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    Probably not strictly NS, but 60% to goal in 5 months.... Happiness
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    My surgeon has two dietitians on staff. In the fee you pay him ($6000) it includes 12 months of unlimited appointments with the dietitians which I do appreciate. It keeps me honest and on track weighing in every two weeks. They also give me a receipt every time to claim on my PHI but their help has been invaluable not just with my food but how they share their experiences with other patients
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    Great result Nermbat! Well done I'm now at a level of fill that I think is probably a little too much... but I'm going to suck it and see for a while... after putting on weight over a couple of weeks I lost 2.4 kgs since last Friday... I think I must have been quite bloated and between that and the fill even people who haven't seen me for as little as a week have commented that I've just dropped weight which is lovely. Fingers crossed you get to your 20 soon! I've thankfully just gotten back to over 30 down (I had a hell of a lot further to go ) and I'm only 1.5kgs away from my first goal... so close!
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    I've just posted a heap of new photos to celebrate reaching my goal weight. I'm now 84.9kg which means I'm literally half the weight I was at my heaviest. I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 21 years ago. I hope people don't mind me posting so many photos. I just know that when I first joined this site I loved looking through all the photos and reading blogs ... they were so motivational and inspirational for me and I hope I can give that back to those who need it.
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    I had my band put in just over 2 years ago and was so happy to be having it done but I soon worked out at about 6 months in it was going to be one of my biggest regrets. Yes I did loose my excess weight quickly and was very happy about that but it was at a price, I had reflux from day 1 and very early in found my list of food I couldn't eat far outweighed what I could eat without pb ing or getting stuck and I spent more time than I ever did worrying about what I could and couldn't eat, what to eat if invited out or if it was even worth going out because some days I couldn't even keep water down so I pretty much lived on yogurt and puréed food for the next 12months. Earlier this year I made an appointment at my weight loss clinic because I thought I may have a slipped band, my Dr was on holiday so I had to see another Dr and told her what my symptoms were and asked to have all my fill removed which she refused to do but did decide to send me for a X-ray which I had done within the hour and went back to her for the results. After looking at the X-ray she told me my band was fine and she thought all my problems were due to stress even though I told her the only stress I had was the band and after some convincing she removed a couple of mils of my fill, I had a drink and told her it still wasn't going down and her suggestion was to maybe go to the local shopping centre and grab a coffee and some lunch and relax and then come back and see her and let her know how it was going down, so with that suggestion I thought screw you I just told you water won't even go down and I went home and made another appointment for when my Dr was back in a week or so and saw him told him what had been happening and asked him to remove my fill which he did all but 1mil and it was instant relief. Over the next 6 months I did feel so much better and put on several kgs but didn't care because I felt the best I had most of the time since being banded, I did still have bad days were I had trouble eating and reflux but nothing like I had been putting up with. 3 weeks ago I started getting the same symptoms I had 6 months earlier, pain in stomach radiating through to my back like gall stone pain, nausea, vomiting and slight temp, I had an appointment with my weight loss dr the following week on the Tuesday, by Monday I couldn't even keep down my own saliva so when I saw my Dr on Tuesday he sent me for a X-ray and again within the hour I was back in his room being told I had a slipped band and needed to go straight around to emergency and be admitted into hospital. Luckily the Surgeon on that arvo was the one that put my band in and he saw me and said he had looked at my X-ray and I had a slip and large pouch and he had bought up the X-ray done 6 months earlier and said my band had slipped back then and had been badly misdiagnosed and the only option was to admit me and remove it asap so I was admitted and put on a drip because I was serverly dehydrated and had my band removed on the Thursday. I am Now 1 week post op and more than happy to be rid of it and look forward to getting back to normal and yes I do realise I will put a bit of weight back on but I would rather that than my husband have to raise our children on his own because the surgeon did tell me that it could very well have been fatal. I am not poo pooing banding because it is the answer for some people but just not for me.
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    Went to see my surgeon today and I am booked in to get sleeved on the 4th of December!! I am super excited and super nervous at the same time..... Still doesn't feel like it's really happening.... It's quite the early Christmas pressie to myself huh! Fingers crossed the next 8 weeks go quickly!
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    Haha thanks guys! I've only tried the coffee so far so hopefully one of the others will be a bit nicer. Have also got some bars and soups to mix it up a bit, I like the idea of bulking the soups with veg, will have to give it a try! Have hit eBay and ordered a zoodle maker to make my veges a bit more interesting
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    I never saw anyone except for my surgeon. Think I was handed a leaflet detailing post-op diet stages.
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    no dietician? really? how do you know what your recommended food/stages are? I had to see the dietician pre-op, psychologist was not required but I was seeing one anyway so asked for a recommendation which I got. I still see the psychologist but that is my preference.
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    Congratulations to you both..... the shoulder tip pain for me is always the worst part. (I have had 3 laprascopic surgeries and had it bad all 3 times) Heat packs are my best friends. Speedy recovery to you all, hoping to re-join the banded again soon ;-)
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    It defiantly sounds like your band is too tight. Not being able to eat solid food is not good. Make an appointment to see your dr and see about getting some til out. Sometimes even the smallest about out/in makes a huge difference to what you can eat
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    I'm the 7th! Exciting!
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    Welcome all new Sep banders and you are all doing awesome
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    Hey everyone, Just checking in. Was banded on the 16th of September and thankfully have had no issues, except some nausea for the first week. Seeing my surgeon, I think next week or the week after. Have lost almost 11 kgs and feeling really positive. Have started on my mushies and that was bliss I can tell you, and will start introducing more solid food over the next week or so - and looking forward to that too. It is great to have a site like this where it is possible to speak and get advice from people that have been through the same things.
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    Just booked my next fill in for next week, hopefully get another 1.5ml in which will put me at 4ml in total.. still no restriction and struggling quite a bit, bouncing up and down.. I weighed in at 84.5kg today which was a total shock to me. I haven't been making the best choices but I'm happy with the loss. I'm half a kilo away from losing 20kgs since May!
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    They are protein shakes in a popper! I used the celebrity slim ones too. Sustagen is gold as is custard, jelly, optifast, and the kids yogurts that you can suck on we're great. I also drank Apple juice. Best of luck, not long to go now
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    Not long to go . You'll do great. It was much easier than I anticipated having never had any surgery before. Looking forward to hearing how you get on
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    I hate swooping birds - at work we have a lot of crows (our centre is in a park) and they yell at you and glare a lot. But the thing I worry about most with birds is getting pooped on! My NSV this week is not having to wear two hospital gowns, not worrying the guy pushing my bed might have a stroke from the effort, and looking down at myself and feeling that I didn't look too huge under the blanket...
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    I enjoyed Campbells soups, lean cuisines were AWESOME for soft food stage, juice and up & go poppers, sustagen poppers, Musashi poppers, milo, drinking yoghurt, GATORADE AND HYDRALITE were essential for me post banding and sleeving! tins of baked beans, chunky, meaty soups to puree... breath mints! panadol mini tabs, yakult or other priobiotics to help correct the flora in your gut. If you normally get thrush from antibiotics, these are a must and also get one of those one dose thrush tablets (just in case). Get a trashy magazine or 2 as well
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    I was just reading this thread and thought to myself how very lucky we are to be able to appreciate the small and big changes we are going through and having so many like minded people to share it with who all relish in our successes. I actually thought damn so many people don't get to appreciate these wins or know the joy it brings so many of us to read, see, hear or experience these things we are really quite lucky. Oh and I have a NSV, last night I was out with some friends and some others came to meet us, I had my back to the entry way and they walked right by us as they didn't recognise me from behind any more. One of the guys admitted he checked out my butt. *fist pump* not being recognised from behind for my large butt, I call that a win!
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    I live in Frankston which is seagull central and have actually had a seagull swoop down and take a chip out of my bucket of chips as I crossed the road. I couldn't believe it happened.
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    This isn't a NSV, but thought I'd post this In here anyway. Some seagulls decided I needed to be on a diet yesterday. I bought a cheeseburger walked out of Macca's at Circular Quay (Sydney), took two small bites and then was set upon by about 50 seagulls and one flew down and took the cheeseburger out of my hand. So aggressive. I dropped everything and ran. I grew up in the centre of Vic, I don't know how to deal with seagulls but I've never seen them actually attack food someone is eating before. Oh well, I felt kinda full after the two mouthfuls I got anyway so wasn't upset by having my food stolen from me. Wonder if they had attacked a few tourists during the day?
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    I just have to tell someone, I'm so excited and who better to tell that my buddies here. Its not really a NSV, aside from the fact I wouldn't have bought this in a larger size - would have refused to. I've mentioned previously how I need a new motorbike jacket cause mine was way too big now - ridiculously big, and I've been looking around for one that I like and found one online, but my god, it was expensive and from the UK..... Last night I found the same jacket from a German website which was already cheaper by $100 and they offered me a 5% new customer discount also. How could I refuse? I'm currently around our size 16 and after all my Euro sizing studies, I think that equates to Euro size 46, which is international Aus 18 (diva sizing), so I think it'll be ok. If its too small I'm not eating another bite of anything until it fits. I'll take a real pic when I get it. Accompanied with my kevlar jeans, I'm so stoked I can wear this look now and not look like an elephant (no offence to elephants, I just didn't like looking like one lol). I guess that part is my victory.
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    Thanks heaps Kazbo! xx Of course both photos are me - weightloss, contacts & makeup makes a difference!
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    yep...welcome to my world...one night I could eat a steak meal, veggies, mashed potato - the whole lot. The next night I'm flat out drinking water.