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    There I have said it - the dreaded "C" word. My brother rang me last night and said that he was coming over from the UK for Christmas. I haven't seen him since Christmas 2012 and since then he got a lapband in Feb 2013 and has lost 51 kg and got to goal weight. I got my lapband in Sept 2013 and have so far lost 39.2 kg with another 8.8 to go to get to goal. So my challenge is to get as close to goal weight as I can for when he flies in on 21st December (16 weeks today). To be at goal would be fantastic but I know that these last kgs are going to be the hardest! It hasn't started well as I weighed in at 86.6 this morning up from 83.8 after celebrating my daughter's 18th a little too well. Anyway it is opti for me for at least a week. You are welcome to join me and any help, advice and kicking my butt will be gratefully received
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    Here's my day yesterday: My daughter has developed an interest in going to the gym so she asked me to take her to my gym and show her how to do weights etc. I took her yesterday morning and showed her the ropes and she loved it. I loved being able to share something I love with her and feel happy for her that she's found an activity that she enjoys. It'll be something we can do together and she can improve her health and fitness and develop some good habits. Then back home to a delicious lunch of tuna, chickpeas and salad. I pottered around for a few hours, hearing giggling from my daughters room on and off. (She's been having a rough time lately so to hear her giggling again sounds like magic.) Then a great big hearty early dinner of chicken and leek soup before heading off to yoga at 7pm. I went to my third yoga class and loved it. I'm not particularly good at it, and it hurts, but it's so relaxing. Then I went and did a few laps in the pool before going home. (Swimming, for me, is like meditation.) In between laps I stopped and thought about how perfect my day had been ... time spent with my daughter, good delicious food, yoga, swimming ... and thought I just couldn't be any happier. I showered and gathered all my stuff together and as I was walking back to my car thought, here I am, leaving the gym to go home and have yet more food I don't need to feel guilty about because it's nutritious, delicious and not excessive. I can go home and sit on the couch and cross stitch and not feel like a lazy slob, because I exercise regularly. I've earned the right to sit on my butt for an hour or two. I'm THAT girl I've seen in my past life that I wanted to be. Active, fit, strong, healthy ... with a yoga mat slung over my shoulder. I got home and my daughter was in the kitchen talking to me as I made my mango, yogurt and bran, and I told her I've just had the best day ever. THIS is the life I've dreamed of. She just smiled and said, "So, we'll go to the gym together on Saturday morning." Even more happiness. My lapband didn't just prolong my life ... it made it worth living. Really living.
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    I would like to loose as much as I (safely & healthily) can by the "C" word. I am (as of yesterday, i weigh every sunday) 100.2kg. Dr Leong wants me under 100kg by my next visit, which is 28th November, as I was 105kg at my last visit in early August. 5 days ago I decided I needed to get off my backside and start doing something (I've never been very active or motivated to exercise) and have started doing Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home DVDs. I have managed to do some exercise at least once (and a couple times TWICE) a day since I started. My goal is to continue to exercise and to loose as much as possible. Good luck all and Take care Amy
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    As of last night, I am 100.1kgs. I know it is a loss, but Y U NO DOUBLE DIGITS??? I will weigh tomorrow with crossed fingers.
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    So the first week out of 16 done and this morning I am 83.3 so down 3.3 kg. It's amazing what a week on opti will do. Now to keep the momentum going as I am now just 8.3 kg from goal weight. Glad to have you on board BeeBop. When do you start your pre-op diet? I am toying with doing Opti for at least another couple more days. You got me thinking about dresses - I can only ever remember wearing 2 dresses. One when I was 9 for my Gran's birthday and the other was my wedding dress 21 years ago. I think I may have to look at some summer dresses this year . . . . . . . .
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    I had a lady client at work comment on it this week. I have lost 10 kgs. The funny thing is she is a VIP (visually impaired person) and is the only one at work who has noticed!
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    HI again, So I will be sleeved on 13th November... was supposed to be 31/10 but had to get changed due to surgeon being away. This will give me 8 weeks before my maternity leave finishes and back to work so hopefully that will be long enough to adjust - so flipping excited about getting this done. Got some good advice from the Dr's and dietitian about breastfeeding/caring for bub etc so feeling much more confident now. Tick tick tick... getting ready for a slow countdown!
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    Am only down 300g this week... 70.4 kg is ok by me, though not sure the Doc will be altogether happy
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    HI Mike - congrats on the booking of your surgery date - Optifast does take a bit of getting used to, especially for a sweet tooth like me - I actually really enjoy the mousse desserts and they are a good break from the shakes, because you feel like you are eating food. We are here if you have any questions or need to chat xxx
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    Speaking of fitting into seats ... even now, every single time I go to the cinema with my daughter I wiggle my hips around over the seat. She just looks at me like I'm mad and I tell her, "I know you don't understand how exciting it is to be able to do this." She says, "Yes, but you've been able to do it for ages now. Why do you keep doing it ?" I tell her it's something that'll NEVER get old.
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    I had that one that so many overweight people aspire to (god knows I did). I didn't need an extension belt on the plane, and I could actually put the tray table down. It was the best day of my life since surgery 10 months ago
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    Last summer I started wearing shorts to the gym but stopped after a few times because whilst they looked ok they were riding up something fierce, becoming more like short shorts and THAT didn't look so good. All my other [3/4] gym pants were on the clothesline this morning so I wore my shorts and they didn't ride up more than about 1cm ! Even when I was on the cross trainer they were fine. Before I left home I was a little embarrassed about my loose crinkly skin on my inner thighs but I thought fuck it, just hold your head high, I've lost 86kg ... I've earned the right to wear shorts ... even with crinkly skin. If anyone sees it and doesn't like it they can bloody well look elsewhere. I cannot explain how empowering it is to be in the headspace where I can do that.
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    Great news and good you can get it sorted before you go back to work. I guess they will all be asking how you dropped the weight post pregnancy? If you want to keep it secret you have time to come up with a story lol. Good luck looking forward to seeing how it goes. Cheers Halfy
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    both hubby and i jumped on those scales in the supermarket here in the U.S desperate haha, when i converted the pounds back at hotel it seems im close to same weight. 48.9 thats with clothes and shoes! :-) hope my scales are just as kind at home!
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    85.5, same as last week too.
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    good grief no...too risky to even swallow any particles right now.
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    Is there any reason why you can't have it (chew it and taste it) then spit it out?
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    109.7kg. Opti starting weight was 122.7kg, operation 119kg. Five weeks post op.
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    Well done Lanners! As awful as optifast is, you can't argue with results! I start the pre-op diet tomorrow... Let the migraines begin! I have so many pretty dresses in smaller sizes and I can't wait to start wearing them
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    I'm in! I FINALLY get my sleeve in a couple of weeks and start the pre-op diet soon. It is impossible for me to lose 40kgs by Christmas but I would be thrilled if I could break into the 70s. Even 79.9 would make me happy. This coming weekend I will clear the house of crap food and stock up on shakes! I couldn't stomach Optifast but the Celebrity Slim ones aren't too bad... I feel lethargic just thinking about it :/ I will focus on the pretty dresses! Best of luck Lanners!
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    Hi Jgls I've found money seems to come and go regardless. Sure it does seem like a saving (on paper) when you add up the crap bought pre-surgery like the takeaways, the quick fix foods when out in the car, the movie nights of dvds and of course the snacks that go with it. But despite what people try to say re: eating healthier is cheaper, in my experience it is not. Sure, as a lap bander (me) I do eat less, alot less, however the food is alot better quality than before, add on top of that the multivitamins and any other protein powders etc and yes these things do add up. Do I begrudge these expenses? Of course not, as previous comments said, this is saving my life each and every day and this procedure, despite looking like it is about numbers (kilos, calories, mls etc) it really shouldn't be. You mentioned your daughter, I'd say the thought of watching her flourish, perhaps seeing a wedding day or maybe children if that's her wish, would be something worth getting healthy for as well. I've been with my band for 100 days now and to be honest, I couldn't say I've really saved any money living the bandit lifestyle. Infact I may of spent more! As now I am more confident to go out places, do things, buy a few more clothes, and am currently planning an overseas holiday (my first in 20 years). Yep I am spending more cash for sure and it's fabulous to be getting my life back Good luck!
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    I agree that a lot of people don't want to say something in case they put their foot in it. Also, if you have a lot of weight to lose it may not be noticaeable straight away and it also depends where you lose it from first. I tend to lose weight off my face first, so people may not notice straight away because whilst my face is slimmer, but bum is still big etc. If you're in clothes that are a bit big for you too, it can hide the change in your size.
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    My obstetrican noticed at the 8kg mark, and he can't believe how much has gone now - he lives locally so we often bump into him out shopping! I'm a secret bandit so people aren't aware of my band. About 15kgs a few people asked what I'd done to my hair?? No one said anything till I'd lost 20+kgs. Just keep doing what you are doing...they will notice! S
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    maybe they aren't sure how to bring it up, they may feel if they say wow you've lost weight you may get offened incase you arent feeling happy about it. just a thought