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    Was 93.8 this morning - down 0.6 kg - not bad, considering my period is due very soon... No more weighing until after it - bloating and cravings Am hanging out to see 92's - that is the lowest I've been in my adult life...so close!
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    Down to 78.5 so a kilo down. But with hubby's birthday just gone, my sister in laws this weekend then mine the weekend coming (22nd) I'm thinking this will be the last "loss" on Wednesday for me Until I can list the "skin lost" woohoo bring on oct 5th!!!
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    YAY I am 112.8 this morning, SO happy to break into 112! )
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    Down 700g to 107.6kg. My weight loss has slowed but at least it's still decent losses.
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    Hi guys.. I made it out the other side.. hope Jo snd Chripies are doing great x Oh no poor Ash hope you're ok hun.. I was the only band scheduled foy yesterday.. went in at 1.30.. woke up around 3 but due to the huge cocktails they gave me ( due to my tendency to vomit on waking up) I was badly groggy till around 9 Feelubg pretty good this morning, bit tender but not too bad.. heading home around 10ish.. catch you all a bit later todayxxx Jenna
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    Btw this was my pre preg weight before both my kids yay!!! cant wait to get down to 2 digits X
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    Also think that was bcos I got my period ... struggled with these 2 kgs for 2 months!!!! feels so good and now even more motivated to break the 11's
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    Greetings fellow September banders... Well it's the day before my surgery and I am OVER the shakes! I've lost about five kilos and am happy about that, but the last two shakes are gonna be tough to get down...haha. Scheduled tomorrow at Dalcross with Dr. Florica. Looking forward to getting there...
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    Hi Ashmee, look after yourself don't push to early, rest as much as you can. Congrats daisy and Jenna. It's slow going for me just resting lots, not too much shoulder pain just that bad indigestion pain and discomfort lying down better on my back than my side. How is everyone feeling with that?
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    lost the 1 kg I put on last week at the wedding.... got a small fill yesterday so have reset the brain as well and am now working to getting to my goal weight for my daughter's 30th at Xmas time.
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    Hi Everyone! I'm down to 90.8kg today... 800g and I'll break the 90 barrier! Hope you feel better soon Sara M, and congrats on the new job. Hope everyone else has a stellar banded day!
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    Hi guys. No movement today but was down yesterday. Not too worried as this is how it is with me fluctuate a little then drop. Started a new job yesterday in the digial marketing space so my head is in the clouds atm haha. We to watch the melbourne symphony orchestra on monday night and ever since have had a horrible earrache so havent done a workout yet. Might take the dogs out as a compromise. Wishing everyone a good week
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    Hi everyone! 96.7kg today Down 1.6kg for the week I think I'm in the green zone as my Doctor felt I didn't need a fill.
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    Im ALIVE =] Deff feeling sorry for myself ended up in ICU but op was a success =] Hope jenna and haysie's ops went well thinking of you girls =] and good luck to all those who have op's coming up =] Im about to blog my whole experience and take some snaps for you guys so check it out if you feel like it =]
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    Have a great day banderneers my surgery is today have to be at the hospital at 12noon. Good luck to my twinnies Jenna-lee and chrispies. See you all on the flip side. Take care
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    Well day one of opti done. I better end up with the skinniest frikken liver ever - just sayin' :)
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    Hi guys, I've just had my surgery brought forward from 1st Nov to 27th Sept!!!! So excited!!!! I have a week on opti.... I have only told hubby and 2 girlfriends....I'm nervous as I really don't want to tell anyone but am so excited that I have officially bought my last fat clothes!!!
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    Hi everyone, quick update- still waiting not going in till 6pm but getting very excited, just had my weigh in 99kg. I was 109kg on 8/8 so 10kg in 4 weeks is amazing. I only did opti for 5 days, my partner said "let's get a refund that was too easy" :-) Well yes I would like to think this whole process has been easy if was too hard people just wouldn't do it. Stay positive everyone getting done this week. My anaesthetist just said this is going to change your life you are going to feel amazing. And so we all will xxx
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    In my pre-op diet I am allowed to have any vegie except white potato, and a little oil. So I had the following for dinner last night and it was yum! Admittedly the patties were not that firm, but it tasted great. I haven't given quantities because its a great recipe for leftovers. PATTIES Cook some sweet potato and let it cool. Also cook whatever vegies you like, but cut into smallish pieces - I used carrot, broccoli, corn, sliced snow peas and sweated onion. Make sure that all of the cooked vegies are as dry as possible. Mash the sweet potato and combine the other vegies. Form into patties, place on baking paper and chill. Cook the patties in a hot non-stick pan which has been sprayed with oil, and turn once only. When turning, spray under the patty before replacing in the pan. HERB AND TOMATO SAUCE. Cook some chopped onion and garlic in a little oil, and add a few teaspoons of water till it is soft. Add a can of chopped tomatos, herbs (I used basil and oregano), capsicum and pepper. Bring to boil and simmer till the tomato is soft, and the flavours infused. Enjoy - and it doesn't matter if the patties break up 'cos they still taste great! Sailorgirl.
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    congrats to all those who posted so far for this week. I just broke through the barrier into the 70's last week and thought that I would bounce back up to 80 or so as I usually do a 10 kilo dance.(Under then over and so forth till I am securely below) But it seems that today I am 79.5 so a loss of I think .4 or 400grams. Stoked with that as it means I will probably be staying below Yay!! Not long till I get to goal now!
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    Big pat on the back for all the May Champions!
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    I know this is one of those cliché diet tips but when you think you are hungry, try having a glass of water or two. Wait about 10-15 minutes and re-assess. This has been my hardest struggle. I will feel a certain sensation in my abdomen and automatically think 'time to eat!' but I read somewhere that if you are constantly eating, you lose the ability to recognize actual hunger and oftentimes, what you think is hunger is actually THIRST. I have been trying to take the time to tune into my body and determine if I am actually hungry or just bored/thirsty/emotional. I have a hard time with this so I know that saying 'oh have some water, it will help' is so much easier then doing it but I feel like I am making progress.. Anyway, good luck with the HH and if you find something that works, let me know
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    Oh so close to the Green Zone!!!!! I had an appoitnment with the dietician last night and when he weighed me I had lost 2.1kgs in 10 days!!!! Woo Hoo!!! So much better than the 200g in the previous two weeks!!!!! Im still getting hungry and wanting small snacks between meals so he has recommended that I would benefit from a small fill at my next appointment with the GP who does our fills. He said normally with that weight loss I wouldnt get any more fill but he thinks just a small amount more will just make it that bit easier to control portion sizes and control hunger. Obviously it will still be the GPs decision but its nice having the support of the dietician as well!! Im seeing the GP next Thursday so fingers crossed for another good result on the scales!!! The dietician is wanting me to focus on counting carbs - not calories. Because I have PCOS and am insulin resistant he wants me to limit carbs to 3-4 15g serves a day. He gave me a great guide as to what a serve of carbs looks like and ideas to increase protein. While some of this is information I have been over countless times with other dieticians I find that the guideance I am being given is actually achievable and realistic. Im loving my band at the moment!!!! Hope everyone else is finding their way!!!
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    What about juicing them just to get the vitamins from the fruit & vegies?
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    Wishing all my May buddies are travelling along well