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    I can officially join this thread... my beautiful man proposed last night after a romantic meal. I'm so thrilled and so excited! And as a result of my excitement, I've had a stuck moment every meal since last night...! Hopefully this sorts itself out as life resumes normalcy!
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    Yes, well aside from the weight loss, I'm going to give blood. Not a big deal for most, but a major recovery achievement for an ex needlephobic - if you ask me.
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    Well as i'm sure pretty much all of us will say i want to reach my goal, the first part of which will hopefully be reaching double digits for new years (or at least within the first week), i also want to be skinny enough to wear dresses on my trip to Vegas in May, basically i need to be skinny enough so that my legs don't rub together and cause major chaffing issues, i reckon another 10-15kg, also to achieve my savings goals for my unit, to continue with my newly started violin lessons, to start doing Skatefit (roller skating plus core strengthening), to sort through and get rid of the belongings i no longer need/want, to get back into swimming, to try and have my personal loans paid off by the end of the year... I think thats it for the mo, thats quite a lot actually
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    As with every year (sigh) my NYR is to lose weight. Although I feel more hopeful this year - I'm moving back to Mums for 6 months so will have a built-in accountability partner (mother-guilt is totally more powerful than husband-guilt haha). In other words, I will not be able to go to the shop and bring home packets of bikkies and blocks of choccy and eat them to myself. I will not be able to *say* I've been on the treadmill when I haven't. She is also trying to lose some weight so ideally we should be able to help each other to reach our goals. Apart from that, healthify the kids diets too (they aren't bad as such, but too many processed snacks), work on becoming a better parent, learn to be more organised, stay on top of uni work week-to-week, get a kick-ass grad position, and basically better myself haha. Same as every year....
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    No WLS is ever guaranteed, unfortunately-it will be a fight for the rest of our lives-for me personally I just can not eat too much or too often at least right now-I am 10 months out from my op and certainly don't know what it will be like in 2 years-it is a mental struggle to stay on my routine and not snack in between-I probably fight the urge to eat even though I am not hungry more than anything-do I get bummed about this, yes, but I need to realize that my addiction to food is a lifelong problem-the surgery is just one tool to help me win the battle-it's not the only tool, just the most significant one-I still have to eat well, exercise, drink lots, and watch my intake-period My surgery has helped me lose 41 kg so far-I'm happy about that and feel so much better-have I lost it as quickly as others-no-but I have my own journey to make-even if I didn't lose one more kg I would still call it a success-25 kg to go and I'm ready for the fight
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    I have a few, some seem more achievable than others. - Lose the last 14kgs- 15kgs - Maintain weight loss - Improve fitness/muscle tone. - Make some new friends - Get H1s for my subjects at uni. - Do well at my new job and make a positive contribution to the workplace. - To restrain myself from having any junk food binges during the year - Watch less TV (hopefully because I have some other fun past-time to keep me occupied). - Start playing squash or tennis on a weekly basis - Continue saving money for a house deposit - Cook and eat more home cooked meals - Expand my cooking repertoire by either signing up for cooking lessons the council offer if fitting with my schedule and reasonably priced or trying a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks at least once a fortnight. - Make sure I look after my teeth a bit more by brushing and using floss more frequently. - Taking the time each week to use face masks at home. - Save up to get a cosmetic tattoo (thinking lips would be nice as I hate wearing lipstick) - Be able to read/write to at least an upper primary level in Greek. I can currently only speak it.
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    On top of my list is Toning up my body and getting some strength. Not sure if I can do it at home with our gym which is collecting spider webs or join a gym. Next on list is losing the last 8kg to reach goal and trying to cut out the junk food. Then I would like to take the family on our first holiday, either to Queensland or on a cruise.
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    Break the magic 100kg, find work again and be a fitter, happier and healthier person! If miss right is there that would be a bonus!
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    I want to get down to 65kgs and then maintain my weight their. I was close at the start of the week, but now I have a few more kilos to lose. Oh well. I need to get my fitness back after being medically restricted for 3 months following my reconstructive plastic surgeries. This includes being able to touch my toes again. They now seem so far away from my hands. Since I've now spent a fortune on my plastic surgeon, I need to save my house deposit back. So hard when there are so many clothes and shoes calling my name. I will now have to go back to living on bread and rice for the next 6 months. I need to try to find a husband. I really hate meeting new people as I just never know what to say, unless they want to talk about diet and fitness for hours. Can't give blood as I have often been rejected for being anemic and my blood just doesn't want to come out of my body. Takes me like an hour to fill one of those bags. The laser hair removal one is good. I wouldn't mind doing that. My thighs will always rub together as that's my body shape. My thighs have now been lipo'ed but still rub together. God knows what ridiculously low BMI I'd have to reach to stop the rubbing, so not a goal I could achieve even if I wanted to. hmmm...looking forward to see what other goals get posted.
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    My goals are: To increase my cardiovascular and respiratory fitness. To tone up large muscle groups and increase my core strength. To achieve more restfull sleep. To use laser technology for hair removal. To look after my hands and feet more and reflect with smooth skin and healthy strong nails. To save $10,000, half of which I plan to spend on a lounge suite/dining suite I'm sure there will be more. I haven't really thought of my career goals yet. I try to have a few personal, financial and career goals in mind.
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    It has been a long while since my last post and I am still going along steadily. I had another 0.25ml fill on 28th November taking me to a total of 8mls in a 10ml band. I seem to have a lot of restriction for the first couple of weeks after each fill and think that I'm comfortably in my "green zone" and then as time goes on, I can eat more. I am not eating the wrong foods, just still eating too much. My weight loss is slow and steady. It has been 8 months since my banding and as of 13th December I have lost a total of 20.1kgs. I am really happy with this as I have found that because I have lost it slowly, my skin is toning along the way. I have lost an average of almost 2kgs per week since my banding which I believe is a very healthy weight loss rate. If I continued along on that average each week, I will have some very exciting results over the next 6-12 months. No matter what stage you are at along this journey, I hope you are doing well and not being turned off by the challenges along the way. Stay strong - it's worth it.
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    Hmmm quite grumpy and tired today! My stomach has settled down now, which is good I probably didn't drink enough water today though - I need to keep an eye on that tomorrow Made some delicious BBQ flavour zucchini chips with tomato salsa - yummy! I ate them straight out of the oven haha! Today was mainly a leftovers day... Breakfast: leftover mushrooms, chocolate shake Snack: banana shake Lunch: leftover vegetable curry, cappuccino bar Snack: decaf coffee with skim, zucchini chips with salsa Dinner: eggplant lasagne made from leftover bolognaise sauce (again, soooo tempted by the parmesan I put on M's lasagne which I pulled from my giant freezer stockpile! And my bolognaise sauce didn't smell half as good as his!) Snack: diet jelly. I'm a bit concerned about a cough I've had for a while. I think it's asthma and hay fever combined, but I worry they might push my date back if I've still got it on the 9th! Off to my GP tomorrow... 10 days to go...(I hope!)
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    I think there are more positive stories out there than horror ones, but like everything in life, we only seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive!. Go tot he Dr, get his advise and go from there. I think it will be all good from there on....
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    Exactly the same. Best thing I've ever done. I was banded 7th of Jan - a week before my 27th birthday. Wish I did it years ago.
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    I love my band too. I have lost 23 kg since being banded on 20/09/13. It is by no means easy - I ended up in hospital with dehydration after my 2nd fill! But if I work with it I do lose weight. 12 months ago I would never had believed I would be 23 kg down now. Best decision I have made
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    The band is great! It's hard work but the results are worth it! I feel alive again!
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    Hi Rottiegirl. I am 48 and have been banded since April 2011. I started at 107 kg and 167 cm tall (5 foot 6 I believe) so very similar to you. Banding is the best thing I have done for myself and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I have lost 30 kg and am pretty much at my goal of 77 kg. I wear size 14 or medium clothes now, and look normal. Not thin, not fat, average, and I love it. I can eat most foods slowly so I eat the same as the family, just less. I will have to always be vigilant about snacking and head hunger. I have some fear that I will slip back into old habits and gain weight. I try to use that fear to keep myself accountable. My partner couldn't understand why I wanted the surgery, but he is happy now because I am so well and happy. Only you can make the decision. There will always be horror stories people will tell you. You must be aware of the possible complications and risks involved and make the best informed decision you can. All the best.
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    Kazbo I reckon we could write a few diet books together each professing to be the best way. Lol.... After years and years of reading everything I could on losing weight the "right" or most efficient way I finally realised that to lose weight you just have to eat less calories. It's no more complicated than that. I also learnt losing weight does not equal being "healthy" as you can eat a low calorie diet of junk and lose weight. Thanks to BodyTrim recently I also realised that losing weight is the opposite of maximising your fitness performance, as eating heaps of carbs so you can workout harder/longer/fastens (or whatever) directly contradicts with lowering calories below your basal metabolic rate. So if you are losing weight you should expect to feel weaker working out than if you were eating to improve sports performance. Anyway, now I understand these things clearly and all the latest noise from some mag or TV show about some new health "discovery" or diet will never cloud my mind again. All you have to do is work out how to eat lower calories for a sustained period of time to lose the excess weight and how this is done varies between people (and even for the same person over time) because we are all different and each person has to find what eating pattern works best for them. Sometimes I feel like it took me longer to realise these things than the average person because I am so analytical and have been so obsessed with optimising my weight loss efforts that I couldn't see the bigger picture because I would get lost in the detail. Analysis paralysis.
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    Almost everything written about diets in mags etc are an over simplication and/or misinterpretation of a study. Rice cakes are high GI. So what, so are a lot of other white carbs. But then GI is only half the equation as it depends on load. Eg watermelon is high GI but low load so has less impact on blood sugar than some other high GI food with a higher load. Not to mention if you are eating the high GI food with other foods then the other foods change the net impact. At the end of the day, I've learnt ignore everything that makes it seem very complicated how to lose weight. The only thing that matters is keeping calories low enough to lose weight. That's it. Also, I'm an anlytical person and have a number of degrees including science. I looked up online once just how much rice naturally thin Asians have historically eaten. The average consumption was something like a whole 2 cups per day of rice. Yep, 2 cups. And how much rice does the average westerner get with a main? Way more than that just with the main not to mention the westerner high calorie meat dishes like lemon chicken or sweet and sour pork. I lived with a Chinese girl once who ate almost every single day a small serve of steamed fish with vegetables cooked with garlic and ginger and rice for dinner. So few calories compared to what I was chomping through each night.
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    Let me tell you what my surgeon told me about stretching the sleeve-because they have made such great advances in how they sew the sleeve it has become much, much harder to stretch the sleeve-his exact word-many many months of prolonged and painful overeating to get it to stretch beyond it's final size-he told me that the stories about stretching seem to be from sleevers who've had the old way of doing the surgery-every year they improve on the best way to perform the surgery and it's appartantly come leaps and bounds even in the last 5 years now in saying this my capacity to eat has increased over the last 10 months to around 3/4 of a cup or 1/2 a sandwich or a whole banana or apple-but even 10 months out I will still throw up if I eat too much and for me that's a good deterrent to stay within my limits good news for this week-so far my snacking has stayed under control with my stop watch on my phone-I know it sound a bit cooky but I don't allow myself to put anything in my mouth until my alarm goes off every 4 hours-so far so good-41 kg down in 10 months and still losing slow and steady without depriving myself of the occasional goody
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    Finished work for the year, wedding ring here and picked up, dress adjusted and picked up! TWO WEEKS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It sure does hairband! I just wish I could move it more often
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    I did not find them but did find Wice rice crackers 20 gram packs are 77 calories, seem pretty good
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    I need to talk to a surgeon before I make any decisions...I don't think I want to go down the bypass route as with the help of a fantastic nutritionist I am finding success through diet, counselling and excersise, intact I am doing my first 5km fun run on Sunday...so I am thinking to just remove it would be great. I don't know enough about the sleeve, wouldn't that restrict me with the vomiting as the band has?
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    You can also use cauliflower as rice by throwing it in a food processor and 'ricing' it. Cook till boiled and drain. It also mashes well with a little butter and milk and you can make pizza bases and bread with it by adding an egg to well drained cauli( I squeeze out the liquid in a tea towel), add some garlic, Italian herbs and a good handful of grated cheese and then form the 'dough' on a cooking tray and cook for 30mins at 180 then top with pizza toppings and return to oven for 10-15mins. I can't eat any starches so this is my new saviour and surprisingly good. the best bit is it's not manufactured, relatively inexpensive, you can freeze riced cauli for easy use and I also use it in soups instead of potato and even roast it tossed in garlic, lemon and a little olive oil. I have also used grated zucchini (long strips) as pasta and it works well to. I believe squashes can work the same way but I am not a fan