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    Had my Pre-Admission hospital appointment! Basically found out through my Bloods, ECG, and blood pressure that there is nothing wrong so everyhting going ahead as scheduled!! 10 more days!!
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    I agree, but they all said it better than I could. Get rid of him, have some "me" time and then find someone who respects you and treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Or stay happily single like me, and never give a shit if you forget to shave your legs, always watch whatever you want on tv, never accidentally sit on the loo when the seat uis up, never find pubes in your cake of soap, never find wee on the floor in front of the loo, and never get the wet spot again...
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    Great night- lovely to meet everyone and thanks for answering all my questions!! Everyone handles hurdles e.g. cravings, hunger etc differently and it was great to hear how individuals coped with these. Informative night - thanks again.
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    Well I've lost 50 % of my excess weight and it is only now that my colleagues have noticed! Before I was getting increasing compliments on my clothes and hair but it was only last week that some colleagues started commenting on the "lot of weight you've lost" and asking how I have done it. Honestly I thought they had all guessed my secret all along and were keeping silent as they didn't want to embarrass me. Or I wondered that since my colleagues were my friends perhaps they had been blind to my obesity. Of course customers that see me infrequently noticed months ago. Has anyone else had a similar experience??
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    OK ... so I'm toying with the idea of approaching the manager at my gym and offering to volunteer to be a gym buddy for new very overweight members. I'm thinking about doing this because no. 1 ... I quite often see new very overweight members join but then disappear after a week or two, plus, no. 2 ... I know exactly how intimidating it is to even walk in the door when you feel you don't belong in that world of the super fit and super buff ... never even dreaming that one day you could be one of those super fit and/or super buff people, or even just a fitter version of yourself. I figure, that I could share my story with them so they wouldn't feel like I was just some 'normal' looking person trying to rah rah rah them. They'd be able to see I've been exactly where they are. I wouldn't be offering any training or dietary tips ... I'm not qualified to do that. I'd just be there to encourage and inspire and be their gym buddy. Am I being silly or do you think this is a viable idea ?
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    Aww sorry to hear that rb. I hope you get this sorted out asap. My Surgeon claims I was there before NZ holiday based on blood work, weight loss and overall demeanor. Then removal of 0.5ml for trip, returned and nope, body rejected it. So I'm back on having smaller installments to hopefully get back there. But I too was told it's unlikely for the same amt of fill to give the exact same feeling again once tampered with.
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    You may not be able to because you're not qualified, no insurance etc etc...I know you said you will only offer "support" but just saying, depending on the gym the Manager may not be allowed to let you. I always wonder if I should say anything to morbidly obese people, but then think I don't really know how to say something without the potential of it sounding offensive (ie you think I'm fat) or boosting (ie you think you are so much better me). I dunno. It's a dilemma.
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    Heya Not sure if I'm posting in the right place ..... I'm a newbie here. I'm booked in for my first consult with Dr Kevin Dolan next month. Have decided on Sleeve as I have friends who have had both done, sleeve seems best option for me. I have to wait until July to have the op (insurance waiting period) which is tough now I have decided what I want to do! Reading through this forum, it seems the time spent in hospital differed greatly from overnight to up to 4 days. Are there any others here who have had the sleeve done with Kevin who might be able to tell me their experience?
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    Great news, Raven Not long now, very exciting!
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    Yes I think asking to put up a flyer or something in the locker rooms might be helpful. Imagine if you were very overweight, just signing up to the gym and as you're putting in your bank details, the gym manager says something inconsiderate like "there's a lady here who wants to help very overweight people...". Not saying the gym manager would say that, but if it wasn't delivered in just the right way... could be hurtful. You could put a poster up of your face and perhaps your mobile number, and that might encourage some to contact you or walk up to you at the gym if they need a friendly face.
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    I would think just be honest and stress that you're not wanting to train anyone, just make people feel welcome there. Or maybe another way could be to ask to put up a flyer or something and let the new members that are interested come to you? That way the new members wouldn't feel singled out by being bigger?
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    This is a no-brainer. You deserve so much better than this crap. I'm so tempted to tell you to just ignore him ... honestly, it sounds like he won't even notice you're gone, but the grown-up part of me feels you're a better person than this and so you should probably go see him and just tell him straight out that it's over. No more chances. As long as you're putting your energy into him you're not putting it into being open to be snapped up by someone better. Or even being happy alone for a while. Do yourself a favour. Let this one go.
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    Hiya gorgeous! It was so great to see you, you are great company!!! I'm pleased that you liked the soup! I loved it! and am going to make another brew. I had put on 4 kgs on the lead up to Christmas and through January, but lost it before I went to surgery, so you probably saw me at my most recent heaviest - 74 kg, BMI = I lost 3 kg that first week post-op, but really still on clear fluids and a few protein shakes, except for that soup which I had made day before yesterday. The poochies are absolutely delightful and are getting on well. They had a play last night when I took Logan out for a wee by torchlight lol! He had a whimper outside the baby gate to the bedrooms for a very short period of time last night, and all was quiet overnight. Needless to say, both sweeties were pleased to see their "Mumma" this am, Both dogs snoozing on the dog beds in that entrance area this am. My gorgeous Ace chased a running pussy cat in his new home and is coming back to me Saturday at 1000 with Logan being moved on. I'll be happy to see Ace, even if he is a time waster (I spend a lot of time snuggling and kissing him - he would be perfect for you!!!!), but will miss Logan - he is a real sweetie too and is turning into a "Mummas boy". Nene will miss Logan as well.
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    Hi. I weighed in at 82.5, which is bloody miraculous as I still cannot exercise - my arm scars rub too hard against my body when I walk, and end up irritated, red and swollen. Still, I only had the surgery about 4 weeks ago, so it should improve some hopefully. I am really watching my calories though, and am trying to stay around 900 daily, at least until I hit about 76, which will be about right for me I think. Happy weighing everyone.
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    Same here Missy Belle, mine is a bit over so 1 have lost a 2 month old horse too. Now I just have to lose the jockey.
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    I wore a pair of pants today that I couldn't get on without lying on the bed to do up a month ago. My weight still now really shifting I go up and down 4kgs all the time.
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    the fricken excess salvia gets me.... its soooooooooooooooooo gross! thank god mine passed pretty quickly, I just get up and go outside and walk around.