What wasn't so nice was noticing that with the combination of visible map of Tassie and thigh gap, I can now see my arse sagging down ... from the front. No one wants to see that. Whilst we're on the subject of my saggy arse, when I sit on a hard surface ... I don't even know how to describe it ... my butt cheeks fold up ... like, fold in on themselves vertically. It's uncomfortable, sometimes painful, and let's be honest ... a bit creepy. Finally, speaking of 'cheeks', it brings me to perhaps the most frikking awful and humiliating thing that's happened to me, and thank goodness it only lasted a few months and has now cleared up on it's own as I've lost more weight because I felt like I was going to literally lose my mind over it because it was so disgusting. I think it must have been a temporary transitioning issue. *big sigh*. I began to have problems with my weeing department. Apart from the fact that because I've lost so much fat which means my bladder isn't supported how it used to be (or some mumbo jumbo) I now occasionally have trouble weeing (I have to push it out sometimes and other times can only manage a slow trickle), I went through a period of a few eternally looooong months where ... man, I don't even know how to put this ... I'll just say it straight out ... I lost so much weight that EVERYTHING has become saggy to some degree and my (as my family politely refers to them) vagina cheeks, lost some of their once fullness and temporarily became somewhat saggy to the point where every.single.time I wee'd they interrupted the flow in a way that made me spray urine all over the tops of my inner thighs. I tried sitting different ways, I tried holding my thighs up out of the way of the spray, leaning forward, leaning back ... I was disgusted and extremely upset because I thought it was a permanent problem. Thankfully it cleared up on it's own and I can wee like a normal person once again but for those few months it was so awful. Despite a few less than desirable changes as I've lost weight I wouldn't change a thing. Well ... I might change that spraying wee over the tops of my thighs thing if it were at all possible, or just have future me tell past me that it was only temporary and not forever. It would have made it infinitely easier to deal with. I've no doubt I still have more surprises in store as I continue my adventure. Hopefully predominantly good surprises. Anyways ... here's some photos I took yesterday to celebrate and commemorate becoming "overweight". As my son would say, "Feels good man."
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    I'm now a home owner!! Whoo hoo...no more stressing about Sydney rising property prices. The tenants are moving out on Saturday and I am moving in the following Saturday. My new apartment is only about 300 meters away from where I currently rent as I bought an apartment in the same complex. The removalists don't even need to bring a truck.
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    I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 2 WEEEEEEKS!!!! Sorry, just excited
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    Just letting everyone know that my surgery went well and I am waiting to go home. I havent even needed any pain relief at all and I can move around really well. No nausea either so its been a dream run. now I am so wishing I had the cash available to get the rest done. PS Dr Moore is brilliant.
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    Ok.. So long between posts... And so much has happened... Time for a catchup... I am still at my goal weight, off all my blood pressure medications and out living and loving life... No change there... Except to say how cool is that... each week I stress that little bit less about the number on the scale... About tight work out clothes... About what that guy I've been dating thinks about how I look... About everything.... I had a couple of hiccups - running became an issue because, can you believe it, my pants kept falling down. It didn't matter what size or how I rigged them up, my flappy belly bouncing about caused my running style to include one hand holding the waist of my pants... Wish I had a video of that to show you.. . Secondly, I kept injuring the stomach muscle where my port is stitched.. To the point where even walking hurt so much it made me feel nauseous... So I reached a point where I realised I had to sort it out. One referral to a plastic surgeon, a few appointments, 5 days in hospital later, here I am sitting up in bed recovering from tummy tuck and breast lift surgery, that included relocation of my port to a location a bit to the left... Surgery was last Monday and, because of the amount of skin removed, was a bit of a marathon apparently. I have both a horizontal and vertical stitch line that enabled them to remove 3kg of that flappy skin. They also tightened up my muscles and repaired a hernia... My boobs had some tissue moved about, skin tightened and are now more 'up' than 'down'.... No implants.. In fact, with that skin removed, they will end up a bit smaller.. No major problems... A bit delayed getting up on my feet due to a low blood count... A couple of units of blood sorted that out... Walked to the bathroom for the first time on wed night... About 2 metres... Felt like a 5 km run.... Then was out of bed most of Thursday arvo, home on Friday. I am all wrapped up in tubigrip and a Velcro corset thing, and swollen, but can already see a dramatic difference in my belly... I'm not magically skinny... Lol... But there is no 'overhang'... Each day I move a little easier, and although I get tired pretty quickly, it feels good to be up and about. A bit tricky finding the right balance between resting and moving... I think they may have removed some fluid from my band as I am quite hungry, but that may be because of the healing process taking place. The surgeon did mention that with the amount of wound repair that would be going on, the body goes into a major collagen production mode that requires a heap of energy.. Either way, just need to keep an eye on it... No stress My nearly 80 year old mother is staying with me to look after me, but she takes longer to get out of the chair than I do... Lol... She has been a great help... Particularly in reminding me not to overdo things... Which, of course, I have done a couple of times. She will go home tomorrow probably. Things like washing my hair and feet have been the trickiest... She nearly drowned me yesterday... I think deliberately... Lol... Have my first follow up appointment with the nurse tomorrow, so that will be interesting. No driving or strenuous activity for at least another 2 weeks... And it's a case of 'go with the flow'... See how I heal both skin and muscle wise... To see when I can start doing 'stuff'... So.. Surprise!!! Skin surgery done! Well... Kind of... Except for that whole full recovery thing...
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    Here are mine...before is the black and white top....the after 3 months and 20 kgs is the red top
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    I went into Tarocash last night and for the first time in a LONG time I fit into their clothing! I didn't even have to buy the biggest size! Slowly saying goodbye to the 'Big Men' section at shops!!!
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    So I was banded on Friday. Before my surgery, the anaesthetist came to see me in my room. He stood beside my bed and was flicking through all my pre-op test results. "Blood pressure is fine, cholesterol is fine, no diabetes, you're in pretty good health!" Me, being me, can't resist a bad joke, so I add, "Yeah, for a fat person." I shit you not, he looked right at me and said, "Awww, you're not fat!" Ummm.... what? Hahaha! I looked at my mum and we both started laughing. Then, just to add some more humour to the situation, I got his itemised bill in the mail today, and there is an extra $70+ charge because I'm overweight! Hahaha! It makes me laugh so much that 'fat' is such a negative word, and when people hear it, their instant reaction is like 'don't put yourself down!' But I wasn't putting myself down. I was being truthful. I am in good health for a fat person. Because I am a fat person! And my weight was the entire reason we were having a conversation in the first place! Hahaha!
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    I'm buying an apartment!! Very excited and a bit unexpected as I wasn't planning on buying until later this year. My loan just got officially finalised today and settlement is now about 5 weeks away. Anyone else who lives in Sydney will understand that buying in Sydney is just crazy and now I will no longer have an anxiety attack each time I hear that the property prices have just risen x% in the past few months. I don't know how the young gen-y's and younger will ever afford to buy in Sydney. Anyway, I felt so pleased with my efforts of swooping in last minute and stealing this property from two other buyers who had been battling against each other for over a week. Basically I stalked the real estate agent down and said I can sign now for $1K more the highest offer and that move lead me to winning as the other buyers were still in the city working and couldn't sign the contract until the next day. When everyone is willing to pay about the same, it is really luck that determines who wins in the end. All it would have taken was for one of the other buyers to sign the contract for $1K higher again later that day and I would have lost. But fortunately that didn't happen and the seller signed my contract which locked them into selling to me.
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    What a difference 50 kg and 18 months make. About 20 kills to go.